Orange County Obituaries


LINDLEY, Oliver, Paoli Republican (December 3, 1879) Death Notice
Died in Paoli, on Monday, December 1, 1879, of consumption, Oliver Lindley, aged 35 years.
The deceased had been a patient sufferer of that fatal disease for a number of years, but always appeared cheerful. He had a host of friends made by his upright and manly dealings in the routine of business with his fellow men. He remains were followed to their last resting place by a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and friends. Submitted by Tom Agan.

SPARKS, William, Paoli Republican (December 13, 1882) Death Notice
William Sparks died last week of typhoid fever. He was sick, but a very short time. He lived near Unionville. He leaves a wife, one child and a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn his loss. Submitted byTom Agan.

MAVITY, Eliza, Paoli Republican (December 26, 1888) Death Notice
Died, at 2:40 o'clock this (Wednesday) morning, Mrs. Eliza Mavity, wife of Judge Milton S. Mavity, in her forty-seventh year, of consumption. she was the daughter of judge Moore, of New Albany, and was married to her now bereaved husband on the 15th day of March 1866. From this union there were eight children born to them, seven of whom are living and were present at the death bed.
The deceased was a most estimable woman, loved and respected by all who knew her, distinguished for her home endearments, her social endowments and her christian fortitude. She died in the fold of the Methodist Episcopal Church and will be buried there tomorrow. Submitted byTom Agan.

HUDLESON, John Alexander, Paoli Republican (December 26, 1888) Death Notice
It is a sad duty to chronicle the death of a fellow citizen. Especially sad is it when the deceased was an honorable, upright man, counting for something in the world and the world having been made better by his living in it. It is with feelings of sadness, there, that we announce the death of our friend, John A. Hudleson, who breathed his last at 3:30 o'clock, Sunday afternoon at his residence four miles north of Paoli, of that ever flattering and yet always fatal disease, consumption, aged 56 years, 6 months and 22 days.
He was the eldest son of William H. Hudleson, was born, lived and died in our midst, esteemed for his business integrity and counseled by many on account of his business acumen.
He was married to Miss Adeline Lindley, May 17th, 1859, seven children being the issue, three of whom, together with the widow, survive him.
The funeral services were conducted from the Presbyterian church at 1 o'clock p.m. yesterday, Rev. T. G. Bosley officiating. While this Christmas day will be remembered with sadness by the sorrowing friends they have a blessed consolation in this, that he was ready to go and that while sympathizing friends are returning his mortal remains to mother earth his spirit is with the God who gave it birth. Submitted by Tom Agan.

PORTER, Harry, Paoli Republican (January 16, 1889) Death Notice
Harry Porter died of consumption, about noon last Sunday, and was buried Monday afternoon. He leaves a wife and two small children, to whom his friends should and doubtless will, be very kind. Submitted byTom Agan.

MONTGOMERY, Albert R., Paoli Republican (February 20, 1889) Death Notice
We are pained to announce the death of so good a citizen as Albert R. Montgomery. He died after battling for years with that deceptive disease consumption, at his home in Valeene, at midnight, Sunday the 17th. He was a man of quiet mien, but wonderful nerve and made a long and gallant fight for his life. He leaves a young wife and one child, together with a wide circle of friends and acquaintances to mourn his loss. Submitted byTom Agan.

RADCLIFF, Emma, Paoli Republican (February 20, 1889) Death Notice
Mrs. H. T. Radcliff died of consumption at her family residence in Paoli Monday morning at 8 o'clock. Her remains were interred at Stampers Creek at 10 a.m. yesterday. She was a noble, good woman and held the high esteem of all who knew her. To her bereaved husband we extend our heartfelt sympathy. Submitted byTom Agan.

WILLARD, Nancy, Paoli Republican (April 17, 1889) Death Notice
Mrs. Nelson Willard, of this township, was buried at Apple's church on Saturday last, at an advanced age, dying of consumption. Her husband had preceded her but a few weeks. Submitted byTom Agan.

PARKS, Mary E. Beatty, Paoli Republican (December 25, 1889) Death Notice
Mrs. John Parks, commonly known as "Aunt Betsy", died of cancer of the face, December 14, and was buried at South Liberty on the following Monday. She was a very old lady, the wife of Johnnie Parks, one of the pioneers of Jackson Township. Submitted byTom Agan.

WEBSTER, Mary, Paoli Republican (December 25, 1889) Death Notice
Mrs. Mary Webster was buried at the Webb graveyard last Thursday, aged 88 years. For forty years she had lived a widow. She professed Christ a few days before she died. Old age and general debility is given as the cause of her demise.
Submitted by Tom Agan.

PIPHER, Ebbie, Paoli Republican (December 25, 1889) Death Notice
Died - Ebbie Pipher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allison Pipher, of French Lick township, on Wednesday, Dec. 18th of meningetis, Only three short weeks after giving up their noble boy, just budding into promising manhood, these sorely afflicted people are called upon to return to the God who gave her birth, their Ebbie, their thirteen year old daughter, so full of gentleness and promise. The funeral ceremony was conducted at Newberry on Thursday at 11 a.m., and was very touching. Submitted byTom Agan.

SMELSER, Elizabeth A., Paoli Republican (December 25, 1889) Death Notice
DIED - Mrs. J. M. Smelser, on Tuesday, Dec. 17, suddenly, cause not well defined. On Friday before she was in excellent health and spirits, on Saturday and Sunday ailing somewhat, on Monday very ill and on Tuesday she passed away. Her remains were taken, on Wednesday, to Rush county, her former home, for interment. She was a good woman, and though a new comer had gained the esteem of a large circle of friends. Submitted byTom Agan.

LEWIS, Polly Ann, Paoli Republican (December 25, 1889) Death Notice
Mrs. Polly A. Lewis, of Northeast Township, widow of the late Daniel Lewis and mother of Emmit Lewis, died very suddenly Saturday night last at 11 o'clock. At 5 p.m. she was in excellent health, ate a hearty supper and seemed unusually lively. At 6 o'clock she was stricken down with paralysis and spoke only two words before she died, five hours later. Mrs. Lewis was very highly esteemed as a woman and a neighbor and was a model housewife and loving mother.

Mrs. Polly Ann Lewis died suddenly Saturday night of heart failure and was buried at Liberty Monday.Submitted by Tom Agan.

FARLOW, Nathan, Paoli Republican (April 23, 1890) Death Notice
Uncle Nathan Farlow was born in Orange County, North Carolina May 20th, 1810. His father, Joseph Farlow, with a company numbering about seventy persons, removed to this county, landing at the "Half Moon Spring," on Doll Braxtan's farm, May 2, 1811. Their first work was to build a "stockade" or "Block House" as a means of defending themselves against the murderous attacks of the savage. The most of the company were Quakers and their main object in planting this little colony in the then far west was to place their children where they might bring them up free from the contaminating influences of human slavery. In a short time a few of the members settled within the limits of Beech Grove meeting, and as early as 1823 or 1824, Beech Grove meeting was established and the subject of this brief memorial, a lad of 13 or 14 summers, was regularly taken to church twice each week and this influence, together with the pious teaching of Godly parents at home, was never forsaken or forgotten until his physical strength no longer permitted him to attend the house of God.
He was twice married, the first wife being Mary Ann Moulder. His second wife was Mary Lindley, who with eight children, survive him.
He was not only a faithful church member, but was a kind and obliging neighbor. If one was in distress they always found him ready and willing to relieve their wants. One who was heart broken and sad was sure to find a sympathizing friend in him. If a neighbor was sick his work never prevented him from visiting and doing all in his power to alleviate their suffering. He once expressed himself to your correspondent as believing his mission was to visit the sick, and no man ever filled any mission more faithfully than did he his. One by one he saw those of his original company falling until he was spared for "some purpose," as he often expressed it. Often times as we looked upon him in his place in the church, his locks white with the frost of nearly four-score years, or listen to his feeble voice as he spoke a word of encouragement to some "trembling child," we felt it our duty to lisp a prayer to the All Wise God for sparing us the aged pilgrim and father.
The past winter he had been feeble and an attack of the grippe was more that his shattered frame could stand, and when the sun had sunk to rest on the evening of the 14th inst. [April 14, 1890], he passed calmly and quietly away and the boatman ferried him over the cold and icy stream of death, landing him on that shore where feebleness with age and aching of body are not known. The family have the sympathy of the entire community. Submitted byTom Agan.

THOMPSON. Sallie Towell, Paoli Republican (July 29, 1891) Death Notice
Mrs. Sallie Towell Thompson, born in North Carolina in 1805, settled in this county in 1818 and married James L. Thompson, died at her home near Salem last week, loved and respected by all who knew her. Submitted byTom Agan.

PADGETT, Benjamin H., Paoli Republican (August 26, 1891) Death Notice
Last Friday night Benjamin H. Padgett, son of John H. Padgett, fell from a freight train and was crushed to death beneath the wheels. The accident occurred between New Albany and Jeffersonville.
The remains were brought to Paoli Saturday night, after a Coroner's inquest had been held in Clark County.
The funeral took place from the M. E. church at 3 o'clock p.m. Sunday, Rev. A. A. Armen, Presiding Elder of the U. B. Church preaching the funeral.
This is a heavy blow to the family. Three years before another son met an untimely death, killed by the kick of a horse. Submitted byTom Agan.

STALCUP, Mary, Paoli Republican (August 26, 1891) Death Notice
Mrs. Mary Stalcup, wife of Henry Stalcup, of Stampers Creek Township. died suddenly of cholera morbus last Friday and was buried at Danner's Chapel Saturday afternoon. She was a most estimable woman, the mother of a large family of children and universally respected. Submitted byTom Agan.

JONES, Lizzie, Paoli Republican (August 26, 1891) Death Notice
The funeral of Lizzie Jones was the second largest ever held at Beech Grove. She had many friends call to see her. On some occasions near 50 per day.


We take this method of informing our many friends of the gratitude and thankfulness to them for their unceasing acts of kindness in helping us to bear the burdens of a long siege of sickness, as was the case with our dear daughter, Lizzie, who is now hone home to be with the angels forever. We cannot repay you fully for your aid and sympathy, but will do what we can and pray that the blessing of the great head of the church may rest upon you all. James and Elmira Jones. Submitted byTom Agan.

HAMMOND, John, Paoli Republican (December 16, 1891) Death Notice
John Hammond, aged 45, and a man of family, of Greenfield Township, died of consumption last Saturday afternoon and was buried at Unionville Monday morning at 10 o'clock. Submitted byTom Agan.

PRUETT, John, Paoli Republican (December 16, 1891) Death Notice
John Pruett, whose serious illness was announced in these columns last week, is dead. His remains were interred at Faucett's Chapel Friday morning. He was son-in-law to Eli G. Faucett and a worthy citizen. He leaves a wife and an interesting family to mourn his loss. Submitted byTom Agan.

McPHERSON, George, Paoli Republican (December 16, 1891) Death Notice
George McPherson, of this place, was found dead in his bed last Saturday afternoon. He and his wife had taken dinner at a neighbor's that day. Soon after dinner he went home. When the family arrived at home, near 5 o'clock, they found him lying on his face, dead. He was subject to heart disease and probably died of that. The Coroner was notified, but deemed it unnecessary to hold an inquest. Submitted byTom Agan.

PINNICK, William, Paoli Republican (December 16, 1891) Death Notice
William Pinnick, born Jan. 1, 1816, died last Friday night at his home in Orangeville township, of rheumatism and complication of diseases. He was blind for 45 years, but through all his afflictions he never complained. He had a disposition as cheerful and sunny as any man we have ever known. The funeral at Ames Sunday was conducted by Rev. W. H. Hedden and was largely attended. Submitted byTom Agan.

KOCHENOUR, Anna Neff, Paoli Republican (February 10, 1892) Obituary
Died - At the family homestead on Honey Creek, near Rego, Orange County, Indiana, on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 1892, Anna Neff Kochenour, widow of the late Isaac Kochenour, aged 76 years, 2 months and 9 days.
Mrs. Kochenour was one of Indiana's pioneers. Fifty six years ago she came to this State with her husband and found a home in Brushey Valley, Harrison County, where she resided until 1865, when the family removed to Orange County, upon the farm whereon she died. In early life she became a member of the Lutheran church and remained a member there of till death. Her husband and four children have gone before. She leaves two sons - David A., a lawyer, residing at Brownstown, Indiana, and William P., a physician at Rego, this county. Also three grandchildren, Clyde and Alice Burgess, of English, Ind. - the children of her daughter, Barbara A. Burgess, who died at Paoli, Sept, 13, 1884, and Leigh Kochenour, son of David A.
She has gone from labor to reward. A life of unremitting toil and industry has found rest - sweet rest. She lived a life of practiced christian piety. Her life was one of humble, domestic seclusion. Her many superior qualities of mind and heart, though hidden from the general public, were felt and recognized by all who associated intimately with her. Faithful and true was she in all duties of the calling wherein she was called. She has accomplished her work. She hath done what she could, and hath received the plaudit - "Well dome, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of the Lord. Submitted byTom Agan.

HACKNEY, Samuel, Paoli Republican (February 10, 1892) Obituary
Samuel Hackney died at the residence of his parents on Saturday, Jan. 20, 1892, at 1 o'clock p.m., of pneumonia fever, aged twenty years, five months and seventeen days. Was buried at Union cemetery, better known as Pinhook, at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. He had long been afflicted with Bright's disease, and had sufficiently recovered, as he thought, to go over in Kentucky in the employ of Mr. Frank Scott. The work proved too heavy and too much exposure for him and after six weeks absence, having contracted a severe cold, he felt as though he could scarcely get home, have lagrippa. He returned and took his bed, and Dr. Boyd was called and at once pronounce it a severe case of pneumonia. He lingered until the ninth day, his suffering being almost intolerable during his entire sickness, but bore his suffering with patience and gentleness to the last. He said, "I do not want to die, I want to stay with you, if it is the Lord's will". But the efforts of all kind friends, father, mother, brothers and sisters could do availed nothing and he willingly submitted to His will quietly as if falling asleep. He was delirious for two days and nights, but was conscious at times, sufficiently recovering consciousness a short time before he died to call the names of the family and said, "If I must die, I must; children don't cry it will not be long, the happy time is drawing near -" he tried to speak farther, but was not permitted. Sam was a bright, intelligent boy, always an obedient child, a kind, loving brother. He leaves a father, mother, five brothers, three sisters and a host of friends and relatives to mourn their loss. Submitted byTom Agan.

BROWN, Samuel, Paoli Republican (February 10, 1892) Death Notice
Samuel Brown, a highly respected citizen of Newton Stewart, is dead of dropsy. He has been a sufferer for many months, but bore it all manfully. Few men of his age had more friends than he in this community. Submitted by Tom Agan.

McDONALD, James, Paoli Republican (February 17, 1892) Death Notice
James McDonald, ex-trustee of Southeast Township and a man highly respected in the community in which he lived, is dead, at an advanced age. Submitted byTom Agan.

ADYLOTTE, E. W., Paoli Republican (March 23, 1892) Death Notice
Capt. E. W. Adylotte died of pneumonia, last Friday afternoon, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Owen Lindley, near Chambersburg where he has been living for the past five years, aged 71 years. He came to this county from Harrison County, where he had long been a prominent factor in public affairs. His remains were taken to Corydon for burial, the interment occurring Sunday in the presence of a large concourse of people. Captain Adylotte was an ardent Methodist and a devout christian and died happy after an illness of only three or four days. Submitted byTom Agan.

BAKER, Nancy, Paoli Republican (March 23, 1892) Death Notice
Mrs. Nancy Baker, whose funeral was preached at Mt. Horeb last Wednesday by Rev. J. G. Brengle in the presence of a large congregation of friends and relatives was born in North Carolina 62 years ago. At the age of 20 she married Harvey Baker, of Orangeville Township, and for 42 years lived a happy, contented and useful married life. She was the mother of 11 children, 9 being present at the burying. For 44 years Mrs. Baker was a consistent member of the Baptist church and died in that faith. Submitted byTom Agan.

SPARKS, Calvin, Paoli Republican (September 14, 1892) Death Notice
Rev. Calvin Sparks departed this life Saturday, Sept. 10, 1892. Was interred at Ames Sunday at 3 o'clock p.m. under the auspices of the G.A.R. and S. of V. in the presence of a large concourse of people. Rev, W. S. Rader conducted the funeral services. Bro. Sparks was born Feb. 21, 1833; was married to Elenor Morris Dec. 5, 1852. The fruits of this union were 6 children - 4 boys and 2 girls, all of whom survive him.He joined the M. E. Church at old Nelson Chapel and has happily converted in 1866. He enlisted in the late war in the 24 Reg. Indiana Volunteers July 9, 1861; was discharged Dec. 1865. Bro. Sparks is gone from earth to his reward in Heaven. He died as he lived, a true christian, a kind husband and affectionate father, a gallant soldier and a loyal friend. He will be missed in society, the church and Sunday school. To the family we extend our heartfelt sympathy. Submitted byTom Agan.

SNIPES, John, Paoli Republican (September 14, 1892) Death Notice
John Snipes, of Jackson, father-in-law of Benjamin H. Walters, was buried at Moore's Ridge last Thursday aged about 75. He died of Kidney trouble. Submitted byTom Agan.

EASTER, John, Paoli Republican (September 28, 1892) Death Notice
John Easter, of Greenfield township, died in the Insane Asylum at Evansville on Monday of this week. Submitted by Tom Agan.

BEATTY, Joseph, Paoli Republican (October 12, 1892) Death Notice
It is with much sorrow we chronicle the death of Joseph Beatty at his home in Jackson township yesterday. His demise was quite sudden, being in usual health until Saturday morning. His condition then was not thought serious and on Monday and Monday night he was in quite good spirits, but at 3 o'clock yesterday morning the messenger came suddenly and stole away the life of as good a citizen as lived in the county. He was universally esteemed. The funeral service will be conducted today at South Liberty, of which church he was a staunch member. Submitted byTom Agan.

LAMBDIN, Orpheus, Paoli Republican (October 12, 1892) Death Notice
Orpheus Lambdin died at the residence of his mother September 24th, 1892, after a protracted illness of over two months. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. W. S. Rader at Ames at 10 a.m. Was interred at the Old Baptist graveyard at 11 a.m. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved. Submitted byTom Agan.

FRAZIER, Eli, Paoli Republican (May 3, 1893) Death Notice
Eli Frazier, aged 30, son of Jesse Frazier, of this township, died last Thursday of quick consumption and was buried at Newberry Friday. He was in apparent good health until he took the grip some weeks since. He was a quiet, well disposed young man, a great reader and a good thinker. He was unmarried. Submitted byTom Agan.

SMITH, Ella, Paoli Republican (October 11, 1893) Death Notice
Mrs. Ella Smith, wife of Thomas Smith, was buried at Moore's Ridge yesterday aged 29. She died of consumption and leaves a husband and two children. Submitted byTom Agan.

OWEN, Olive, Paoli Republican (December 20, 1892) Death Notice
Mrs. James Owen died at West Baden Sunday and was buried at Ames Chapel Monday afternoon. W. A. Ross preached the funeral. She was about sixty years old and an estimable woman. Submitted byTom Agan.

SEYBOLDT, John, Paoli Republican (January 31, 1894) Death Notice
John Seyboldt, who left Helix last December, died at Danville, Ill., last week. Dispatches from that place to the city papers say that he died of hydrophobia and lock jaw, having been bitten by a mad dog at Paoli five or six years ago. Telegrams to the friends of the deceased in this county say he died of pleurisy and diptheria. His wife and four children went to him only about two weeks ago. The remains were brought home for burial Monday. His friends here say that he was bitten by a mad horse eight years ago. He is said to have kicked and neighed like a horse on his death bed. Submitted byTom Agan.

WININGER, Diana, Paoli Republican (May 1, 1895) Death Notice
Mrs. William S. Wininger was buried last Friday at Union Valley, Rev. Winn preaching the funeral. She was the mother of Mrs. W. A. Claxton, of French Lick, and was universally esteemed for her many excellent qualities. Submitted byTom Agan.