Orange County Obituaries


BURT, Sarah Jane, Springs Valley Herald (February 16, 1928) Death Notice
Mrs. Sarah Jane Burt, about 70 years old, who was stricken with paralysis about two weeks ago, died Friday night about 6:00 o'clock, at her home in the western part of town.
Funeral services were held on Saturday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock at Moores Ridge. Rev. L. F. Drash conducted the services.
Mrs. Burt is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Minnie Gilliatt, of this city. Submitted by Tom Agan.

PERKINS, David H., Springs Valley Herald (February 16, 1928) Death Notice
David H. Perkins died at his home here last Friday morning following a brief illness of a few hours from acute indigestion. He was 52 years of age and is survived by his wife, two daughters, three brothers and two half-brothers. Mr. Perkins was engaged in the mercantile business on North Gospel Street. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon in the home, conducted by Rev. J. Guy Sanders, pastor of Grace Baptist. Interment was made in While Sulphur Springs in Crawford County. Submitted byTom Agan.

MOORE, Leona, Springs Valley Herald (February 16, 1928) Death Notice
New was received here yesterday of the death of Mrs. Leona Buck, wife of S. G. Moore, at her home near Washington, Indiana. She had been ill for several months.
Funeral services are to be held today at Washington and a number of local people have planned to attend the funeral.
Mrs. Moore was formerly Miss Leona Buck, and was a resident of West Baden several years ago. Submitted by Tom Agan.

KELLAMS, Oliver T., Springs Valley Herald (February 16, 1928) Obituary
Oliver T. Kellams, son of Martin and Malinda B. Kellams, was born June 9, 1856 and departed this life January 31, 1928 at the age of 71 years, 7 months and 21 days.
He was united in marriage to Katharine L. Murray, May 6, 1876. To this union were born four children, Oscar, Eliza, Pearl and Floyd.
He united with the United Brethren Church in middle life and remained faithful until his death.
He was preceded in death by his wife, Katherine, and youngest child, Floyd.
He is survived by a son, two daughters, ten grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
Funeral services were conducted at Wickliffe, by Rev. Nash Eskridge. Submitted by Tom Agan.

MORGAN, Homer W., Springs Valley Herald (February 23, 1928) Death Notice
Homer Morgan, 38 years old, died at the St. Joseph Infirmary in Louisville, Sunday morning, following an operation for cancer of the stomach, which he had undergone several days previous.
Mr. Morgan was a world war veteran, having served several months in France, where he was gassed. On his return to the states his health was somewhat improved, but had been failing now for many months. He was taken by relatives to the Louisville Hospital about two weeks ago, where an operation was performed in hope of saving his life. The operation was unsuccessful as the disease had reached an incurable and fatal stage, and death came early Sunday morning.
The body was brought back Sunday afternoon by one of the local undertakers and taken to the home of his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Morgan, in the eastern part of town.
He is survived by his mother, an aged grandmother, four brothers, Terry of California, George and Albert of Illinois, Wilber of French Lick and three sisters, Ruth and Alice of Akron, Ohio and Mrs. Deborah Smith of Valeene.
Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at Moores Ridge. Rev. George Atkins conducted the services, assisted by the American Legion.

Springs Valley Herald (March 1, 1928) Obituary
Homer W. Morgan, the son of John H. and Elizabeth Morgan, was born in Orange County, Indiana on October 11, 1892 and departed this life February 19, 1928. Age 35 years, 4 months and 7 days.
Homer spending the great part of his life with his mother, by death his father leaving him as a support 18 years ago.
In 1917 he answered his country to the call for his service in the World War, going overseas with the Bat. D., 126 Field Artillery. On his return home after the close of the war he took up his duty again providing for his mother and grandmother.
He joined the American Legion Post No. 76 of French Lick, to again serve his country in the great tasks of readjustment and rehabilitation. His community and his comrades in the civic affairs, a real legionnare as he was a soldier.
His outstanding character and integrity was beyond reproach. His kindness to children and all, his willingness to help others in their need, and his faithfulness to his beloved mother, a sincerity, having realized his condition and that his time was short and with the greatest of courage he committed himself to the fate which had befell him. He seemed to resign himself to his God who giveth and taketh away, and near his last hours he expressed his greatest desire as living to come home and see all his people and friends. But God who doeth all things well saw fit to take him ere he returned,
His loved mother, Elizabeth Morgan of French Lick; four brothers, Perry of Boldwinpark, California; Albert of Lawrenceville, Illinois; and Wilbur of French Lick, Indiana; three sisters, Debby of Valeene, Alice and Ruth of Akron, Ohio; an aged grandmother of French Lick, besides a host of relatives, neighbors and friends. Submitted byTom Agan.

SINCLAIR, Ruth B., Springs Valley Herald (February 23, 1928) Death Notice
Mrs. Ruth B. Sinclair, 84 years old, died last Thursday, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. R. H. Owen, of this city, after an illness of very brief duration.
Mrs. Sinclair, who formerly lived at Wickliffe, has made her home here with her daughter, Mrs. Owen, for the past few years.
She is survived by three children, Mrs. R. H. Owen and C. E. Sinclair, both of West Baden, and E. D. Sinclair of Paoli.
The remains were taken to Wickliffe Saturday, where funeral services were held and the body was interred in the Wickliffe cemetery. Submitted byTom Agan.

PROW, Mary J., Springs Valley Herald (March 1, 1928) Death Notice
Miss Mary J. Prow, 75 years old, died at 3:00 o'clock Monday afternoon, at the home of her brother, W. J. Prow, of accidental burns received the previous Saturday when her clothing became ignited from an open stove.
Miss Prow had made her home with Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Prow for a number of years. About two years ago her eyesight failed. About 5:00 o'clock Saturday afternoon, Miss Prow opened the stove door and attempted to renew the fire in the living room stove. The flames leaped out and ignited her clothing and because of her blindness Miss Prow could not extinguish the fire.
Mrs. W. J. Prow, who was in an adjoining room, heard her screams and found her to be a mass of flames. Mrs. Prow's hands were badly burned while attempting to beat out the fire. A blanket was then brought from a bedroom and the flames smothered.
A doctor was called, but the burns were so deep that they were pronounced fatal. Death came at 3:00 o'clock Monday afternoon.
Miss Prow is survived by her devoted sister, Miss Rachel Prow, her brother, William J. Prow, and sister-in-law, Mrs. W. J. Prow.
Funeral services were held at 2:00 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the Prow home with Rev. J. P. Davis of French Lick officiating. Interment was made in the Prow family lot in the Ames cemetery. Submitted byTom Agan.

FITZPATRICK, Timothy, Springs Valley Herald (March 8, 1928) Death Notice
Tim Fitzpatrick, the 18 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fitzpatrick of Abbeydel, died at the West Baden Hospital at 10:30 Tuesday night, following an accident in which he was run over by a freight train at the Abeydel station late Tuesday afternoon.
Young Fitzpatrick, it is said, was attempting to mount a moving freight train to come to West Baden when he lost his footing and fell beneath the wheels of the train almost severing one of his legs at the hip and the other above the knee.
The body of the mangled boy was brought to the West Baden Hospital where he died a few hours later.
Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon after which the body was taken to Bloomfield, Indiana, for burial, the former home of the family and where the boy's mother was taken for burial a few years ago.
The boy's father, Joseph Fitzpatrick, is the foreman and manager of the Norman Ballard farm, near Abbeydel. Submitted by Tom Agan.

WININGER, Evaline, Springs Valley Herald (March 22, 1928) Death Notice
Mrs. Evaline Wininger, wife of Andrew Wininger, died Monday at her home in Cuzco, after a prolonged illness of several months.
Funeral services were held yesterday at Cane Creek.
Mrs. Wininger was 66 years old. Submitted by Tom Agan.

CHESNUT, Marvin, Springs Valley Herald (March 22, 1928) Death Notice
Death claimed as its victim Saturday, Marvin Chesnut, 33 years old, who died at his home in Prospect near this place, of pneumonia, after an illness of only four days.
Mr. Chesnut, at the time of his death, was employed at the Indiana Bath House on Broadway, where he had been working ever since the opening of the building more than three years ago. Previous to this time he had been employed in the Bath Department at the West Baden Springs Hotel.
Mr. Chesnut was of a very happy disposition and was well liked and esteemed by his associates.
Funeral services were held at 2:00 o'clock Monday afternoon at the Baptist Church. The Rev. Roswell Owens, pastor of the church, conducted the services. Interment was made in the Ames Chapel cemetery.
Mr. Chesnut was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chesnut, who live near this city, a wife, Mrs. Bernice Chesnut and one son, Farwell and a number of brothers and sisters. Mrs Bernice Chesnut was formerly Miss Bernice Murphy of Prospect.

Springs Valley Herald (March 29, 1928) Obituary
Marvin L., son of Joe and Sarah Amanda Chesnut, was born in Orange County, Indiana January 14th, 1895 and departed this life March 17th, 1928. Age 33 years, 2 months and 3 days.
Marvin was one of a family of six children, George and Dallas of West Baden, Mrs. H. E. Pike of Rushville and Mrs. Wilbur Stevens of Wabash. One sister, Anna Francis preceded him to rest in infancy.
On November 14th, 1916 he was married to Bernice Murphy, and to this union one son, Farwell L., was born.
Marvin was the type of man that everybody loved and respected, always a kind word to anyone he met and a smile that never left his lips.
He leaves to mourn his death his dear wife and son, father, mother, two brother, two sisters, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Murphy, who loved him as a son and a host of friends who will sadly miss Marvin.


We wish to thank the neighbors and friends for their kindness during the sickness and death of father and husband, Marvin L. Chesnut. We also thank Rev. Owen, the undertaker, Mr. Schmutzler, the friends who offered cars for our service and donors of the beautiful floral offerings. Mrs. Bernice Chesnut and Son and Families. Submitted byTom Agan.

DOUGLAS, Claude, Springs Valley Herald (March 29, 1928) Death Notice
Claude Douglas, who was at one time editor and publisher of the Paoli News, died Sunday at New Albany of injuries sustained in an automobile accident Thursday, when struck by an automobile driven by Richard Stikeman. He was sixty-five years of age and was widely known in southern Indiana as a newspaper man and was injured while covering a story for the Courier Journal.
His connection with the Paoli News was some twenty five or thirty years ago. Mr. Douglas entered the newspaper field some forty-six years ago when he started the publication of a paper at English, Indiana and came from that point to Paoli. He was later editor of the Rockport Democratic and started the Princeton Democrat.
He is survived by the widow, Mrs. Hannah Gold Douglas, and one sister, Mrs. Edward B. Funk, of Princeton, Indiana.
The body was taken to Rockport for burial. Submitted by Tom Agan.

ELLIOTT, Reed, Springs Valley Herald (March 29, 1928) Death Notice
Funeral services were held at Saltillo Sunday for Reed Elliott, who was drowned in the St. Francis dam flood in California. He was twenty three years old and is survived by his parents and several brother and sisters. He left Saltillo for California some time ago where he found employment. Young Reed occupied a cottage in the ravine some distance below the dam and it was while occupying this cottage that the mad onrush of water from the collapsing dam swept him down to his death.
Only the previous night a young man by the mane of Vellom, a son of Lemuel Vellom , also of Saltillo, had spent the night in the cottage with Reed and only missed the fate of Reed by one night. Submitted byTom Agan.

WALKER, William H., Springs Valley Herald (March 29, 1928) Death Notice
William H. Walker, of near Orleans, died Sunday after an illness of about three weeks with pneumonia. Mr. Walker for a number of years was a prosperous farmer in Northeast Township and was at one time trustee of that township, but in recent years has lived near Orleans.
He is survived by the widow and two sons, Dr. Frank Walker, of Indianapolis, and Ralph Walker, a farmer. We have not learned of the funeral arrangements. Submitted byTom Agan.

HOLT, Curtis E., Springs Valley Herald (April 5, 1928) Death Notice
Curtis E. Holt was born at West Baden, Indiana January 1, 1859 and died October 10, 1927 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Carrie Spritzer, Gillett, Arkansas.
He was married to Miss Anna Breedlove, July 4, 1889. One daughter survives this union and one grandchild. Curtis E. Holt was the son of Joel and Jane Holt of West Baden, Indiana.
Papa is gone, but not forgotten. His Daughter. Submitted by Tom Agan.

STANFIELD, Bedford H., Springs Valley Herald (April 12, 1928) Death Notice
Another member of the diminishing rank of veterans of the great civil war made answer to the final roll call and passed on to his eternal reward at 2:00 o'clock Monday afternoon, April 9th, when Bedford H. Stanfield died at his home near French Lick, at the age of 87 years and 11 months.
Mr. Stanfield was born May 9th, 1840 at Paoli, Indiana. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Stanfield.
He united with the church at the age of sixteen and was an active minister of the Christian Church for more than thirty years. His health then began to fail and he has been retired for a number of years. He was a charter member of the First Christian Church at this place, and always attended services faithfully as long as his health would permit.
At his country's call he enlisted in the cause of the union and served in Company B, 22nd Indiana Volunteers, until the end of the war. He was on Sherman's memorable march to the sea, stories of which he often related to his friends. Mr. Stanfield has always been an active member of the Bazil B. Decker Post, No. 334, G. A. R.
He was united in marriage to Miss Mary Helen Shields January 15, 1860. To this union were born seven sons and one daughter, John D. of Boise, Idaho, William E., who died in 1923, Bedford T. and Ercurious A., and Milton W., all of French Lick, Alonzo R., of Indianapolis, and Elsie May, who died in 1872.
Mr. Stanfield was a well known figure in the Valley and was loved and respected by all who knew him.
He lived all his life near French Lick and watched the town grow from one very small hotel and only a few residences to it present famous place as a hotel resort.
Funeral services were held at 10:00 o'clock Wednesday morning at the First Christian Church. The service was conducted by the Rev. L. F. Drash, pastor of the church, who was assisted by Rev. J. P. Davis. Interment was made in the Ames Chapel cemetery.


We wish to express our sincere thanks to our friends and neighbors and to the ministers and singers of the church who so kindly assisted during the illness and death of our husband and father, Bedford H. Stanfield. Mary H. Stanfield and Children. Submitted byTom Agan.

DAYHUFF, Etta, Springs Valley Herald (April 12, 1928) Death Notice
Word was received her Sunday of the death of Miss Etta Dayhuff, which occurred at the home of her sister, Mrs. Frank Casement, at Greenville, Ohio on that date. The body was brought here for burial Tuesday. Funeral services were held at the First Presbyterian Church, Tuesday afternoon and interment made in the Paoli cemetery. She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Frank Casement, of Greenville, Ohio and Miss Ellen Dayhuff, of this city.
Miss Etta has lived with her sister at Greenville for several years and the report of her death was very unexpected by her friends here. Submitted byTom Agan.

ALLEN, Frank, Springs Valley Herald (April 19, 1928) Death Notice
Frank Allen, son of former County Auditor Harry Allen, died at his home in Red Wood City, California Tuesday of last week.
Several weeks ago he received a heavy shock of electricity in some manner while working about the dry cleaning establishment which he owned and operated at that place. He was rendered unconscious from the shock and has since been in a critical condition until his death followed.
About a year ago he was married to Mrs. Jennie Braxton, whose maiden name was Jennie Montgomery, of this place. Their married life, while very brief, was a happy one and it is sad that death has terminated their happy companionship in such a manner.
We understand that Mrs. Allen and her daughter, Ruth, who also reside there, will return to Paoli as soon as their business affairs can be adjusted. Mrs. Allen's mother, Mrs. Ruth Montgomery has been critically ill at her home here for several days. Submitted byTom Agan.

CLAXTON, Harry, Springs Valley Herald (April 19, 1928) Death Notice
Harry Claxton, who left here about thirty years ago for Janesville, Wis. died at a Janesville hospital last week of a disease known as trench mouth. Preceding this disease he had tonsillitis then rheumatism and then followed by the disease known as "trench mouth".
Little is known of the disease, but it was somewhat prevalent during the world war when our soldiers were confined in trenches in foreign battle fields. During his long hospital confinement several transfusions of blood were made which seemed to give instant and temporary relief, but the poison from the disease has so permeated his body that the transfusion failed to effect a cure. He was about 53 years of age and is a son of Mr. and Mrs. George L. Claxton of this city.
He leaves two children, a boy and girl, besides his widow and several brothers and sisters.
His father attended the funeral, which was held at Janesville. Submitted by Tom Agan.

APPLE, Zeno, Springs Valley Herald (April 26, 1928) Death Notice
New was received here the first of the week of the death of Zeno W. Apple, a former resident of French Lick, who died at his home in San Diego, California last week and was buried there Monday.
Mr. Apple and wife were well known here as they made French Lick their home for a number of years. during his residence here Mr. Apple was ticket agent at the passenger station and later had charge of the Western Union office.
During the Wilson Administration, he was appointed District Deputy of Internal Revenue and was located in Terre Haute. About eight years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Apple went west and located in San Diego, California.
He has been in poor health for some time.

Springs Valley Herald (May 3, 1928) Obituary
Zeno M. Apple was born December 20th, 1866 and departed from this life April 20th, 1928 at San Diego, California.
He was united in marriage to Livinnie Ellen Hammond on March 25th, 1888, and through the forty years of their married life he was a devoted and loving companion.
He was one of a family of seven brothers and sisters, three of whom have preceded him to the better land beyond, while the other three, Alonzo Apple of Youngs Creek, Ind., Dr. E. L. Apple of Albion, Ill., and Dr. W. W. Apple of El Centro, Calif., and his beloved wife are left to mourn his loss.
He was a big hearted, generous, kind man and loved by all who knew him.
Early in life he was a teacher in the public schools of Indiana after which he spent a number of years in railroad work. Later he entered the Government service from which he retired after a few years and went to California where he became engaged in a mercantile business, in which he remained during the last years of his life. In his various occupations he was looked upon as fair minded, honest and upright business man and was highly regarded by all who came in contact with him.
During his stay in California he became very much attached to it and frequently remarked that he hoped to spend the remainder of his days there.
The funeral services were held in the Parlors of Johnson Saum in San Diego, Calif., the service being conducted by the pastor of the United Brethren Church, which was the Church of his family.
Many floral offerings were sent as tributes of love from the many friends and loved ones, who gathered there. The remains were laid to rest in one of California's most beautiful cemeteries, surrounded by green lawns and blooming flowers. Submitted byTom Agan.

MONTGOMERY, Ruth, Springs Valley Herald (April 26, 1928) Death Notice
The funeral of Mrs. Ruth Montgomery was held at the family on Sunday afternoon. Services were in charge of her pastor, Rev. A. L. Copeland. Interment followed in the local cemetery. Submitted byTom Agan.

MITCHELL, Theophilus Carter, Springs Valley Herald (May 3, 1928) Death Notice
Theophilus Cater Mitchell died early Thursday evening at his home in Indiana Avenue, following a stroke of paralysis. He was 57 years, 5 months and 9 days old.
Mr. Mitchell was born November 17, 1870, in Northwest Township, about four miles from Prospect. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell.
Mr. Mitchell came to French Lick several years ago and was employed at Rhodes Livery Booth for a number of years. He was also employed at the Taxi Booth in the West Baden Hotel until his health failed about two years ago.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Sarah Mitchell, two sons, Paul and Dwight, one daughter, Mrs. Lillian Renner, and two grandchildren.
Funeral services were held at the M. E. Church at 2:00 o'clock Sunday afternoon, Rev. C. O. Morin officiating, followed by burial at Ames Chapel.

Springs Valley Herald (May 3, 1928) Obituary
Theophilus Mitchell, son of James and Pauline Mitchell, was born in Orange County, near West Baden, Indiana, November 13th, 1870.
When a young boy, he came to French Lick for employment and here he spent the remainder of his life.
He was married to Sarah M. Fulton of French Lick, July 5th, 1896. To them three children were born. He united with the Methodist Church at Faucett's Chapel early in life.
During the pastorate of Rev. John D, Jeffery, he came with his wife and daughter into the French Lick Methodist Church. He was, also, a member of the Knights of Pythias and Ben Hur fraternal orders.
The greater part of his life has been spent in connection with the livery business of French Lick and West Baden. Nine years ago he was stricken from apoplexy and since that time has not been able for regular employment. For the past year he has been confined to his home and has gradually declined in health.
Early Monday morning, April 23, he suffered another stroke of paralysis and passed away Thursday evening, April 26th, age 57 years, 5 months and 13 days.
He was a man of good habits, kind and sympathetic in his home, courteous and dependable in the interest of his employer and has been a familiar figure in the business life of the town.
During the last year of his illness, he had great comfort and pleasure from the presence in his home of his two grandchildren, John Jr. and Dorothy Marie Renner. He is the last of his father's family, a brother, sister, father and mother preceded him in death, leaving his wife, two sons, John Dwight and Paul Tolman Mitchell and a daughter, Mrs. John Renner of French Lick, Indiana, and many friends who share their bereavement. Submitted byTom Agan.

UNDERWOOD, John, Springs Valley Herald (May 3, 1928) Death Notice
John Underwood, well known citizen of French Lick, passed away at his home on Wells Avenue early Monday morning, following a very brief illness of capillary bronchitis. He was about 70 years old.
Mr. Underwood came to French about thirty years ago and was employed by the Rhodes Livery Company for a number of years.
Funeral services were held at 2:00 o'clock Monday afternoon at South Liberty. The Rev. Nash Eskridge conducted the funeral.
Mr. Underwood is survived by his wife, Mrs. Martha L. Underwood. Submitted by Tom Agan.

OTT, Elizabeth, Springs Valley Herald (May 3, 1928) Death Notice
Mrs. Elizabeth Ott, wife of James Ott, died Thursday, April 24th, at her home in Eckerty. Death was due to organic heart disease.
Funeral services were held the following Sunday at Eckerty. She is survived by a husband and several children. Mrs. Will Luckett, of this place, was a sister of the deceased.
Mrs. Ott was 71 years old. Submitted by Tom Agan.

BURNSTIN, James, Springs Valley Herald (May 3, 1928) Death Notice
James Burnstin, colored, a boarder at the Acme Hotel, died Wednesday of bronchial pneumonia, following a brief illness.
Mr. Burnstin came to French Lick from Chicago about two weeks ago to work as a waiter at the Springs Hotel during the season.
The remains were shipped to relatives in Huntington, West Virginia for burial. Submitted by Tom Agan.

WILEY, Robert, Springs Valley Herald (May 3, 1928) Death Notice
Robert Wiley, colored, died in the Bloomington Hospital Friday afternoon of bullet wounds received during an argument with Tobia Pugh, also colored, which occurred early Friday morning at a boarding house here.
Wiley and Pugh were both strangers and had only arrived in town a short time before from Chicago.
The true facts of the shooting, which occurred about 6:30 Friday morning at a rooming house on South Indiana Avenue, are not known, but a grand jury is being called together this week to conduct an investigation.
Pugh, when arrested by Chief Apple, admitted to shooting, but claimed that it was in self defense. He was lodged in the county jail at Paoli to await trial.
Although Pugh claimed that he did not know Wiley, the authorities have been informed that the two men had had some previous trouble in Chicago. Submitted byTom Agan.

GOBBLE, Absolom, Springs Valley Herald (May 17, 1928) Death Notice
The body of Absolom M. Gobble, who died at the Deaconess Hospital in Evansville Monday of valvular heart disease, was shipped here Wednesday.
Funeral services were held yesterday morning at Young's Creek.
Mr. Gobble was 84 years old. Submitted by Tom Agan.

ELLENSOHN, George, Springs Valley Herald (May 17, 1928) Death Notice
George Ellensohn, well known business man of French Lick, died at 3:00 o'clock this morning at the St. Anthony Hospital in Louisville, following an operation for hernia which was performed Tuesday morning.
Mr. Ellensohn has been in business in French Lick for about thirty years, and the Ellensohn Music Company under his management, has become quite a prosperous business. He was a familiar figure in French Lick, where because of his genial disposition, he was known and esteemed by all.
For the past year his health had been failing and he was taken to various hospitals for examination and treatment. He was taken to the St. Anthony Hospital last week where he submitted to an operation Tuesday morning. Conditions seemed to be favorable to his recovery when a stroke of apoplexy caused his death early this morning. The body will brought to French Lick today.
Mr. Ellensohn came to America from Austria when he was only twelve years old. He lived in Chicago several years before coming here. He is survived by two sisters who live in Europe.
Funeral arrangements will not be made until the arrival of his brother-in-law from Chicago, the only relative he has living in the United States.
Mr. Ellensohn is a member of the local Mason lodge. Submitted by Tom Agan.

MOON, Thomas, Springs Valley Herald (May 31, 1928) Death Notice
Thomas Moon, 68 years old, died Sunday morning at his home in West Baden of hypostatic pneumonia. He had been in failing health for several weeks.
Mr. Moon was born December 5, 1859 in Orange County. His boyhood was spent on a farm near Unionville. In 1883 he united with the Christian Church at Unionville and was later married to Miss Nancy A. Love of that place.
Mr. Moon move to French Lick in 1903. He was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Modern Woodmen lodges of that city. He moved here from French Lick a few years ago.
Mr. Moon is survived by his wife, Mrs. Nancy A. Moon and three sisters.
Funeral services were held at Ames Chapel at 2:00 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Rev. Volney Trimble conducted the services.

Springs Valley Herald (May 31, 1928) Obituary
Mr. Thomas Moon was born in Orange County, Indiana, December 5, 1859 and departed this life May 27, 1928, at the age of 68 years, 4 months and 27 days.
Brother Moon spent his early life on the farm. While yet a young man he united with the Christian Church at Unionville, Indiana and since that time has followed the teaching of Jesus.
In 1883 he was united in marriage to Miss Nancy A. Love of Unionville, who is left to bear the burdens of life alone in her last days.
Brother Moon moved to French Lick in 1903 and was initiated into the Independent Order of Odd Fellows on April 17, 1906 and was a faithful worker when it was possible to attend the lodge. He was also a member of the Modern Woodman Lodge. He was a kind and loving husband, a true brother, loyal neighbor and citizen.
He leaves to mourn his departure a wife, three sisters, and a host of friends and neighbors, for to know him was to love him.

Springs Valley Herald (June 14, 1928)
I wish to thank all who were so kind, thoughtful and helpful during the illness and death of my beloved husband. I especially extend my gratitude and thanks to the lodges and Mr. W. V. Ritter for their kind consideration and help. Mrs. Nancy Moon. Submitted byTom Agan.

MAHLER, Max, Springs Valley Herald (May 31, 1928) Death Notice
Max Mahler, 44 years old, died early Monday morning at the West Baden Hospital of heart trouble. He had been a patient in the hospital for more than a week.
Mr. Mahler was employed at the Brown Club. He was born in Leopolis, Poland, July 27, 1883. He served as an officer during the world war and was gassed from which he never fully recovered. His health had been rapidly failing during the past few months.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Rose Mahler.
The body will be shipped to Leopolis, Poland, the latter part of the week by W. V. Ritter & Son, who are preparing the body for shipment.
It requires four days to complete the embalming of a body which is to be shipped to a foreign country. It must then be placed in a metal casket hermetically sealed, placed in an oak shipping case, zinc lined and fire soldered, with three iron bands around the outside container. Submitted byTom Agan.


BENNETT, Leo, Springs Valley Herald (June 7, 1928) Death Notice
Death claimed Leo Bennett, 21 years old, at his home a few miles south of French Lick, yesterday morning. His death followed a two weeks illness with spinal trouble.
The deceased, who was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Ebb Bennett, was born and reared in French Lick. He was a barber by trade, and worked several years in French Lick and West Baden.
Mr. Bennett was married to Miss Mamie Marshall about three years ago. He is survived by his wife and parents, two brothers, Zeno and Ebb, Junior and one sister, Frances.
Funeral services, conducted by Rev. Nash Eskridge of the United Brethren Church, will be held tomorrow afternoon (Friday) at 2:00 o'clock. Interment will follow at Ames Chapel cemetery.
Many friends and relatives will mourn the passing of Mr. Bennett. He was always popular among the younger set of French Lick and West Baden, having worked in our sister city for a number of years.

Springs Valley Herald (June 14, 1928) Obituary
Leo Bennett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ebb Bennett, was born in French Lick, Orange County, January 27, 1907 and departed this life June 6, 1928. Age 21 years, 4 months and 10 days.
January 16, 1925 he was converted and united with the church of the United Brethren in Christ, but was not baptized.
October 4, 1925 he was united in marriage to Mamie Marshall. To this union one child was born which died in infancy.
He leaves to lament his departure his wife, Mrs. Mamie Bennett; father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Ebb Bennett; two brothers, Zeno and Ebb, Jr.; one sister, Frances and a number of other relatives and friends.
Leo was a good boy and always had a kind word for everyone, a good husband, one who worked hard to provide well, a good son always taking a great interest in his mother, a brother who was kind, good and forgiving.
The writer, on coming to town, a stranger, found in him that friendship that strangers only know how to appreciate. Our loss, yes our loss, but may we in loving devotion and worship to the God who loves us look up, and say, "Not our will but thy will be done."
The funeral was conducted by Ben H. Schmutzler at the U. B. Church Friday afternoon and was one of the largest if not the largest funeral in the history of French Lick. Eighteen flower girls were well loaded with flowers given by friends. The Modern Woodmen of America attended in a body and gave their service at the grave.
The pastor, Rev. Nash R. Eskridge, preached the funeral services, theme, "The Call of the Master." Interment in the Ames Chapel cemetery.


We wish to express our sincere thanks to our friends and neighbors for their sympathy and kindness during the illness and death of Leo Bennett. We also wish to thank M. W. A. lodge, the donors of the floral offerings, the doctors and the undertaker, Schmutzler and Company. Wife and Parents. Submitted byTom Agan.

ATKINS, Sarah Jane, Springs Valley Herald (July 7, 1928) Death Notice
Sarah Jane Atkins, widow of Henry Atkins, died at her home near Wickliffe, at 3:00 o'clock Friday morning, June 1st, of lagrippe.
Mrs. Atkins was born April 6, 1842 near Wickliffe and was 86 years, 1 month and 29 days old at the time of death.
Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at Wickliffe. Submitted by Tom Agan.

HILL, Mary Lane, Springs Valley Herald (June 14, 1928) Death Notice
Mrs. Mary Lane Hill, aged 81, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Benton S. Lindley, west of Paoli, last Saturday morning.
Mrs. Hill is well known in Paoli, where she lived for several years, moving to the farm after the death of her husband, Charles N. Hill, which occurred about ten years ago.
Funeral services were held here Monday afternoon at the Friends Church, conducted by Rev. Isaac Morris, assisted by Rev. Bartlett Morris and Rev. A. L. Copeland.
Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Benton S. Lindley, with whom she made her home and Mrs. Charles M. Ham. Two daughters are deceased, namely, Nellie Opal, who died in infancy, and Mrs. Moulder Farlow, who passed away two years ago. One sister, Mrs. Nancy Shields, of St. Cloud, Florida and one half sister, Mrs. Jennie Leonard, of Bloomingdale, Indiana, also survive. There are also a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Mrs. Hill was born in French Lick township, but after her marriage, she and her husband spent most of their lives in the vicinity of Log Creek, where they were faithful workers in the Friends Church. Later they moved to Paoli and transferred their membership. Submitted byTom Agan.

HARRISON, William L., Springs Valley Herald (June 21, 1928) Death Notice
William L. Harrison, 75 years old, died suddenly of apoplexy last Friday morning at his home near Norton.
Mr. Harrison was born near London, England, May 24, 1853. When he was only a small boy his parents came to American and located near Orangeville. A few years later they moved to Dubois County.
In 1874 he was married to Miss Sarah Milburn, who died about four years ago.
Mr. Harrison is survived by five children, Mrs. Nora Clapp of French Lick; John Harrison of Cuzco; Mrs. Luella Drake of Norton; Miss Katherine Harrison of Colemont, Colorado and Miss Sophia Harrison of Norton. He is also survived by ten grandchildren and one brother, George H. Harrison of Bronaugh, Montana.
Funeral services were conducted at the M. E. Church at Hillham by the pastor, Rev. C. E. Waggoner, on Monday afternoon, followed by interment at the Mt. Lebanon cemetery.

Springs Valley Herald (June 21, 1928) Obituary
William L. Harrison was born near London, England, March 24, 1853. When just a small boy his parents came to America locating near Orangeville, Orange County, Indiana. Living there a short time they removed to Dubois County, near Hillham, where brother Harrison lived the remainder of his life.
June 7, 1874 he was united in marriage to Sarah A. Milburn. To this union was born eight children: Mrs. Nora Clapp, of French Lick, Indiana; John Harrison, Cuzco, Indiana; Mrs. Luella Drake, Norton, Indiana; Katherine Harrison, Colemont, Colorado; Sophia Harrison, Norton, Indiana; Iva, David and Hazel, all of whom preceded both father and mother to the great beyond. His father and mother to the great beyond. His faithful wife and mother of these children died December 6, 1924.
There are sixteen grandchildren. One brother, George H. Harrison of Bronaugh, Mo., five children, Mrs. Nora Clapp, Mrs. Luella Drake, John, Katherine and Sophia Harrison and ten grandchildren who remains to mourn their loss, also a host of friends and other relatives.
Two of his grandsons at the death of their father, David, he took into his own home and reared them as his own.
He professed a living faith in Christ some fifty years ago, united with the U. B. Church and remained faithful until the end.
The family wish to express their appreciation for all sympathy and help in this hour of bereavement.
Funeral services were conducted at the Hillham M. E. Church by the pastor, C. E. Waggoner. Interment was made at Mt. Lebanon, Ritter, undertaker, in charge. Submitted byTom Agan.

DENTON, Sarah E., Springs Valley Herald (July 19, 1928) Death Notice
Mrs. Sarah E. Denton, wife of John F. Denton, died early Friday morning at her home in the country near French Lick. She had been ill for several weeks.
Mrs. Denton was 68 years, 10 months and 28 days old at the time of her death. She was born at Hardinsburg, Indiana, August 15, 1859, and spent the early years of her life in that community. she was married to John F. Denton in 1880. A few years ago Mr. and Mrs. Denton moved to a farm a few miles from this city.
Mrs. Denton is survived by three sons, Wilbur of this city, Ollie of Bloomington and William C. Denton of Hillsboro, Indiana. A daughter, Mary E. Denton, died a few years ago.
Funeral services were held at the M. E. Church in Paoli Sunday afternoon followed by interment in the Paoli cemetery. Mrs. Denton lived in Paoli a number of years and had many friends there. The body lay in state in the M. E. Church there Sunday from 12:00 to 2:00 in the afternoon.

Springs Valley Herald (July 19, 1928) Obituary
As a new day unfolded its beautiful sunlight upon a busy care free world on Friday, July 13, 1928, Sarah E. Denton, in her home near French Lick, Indiana, forever laid aside the duties and the cares of this life, and passed peacefully into that eternal life of rest and quietude, into that heavenly home not made with human hands, where dwell her Lord and Master, and her loved ones whom she has loved so long and has lost awhile.
She was the daughter of David M. and Hannah M. Loyd, and was born near Hardinsburg in Washington County, Indiana, August 15, 1859, and in this vicinity she spent the early years of her life. At the age of sixteen years she accepted the call of her Savior and became a member of the Methodist Church at Hardinsburg, and throughout her life lived a consistent and faithful child of this Master.
She was married to John F. Denton, August 15, 1880, and to this union was born four children, viz, Ollie E. Denton of Bloomington, Indiana; W. C. Denton of Hillsboro, Indiana; Wilbur Denton of French Lick; and Mary E. Denton, whose death occurred at this place (Paoli) a few years since.
Her life, it may truly be said, was that of the simple home life. She loved her home, her family, and her friends. Residing in various communities, she ever made new friends who loved her sincerity of truth, her gentle manner, and her motherly affections. To each of these, he passing will bring sweet memories of by-gone days, and praises for her name.
In her life of 68 years, 10 months and 28 days, almost her allotted three score years and ten.
With the bereaved children herein mentioned, she leaves to mourn one sister, Mrs. Ida Henderson of New Albany, Indiana; two brothers, Josh Loyd of California, and Will Loyd of Vincennes, and this sorrowing and aged husband, who for almost fifty years has gone down the pathway of life with this faithful companion, and to whom we can truly offer the consolation and the promise of Him "who doeth all things well," and the comfort in the knowing.


We wish to express our gratitude to our many friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy during the illness and death of Sarah E. Denton. We especially wish to thank Mrs. Eli Pruett for the kind assistance rendered. The Family. Submitted byTom Agan.