The Progress-Examiner, Orleans, Orange Co., IN; 2 May 1907, Pg. 1, Col. 1
Thomas N. Braxtan, one of the pioneers of Orange county, died at his home in Paoli last Thursday at the advanced age of eighty-four years. He is survived by a widow and seven children, Robert, Frank, Samuel, Edward and Miss Cora Braxtan, of Paoli, Mrs. Emma Brown, of Denver, Colo., and Dr. Thomas Braxtan of Loogootee. He was seized with paralysis about a year ago, but had recovered sufficiently to be able to go about without discomfort until a few weeks ago, when he had another attack, which ended in his death.
Mr. Braxtan was born in Paoli, and said to be the oldest native born citizen of this county, and has been prominently identified with the business interests of the county ever since he became of age. He was extensively engaged in merchandising, farming and stock dealing, and was quite wealthy, having recently sold one of his farms for $30,000. Back in the 80's and early 90's he was one of the best known stock dealers in the New Orleans market, having shipped thousands of horses and mules and other livestock to that southern market. Until a few years ago he took a great interest in politics, and in 1882 was the Republican nominee for Congress, when Orange county was in the Second Congressional district. He was a man of dauntless courage, rugged honesty and unswerving fidelity to his friends. A common expression among those who knew him best, "We have known him long and well, and we only knew him to esteem him more highly as the years passed by." In his home circle he was a kind and indulgent husband and father, whose advice was always sought and heeded. The funeral occured Saturday at two o'clock and was one of the largest attended ever witnessed in Paoli.
Submited by   B McReynolds

The Progress-Examiner, Orleans, Orange County, IN; 8 Aug 1907, Pg. 3, Col. 2
Alonzo Greene Smith, ex-attorney general of Indiana, a life-long Democrat of consistent principles and one of the most prominent men in the councils of the Democratic party of Indiana, died at his home in Indianapolis Monday.
Submited by   B McReynolds

The Progress-Examiner, Orleans, Orange County, IN; 8 Aug 1907, Pg. 3, Col. 2
Mrs. Attie Millis Taggart, wife of Trustee John H. Taggart, died Tuesday morning at her home, one mile northwest of town, of consumption, after a long illness. The funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church yesterday afternoon at three o'clock, conducted by Rev. Hickling, after which the remains were laid to rest in the family plat in Green Hill cemetery. The bereaved husband and relatives have the heartfelt sympathy of the community in their bereavement. An obituary appears in another column.
Ibid, Pg. 2, Col. 2
Attie Blanche Millis was born February 14, 1871, at the old Millis homestead in Paoli township. She was the daughter of James and Mariah VanTress Millis, and a granddaughter of Nicholson Millis, who was one of Orange county's sturdy pioneers.
Her father was a soldier in the war of the Rebellion, and received a gun shot wound in the lungs, which superinduced tuberculosis, from which he died. The mother waiting on him and watching at his bedside contracted the same disease, and shortly followed her husband, leaving a family of young children.
She attended the Orleans high school and was a student at the State University at Bloomington, where she joined the Methodist Episcopal church.
She was married May 12, 1896, to John Taggart, and subsequently placed her letter in the Presbyterian church at Orleans, the home church of her husband.
For eleven years this happy couple have gone in and out among us, attending the duties of home life, of church work, of social functions and official service--faithful in all.
But it was in the quiet of the home, where this woman reigned a queen and portrayed the grandeur of her character, that those who were favored with her acquaintance learned to know the true worth of the modest, retiring, helpful and lovable soul that has gone from us to her reward. These two were childless; but she loved children, and gave to her sisters own an affection so akin to a mother's love, that had the little ones been themselves bereft, they never would have known.
Long before the summons came she resignedly looked Death in the face and patiently bore her sufferings. She lived to make those about her happier and better. She did not live in vain.
There are lonesome hearts in the circles that called her kin or friend. They will be lonesome still. Out of the memories of the past decade there will come pleasant recollections of friendly associations of delightful companionship, of a faithful compact and of love.
And the hearts will be lonesome still.
Submited by   B McReynolds

The Progress-Examiner, Orleans, Orange County, IN; 8 Aug 1907, Pg. 3, Col. 4
The funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins occurred at Bethel this morning at ten o'clock, Eld. T.J. Scully officiating, and was very largely attended.
Submited by   B McReynolds

The Progress-Examiner, Orleans, Orange County, IN; 29 Aug 1907, Pg. 2, Col. 1
George A. Oswald, a well-known traveling salesman, and one time a merchant in Orleans, being a member of the firm of Walker & Oswald, died of apoplexy last Sunday morning at his country home near Louisville, Ky. He was born in Scotland forty seven years ago, but has lived in America about thirty years. The funeral occurred at Cave Hill cemetery, Louisville, Monday afternoon, conducted by the Masons.
Submited by   B McReynolds

The Progress-Examiner, Orleans, Orange County, IN; 29 Aug 1907, Pg. 2, Col. 2
Mrs. Anna Trueblood, aged fifty-seven years, of Canton, Ind., while on her way to a local hospital in Evansville last Sunday to see her sick sister walked from a street car that was running at rapid speed and, falling on her head, sustained injuries that resulted in her death an hour later. Her sister when she heard of the accident became worse, ant it is feared the shock will kill her. Mrs. Trueblood is survived by a husband and two children.
Submited by   B McReynolds

The Progress-Examiner, Orleans, Orange County, IN; 29 Aug 1907, Pg. 2, Col. 4
Mrs. Ursula Owen Elgin, one of the oldest residents of Washington county, died of old age at her home near Claysville, ___ five miles north of New Albany a few days ago. Mrs. Elgin was born in Kentucky over 90 years ago and came to Indiana with her parents when but ___ years old. She was married when less than seventeen years old and was the mother of fifteen children, nine of whom survive her. She died on the farm which she came as a bride more than seventy-three years ago, the land having been entered in the United States Land Office by her husband's father in the ____ years of the last century._______ Submited by   B McReynolds

The Progress Examiner, Orleans, Orange Co., IN; 18 Jan 1906, Pg. 2, Col. 4
As we go to press we learn of the death of John W. Woodson, last night, at his home near Orangeville. The funeral will occur tomorrow, and the remains will be interred in the cemetery at this place. We will give further particulars next week.
Ibid, 25 Jan 1906, Pg. 2, Col. 3, Orangeville and Vicinity
John Woodson, a highly respected young man of our community, died Thursday morning, Jan. 25, after a lingering illness of seven weeks. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. W.L. Suddarth at Orleans, Friday at 11 o'clock. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved.
Ibid, Col. 4
Mr. John Woodson who has been suffering several weeks with consumption of brain died about 2 o'clock Thursday morning. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Suddarth at Orleans, Friday. We extend sympathy to the bereaved ones.
Ibid, Pg. 2, Col 3
We desire by this means to express our deep and lasting gratitude to the friends and neighbors who extended to us their generous aid and sympathy in our recent great bereavement.
The Progress-Examiner, Orleans, Orange Co., IN; 25 Jan 1906, Pg 3, Col. 6
John W. Woodson was born May 13, 1879, in Adair county, Kentucky. He resided in that state until seventeen years of age. He then went south, living for some years in Atlanta and Birmingham. Afterward he was in business for one year in the city of Louisville. For the past three years and some months he has been a resident of Orange county, Indiana.
He was married Dec. 25, 1901, to Miss Mary Ritter, of Orleans. To them one child, Little Margaret, was given.
On Dec. 8, last, he was stricken with the malady which ended his earthly life in the early morning of Jan. 18, 1906. Wife and babe, mother and one sister, four brothers, and a host of friends survive our departed brother. None knew him but was his friend.
He was honorable in business, a good neighbor, a devoted son and brother, a perfect husband and father. His was a quiet, unassuming, genuine, goodness of heart and life. It is natural that such a man should have a confiding and saving faith in the loving Father of us all. Such a faith was often expressed in the early part of his last illness.
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."
Submited by   B McReynolds

The Progress- Examiner, Orleans, Orange County, IN; 22 Mar 1906, Pg. 3, Col. 4
Mrs. Mattie Taggart Millis died suddenly of heart disease at her home last evening about six o'clock. She had been visiting in the neighborhood during the day and her death came without warning, although it was known that her heart was badly affected. She was highly respected, and numbered her friends by her acquaintances. Her husband is a prominent farmer and respected citizen, living south of town. She was a daughter of the late Hamilton Taggart. The husband, brothers and sisters have the sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement.
Ibid, 29 Mar 1906, Pg. 2, Col. 4
Mrs. Mattie Taggart Millis departed this life the 21st day of march. She was the wife of Harry Millis and had been married about three years. She had been to one of the neighbors to spend the afternoon. Liddle did Harry think that his wife would be taken away so soon. She was a member of the Church of Christ and she was a good christian lady and was loved by all who knew her. She leaves a husband, three brothers and two sisters, who will miss her very much. Her father, mother and sister died a short time ago. They went home to rest where no sorrow nor suffering is known. God thought best to take Mattie home to live with them, but still we will miss her in the vicinity. Her death was a sudden blow to her husband, sisters and brothers and many friends. But as the time flies by we must prepare to meet her in a brighter and better home than this. The funeral was preached at the home, and beautiful florals were received. The remains were taken to Orleans for interment, where the body will await the resurrection morning.
Sad ones grieve not but cease thy weeping.
For by heaven's decree Mattie is sleeping.
Her pillow, fond sisters, is not the cold sod.
For she rests in the arms and bosom of God.
Ibid, Pg. 3, Col. 7
Martha Taggart Millis, daughter of Hamilton and Margaret Taggart was born at the old homestead near Orleans, March 15, 1869, and died March 21, 1906. At the age of seventeen she united with the Presbyterian Church at Orleans, and continued until death a faithful member.
She was united in marriage January 15, 1903, to J.H. Millis, who survives her. Her parents were of the pioneers of Orange county. They were of the plain forceful masters of the fireside, who taught right living, and illustrated it in their own conduct.
She was not born to inherit riches; but she did inherit ancestral traits that endeared her to every one who knew her. In a household noteworthy for its good cheer, where every member vied each with the other to make the visitor or sojourner happy, she was the constant star, sparkling and brilliant, full of wit and humor, giving to others what she herself abundantly possessed, happiness.
Amid tranquil and gentle scenes in a peaceful vale, she had her brief, but successful life--for who shall say, however short the span, that a being who generates and dispenses the sunshine of good cheer, has lived in vain?
The shaft of death has been hurled into this family of late with fearful frequency. Sisters, and father and a mother, and now this one, suddenly dead with scarce a warning, all gone, into the Silent Land.
In the beautiful but cold religion of the Ancients, they sculptured Sleep and his twin brother Death as children reposing in the arms of night.
May we of of a stronger faith not shear ourselves of the monstrous emblems of death? May we not believe with Virginaud that: "Death is but the greatest act of life, since it gives birth to a higher state of existance. Were it not thus, there would be something greater than God." Let us believe that this happy loving soul has gone, not into eternal sleep; but into a realm of sunshine and good cheer. That as she made happy the lives of many here, she will be, with those gone before, herself, happy forever.
Submited by   B McReynolds

The Progress-Examiner, Orleans, Orange County, IN; 7 Jun 1906, Pg. 1, Col. 3.
Miss Anna Rue Conder, of Orleans, a well-known young lady student at DePauw University, died at eleven o'clock last night at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Margaret C. Rice, Indiana avenue, of tubercular meningitis.
Miss Conder was compelled to give up her work at DePauw several weeks ago on account of ill health. She went to her home in Orleans, and three weeks ago came here for a visit with her aunt. She began to improve after arriving here and her condition was not considered serious until the first of this week. She was 23 years old and was born at Orleans. She was a member of the Methodist church and was formerly organist at the church at Orleans.
The body was shipped to Orleans at 3:30 this afternoon, from where the funeral will be held to-morrow.
The following persons arrived here yesterday on account of the serious illness of Miss Conder; Mrs. John W. Rice, Arthur McIntosh and Miss Nellie Conder, of Orleans, and Charles A. Conder, of Indianapolis. Submited by   B McReynolds

The Progress-Examiner, Orleans, Orange Co., IN; 11 Oct 1906, Pg. 4, Col. 5.
John O. Elrod died last Thursday morning at 11:15 of a complication of diseases indigent to old age, after an illness of several weeks. He was 73 years old and for some weeks had been in the care of a physician.
Mr. Elrod was one of the best known farmers in our township. He was a veteran of the civil war and served his country faithfully and with honor and credit to himself. He was county commissioner for several years and proved himself a capable and efficient officer. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn the death of a kind and indulgent father. The children are Charles Elrod, of Minneola, Kan; Mrs. W.V. Ritter, of French Lick; Mrs. Alvis Wells, of Paoli, and Mrs. Will Stout of Hammond, and all were present at the funeral.
He was an honored and worthy member of the I.O.O.F. and the G.A.R. both of which orders officiated at the funeral. He was a man of sterling integrity, doing right as he saw it and was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him.
The funeral services were held at the family residence last Friday at 2:30 p.m., conducted by Rev. Jeffrey and the remains were laid to rest in the cemetery at Old Union, near the home where he had lived for many years. A large concourse of people were present to pay the last tribute of respect to one who had long been their friend and neighbor and as the flower laden casket was lowered into the grave, the thought that a good man had gone to his reward was uppermost in every mind. The sympathy of an entire community goes out to the grief stricken widow and the fatherless children, but they sorrow not as those who have no hope for they know that he has gone to his reward.
Ibid, 18 Oct 1906, Pg. 4, Col. 5
The mortal remains of John O. Elrod were consigned to mother earth at Union, Friday, Oct 5, Rev. Jeffrey, of the Orleans M.E. Church, delivering the funeral oration, his comrades of the G.A.R. acting as pall bearers and Orange Lodge No. 113 I.O.O.F. rendering the beautiful service of the order at the open grave. A very large number of sorrowing relatives, friends and neighbors assembled to pay their tender tributes of respect and drop a tear of sympathy with the bereft family.
He was born to the community in which he lived, wrought and died, the eighth child of John and Nancy (Millis) Elrod and first saw the llight of day on the morning of May 29, 1833, died Oct. 4, 1906, aged 73 years, 5 months and 5 days.
August 13, 1857, he was united in marriage with Sarah, daughter of Jonathan and Mary (Henley) Braxtan and to them six children were born; Charles H., now a prominent farmer and stock raiser and candidate for County Treasurer of Clark county, Kansas; Kittie E., wife of Wm. V. Ritter, of French Lick Springs; Anna S., wife of Alvis M. Wells, Recorder of Orange County and Lizzie B. wife of Will A. Stout, of Hammond, Ind. John E. and Mary F. died in infancy.
The mother of his children preceeded him to the better land by more than thirty years and thirteen years ago he was married to Mrs. Sarah Isom, of Lawrence county, a most estimable christian lady and devoted wife who, together with the one son and three daughters, survive him. Though the most provident of husbands, taking the most solicitious care of his helpmates, he was unfortunate in that he buried three wives but exceedingly fortunate was he in being blest with the companionship of such noble christian women. His second wife was Mrs. Laswell, who did not long survive their marriage, in 1879. His third companion was taken Nov 29, 1883, and was Mrs. Jane Hostetler, a most lovable woman, with whom he lived eight years when she was called to her reward.
When the dark days of the rebellion came he enlisted in Co G. 66th Ind. Vols and did valiant service for his country in her time of sore need. He was so good a soldier that he had a poor hospital record and consequently had never received a just recompense of reward from the Government he had so faithfully served.
In 1877 he was happily converted and united with the M.E. Church at Wesley Chapel, where he worshiped through all the years, a true, contrite chri stian gentleman, serving as Sunday School Superintendent, Class Leader and Trustee. For years and years he was the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees of that church and never failed or faltered in any capacity. Many and many a time the writer has heard him say, "I want to do all the good I can in this world and as little harm." He has as large a measure of good to his credit, and as little error as it has ever been our fortune to know with any man.
For thirty-six years he was a member of Orange Lodge No. 113 I.O.O.F. of Orangeville, and no man ever lived closer to the binding obligations or ob-served more religiously the sacred tenets of that splendid order.
Not alone in his home, church, lodge and neighborhood life was he the man worthy of all emulation but in his public and political career, long and active though it was, as Trustee of Orleans township and as County Commissioner for the county of Orange, he endeared himself to all the people of all parties by his strict integrity, exact justice, broad, liberal and progressive views in matters of the common welfare, until nothing but warmest praise and highest enconiums can be said of him. It is impossible that any taint or direlection should attach itself to one with as much inbed integrity and inborn honesty.
But mere words of praise, so feebly expressed, cannot correctly convey to the one who has never been favored as the writer has been blessed, with an intimate and confidential acquaintance with the deceased--no words I can say, can convey a knowledge of his inner manhood, his strict integrity, his broad conceptions and deep convictions, his love of truth and right and justice, his slowness to speak evil and his haste to do good. He was the personification of truth, the embodiment of sincerity and a noble exemplar of christian integrity. No eulogy can be too high, for he was the capsheaf of Gods creation--an honest, christian gentlema
His was a gracious, serviceable christian life, a benediction to many. He leaves a void which will be hard to fill but a memory full of sweetness.
Paoli, Ind., Oct. 8, 1906
Submited by   B McReynolds

The Progress-Examiner, Orleans, Orange Co., IN; 18 Oct 1906, Pg. 2, Col. 5
Mrs. Permelia Witman, the aged wife of of A.R. Witman residing near Stamperscreek, died on last Sunday morning after an illness of several weeks, and was buried at Stampers Creek on Monday. The funeral services were conducted by Eld. G.T. Mayfield. We extend our sympathies to the bereaved.
Ibid, Col. 5, Hardinsburg column
Submited by   B McReynolds

Mrs. Andy Mack, who had been sick for some time, died Saturday morning and was buried Sunday at this place. She leaves a husband and one son.
Ibid, Abydel column
Submited by   B McReynolds

Mrs. Lydia Millis died Monday. Interment at Ames Wednesday.
Ibid, Col 6, West Baden column
Submited by   B McReynolds

A ten months old baby of John Welsh's was buried at Bethel last Wednesday.
Submited by   B McReynolds

The Progress-Examiner, Orleans, Orange Co., IN; 22 Nov 1906
James Sherrod, who formerly lived at West Baden, died last week in Colorado, and his remains were shipped to Paoli. They arrived there Tuesday and were interred in the family burying ground Tuesday evening. Jim as he was familiarly called, was the son of Dr. W.F. Sherrod, of West Baden, and was about 32 years old. He had been badly crippled from his youth, but had learned telegraphy and was for a long time employed by the Monon at west Baden. he was universally liked by all who knew him, and his death cast a gloom over the town, where he was raised. His wife died about two years ago and Jim went to Colorado to seek employment and better his health. He found employment but his health failed. A short time ago he came back on a visit to his old home but only remained a few days. Despite the inclement weather a large number of his friends followed his remains to their last resting place, and paid a tribute of respect to the poor fellow whose life, though harassed by troubles was made pleasant by many kindly acts. May he rest in peace.
Submited by   B McReynolds

Sarah Elizabeth Newlin, daughter of William and Maria Smith, was born July 12,1848 on a farm in Orange county, being one of three children. She was united in marriage to David Newlin in December 1870.
She was a member of Old Union U. B. church near her home, where she was transferred from the Church Militant to the Church Triumphant on Sunday evening, Feb. 18, 1934.
Submitted by, Cathy Roop

The Paoli Republican Wednesday, June 22, 1932
Mrs. Margaret Sherrod, aged 82 years, a former well-known resident of Paoli, died Sunday, June 19, 1932, at the Protestant Home for the Aged at Evansville. Mrs. Sherrod lived in Paoli for a number of years and was the widow of the late Dr. James H. Sherrod. The deceased was born and raised North West of Paoli and was the daughter of the late Agrippa Scott.
She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Frank Dorville, of Evansville. One brother, Thomas Scott of Paoli, also survives.
The body was brought to Paoli on Tuesday morning, funeral services, conducted by Rev. Millard Brittingham, being held at 9 o'clock at the M.E. Church, interment following in the Paoli Cemetery.

The Paoli Republican
Thursday, August 4, 1938
The remains of Mrs. Maude Sherrod Dorville, 65, for many years a citizen of Paoli were brought here Friday morning for burial from the medical department at Indiana University, Bloomington. Upon Mrs. Dorville's death, December 22, 1937. at Woodmere Insane Hospital at Evansville, funds seemingly were not available for her burial and her body was shipped to Indiana University December 23, for use in the medical school. Bodies that are sent to the school are kept for six months before they are used. Seven months had elasped since Mrs. Dorville's body had been expressed to Bloomington and probably the only reason the body had not been used was because of her weight, medics preferring to use smaller bodies.
Mrs. Sherrod resided in Evansville to be near her daughter, for several years prior to her own death, and while there became acquainted with a Mrs. Osborne who was in some way related to the Sherrod family. Mrs. Osborne frequently had Mrs. Dorville in her home and was kind to her in many ways. Returning to Evansville last week after an absence of several months, Mrs. Osborne inquired about Mrs. Dorville and was told she was alright. Later, going to the hospital to take her gifts, Mrs. Osborne was informed of Mrs. Dorville's death in December and of the disposal of her body. She at once got in communication with A.C. Sroelich, official in the Citizens Bank and Trust Company, Evansville, and guardian of Mrs. Dorville's estate (left from the railroad insurance of her late husband) who claimed he had never been informed of her death. It was later found that he had made his May report to the court as required by law, although she had been dead since December.
Ellis and Sons undertakers here were notified to bring the body from Bloomington and properly inter it in the family lot, but upon reaching Bloomington, were required to deposit $30 with the medical center before the body could be released.
Services were conducted from the Ellis Funeral Home Friday in charge of Rev. Theron Castleman. Burial took place in the old Paoli Cemetery.
Mrs. Dorville was born in Orange County, the daughter of the late Dr. James and Margaret Scott Sherrod and had been in the hospital at Evansville for about 20 years.
She was quite talented in music having been graduated from that department in St. Mary's of the Woods, Terre Haute, and for many years was court stenographer in the Orange and Washington County Circuit Courts. Her father was a prominent physician and druggest in Orange County and occupied the building where the present Public Welfare Office is now located.
Her only survivor is an uncle, Thomas Scott, of the Sandy Hook neighborhood, the only rewmaining Civil War veteran in Paoli Township.

Contributed by, William Beatty
Springs Valley Herald
Dec. 23, 1982
Harold Victor Beatty was born May 11, 1920 to Amon and Dessie (Thurston) Beatty in Orange County. He departed this life at the Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Ind., Dec 15, 1982, at the age of 62 years.
On March 9. 1946, he was united in marriage to Ellen Mae Yarber, who preceded him in death March 13, 1977. This home was blessed and brightened with the birth of four sons.
Harold spent all his life in this community, with the exception of the months he spent overseas in World War II. He was a member of Cane Creek Christian Church.
Left to mourn his passing are the devoted sons, Harold Wayne, and Steve of French Lick, Henry of West Baden, and Bill of Fort Knox, Kentucky; three grandchildren, Dewayne, Gusta Mae, and Steven James Beatty; three brothers and one sister, Hansel and Grant Beatty of Muncie, Lawrence of French Lick, and Velma Parsons of rural route, French lick; many nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends. His father and mother preceded him in death.

Contributed by, William Beatty
Springs Valley Herald
Nov 1, 1995
James Eric Meehan,31, of French Lick, died at the University of Louisville Hospital on Sunday, October 29, of head injuries. He was welding on a front end loader when a hydraulic line ruptured causing the bucket to fall with the crossmember brace striking the victim. He was born November 1, 1963 in Orange County to David and Patricia Joan Parsons Meehan. He amrried the former Lori Orr in 1985 and she survives.
Mr. Meehan was a foreman at US Gyspsum at Shoals. He was a member of the Cane Creek Christian Church. Surviving with the wife are two sons, Jared and Jacob, both at home; the parents, David and Joan Meehan of French Lick; and a brother, Craig Meehan of Bloomington.
Charles Crews conducted funeral services at the chapel of the Brosmer-Drabing Funeral Home on Tuesday, October 31. Burial was in the Cane Creek Cemetary.
Contributed by, William Beatty
Exerted from a tribute published in the Springs Valley Herald, March 17, 1977
Ellen Mae (Yarber) Beatty
Ellen Mae Yarber Beatty was born on April 29,1925 into the home of Kenneth and Olive Bolling Yarber at French Lick. Her mother , Olive passed away when Ellen was 12 days old and her father Kenneth, passed away when she was six years old. She was reared in the home of her grandparents: MCK and Mary Ellen Bolling and she often said, "Grandpa and Grandma are my father and mother."
On March 9, 1946 she was united in marriage to Harold V. Beatty. this home was blessed and brightened with the births of four sons.
Ellen passed away March 13, 1977 shortly after entering the Orange County Hospital, at the age of 51 years 10 months, and 13 days.
Left to mourn her passing is her husband Harold; four sons, Wayne of French Lick, Henry of Mobile, Alabama, Bill in Germany, and Steve of French Lick; the dauthers-in-law, Mrs Wayne (Angie) Beatty, Mrs. Henry (Cheri) Beatty, Mrs Bill (Mia) Beatty, and Mrs. Steve (Mona) Beatty, and little Jerry Dewayne; four uncles and four aunts, Bill Yarber of Salem, Munson Bolling of Terre Haute, Lawton Bolling of New Albany, John Bolling of Nobelsville, Mrs John Koontz, Mrs Gladys Wolf, Mrs Margret Bolling Tillery of Kokomo and Mrs Marie Bolling Harrison of French Lick; and a host of relatives and mant, many friends.
Contributed by, Linda Lockhart
Mrs. Nancy H. Scott
Mrs. Nancy H. Scott was born in Lincoln County, Kentucky, June 24, 1820 and died in this city (Paoli) January 5, 1901, in her 84th year. She was a sister of the late Jeremiah Merritt, formerly one of paoli's most prominent citizens. In 1844 she was united in marriage to Agrippa Scott, who departed this life in 1890. To this union four children were born, one of whom died in infancy. The remaining are Mrs. Margaret Sherrod of this city, and Francis M and Thomas J. Scott, who live a few miles North West of Paoli. Mrs. Scott was for many years a member of the M. E. Church and was a Christian woman beloved by all her friends and neighbors. She was a great reader, but most all loved to read her Bible and had read the book through many times. Funeral services were held at Wesley Chapel M.E. Church in Orangeville Township on Thursday, conducted by the pastor, after which the remains were interred in the cemetery adjoining by the side of her companion who had gone on before.
Contributed by, Robert E. Lane
Allbright, Maggie E., Bedford Times-Mail (Thursday, January 2, 1997) Obituary
March 11, 1911-Dec. 31, 1996
Maggie E. Allbright, 85, West Baden Springs, died at 1 p.m. Tuesday at Bloomington Hospital. Born in Orange County, she was the daughter of John and Amanda (Jones) Toliver. She married Homer I. Allbright and he died Nov. 11, 1990. She was a homemaker and member of Springs Valley United Methodist Church, a charter member of Prospect Home Economics Club, past president of PEO, past president of Phi Oata Phi and a member of West Baden Research Club. Surviving are one daughter, Donna Sue Linehan of French Lick; two sons: Jerry Allbright of French Lick and Richard D. Allbright of Tucson, Ariz.; four sisters: Ruby Pruett and Pauline Tackett, both of Huron, Evelyn Toliver of Bonita Springs, Fla., and Jewell Hodges of Fort Meyers, Fla.; 15 grandchildren, two step-grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, three step-great-grandchildren and one great-great- grandchild. She was preceded in death by her parents, two brothers, one sister and one grandchild. Services will be 1 p.m. Friday at Bonds Chapel Church in western Orange County, with the Rev. Douglas Finney officiating. Burial will follow in Bonds Chapel Cemetery. Friends may call from 6-9 p.m. today and 9-11 a.m. Friday at Brosmer-Drabing Funeral Home, French Lick; and then at the church until service time Friday.

Contributed by, Robert E. Lane
Edwards, Bertha M., Bedford Times-Mail (Thursday, March 6, 1997) Obituary
Aug. 9, 1898-March 5, 1997
Bertha M. Edwards, 98, R.4, Mitchell, died at 8:18 p.m. Wednesday at Bedford Regional Medical Center. Born in Orange County, she was the daughter of Eli and Sarah (Toliver) Burton. She married Leroy Edwards Dec. 28, 1918, and he died June 21, 1995. She was a homemaker and member of Liberty Baptist Church. Surviving are three daughters: Blanche Terry and Thelma Brown, both of Mitchell, and Pauline Auxier of Bloomfield; one son, Paul Edwards of Clarksville; 12 grandchildren; 21 great- grandchildren and eight great-great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents; one brother and three sisters. Services will be at 1 p.m. Saturday at Chastain Funeral Home, Mitchell, with the Rev. Dale Hatfield officiating. Burial will be in Mitchell Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home from 3-9 p.m. Friday and from 10 a.m. until the service Saturday.Pallbearers will be: Edward Albertson, Paul Albertson, Dan Brown, Denzil Brown, John Brown, Mike Brown, David Terry, Don Terry and Ralph Terry.
Contributed by, Robert E. Lane
Linehan, Donna S., Bedford Times-Mail (Tuesday, December 9, 1997) Obituary
Jan. 24, 1936-Dec. 9, 1997
Donna Sue Linehan, 61, French Lick, died Tuesday in Louisville, Ky. Born in Huron, she was the daughter of Homer and Maggie (Toliver) Allbright. She married Gerald J. Linehan, and he survives. She was a sales representative for Proctor and Gamble and a member of Springs Valley United Methodist Church and SIWE Emmaus Community. She was a 1953 graduate of West Baden High School and 1955 graduate of Stevens College. Surviving are her husband, Gerald J. Linehan of French Lick; three daughters: Juli VanderPan of Columbus, Deena Moore of Columbia, Ill., and Mimi England of Springville; two sons, Todd Marshall of West Baden Springs and William Trent Marshall of Westville; two brothers: Jerry D. Allbright of French Lick and Richard B. Allbright of Tucson, Ariz.; 13 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents. Services will be 11 a.m. Friday at Springs Valley United Methodist Church with the Rev. Doug Finney officiating. Burial will follow in Bonds Chapel Cemetery. Friends may call from 5-9 p.m. Thursday at Brosmer-Drabing Funeral Home, French Lick, and 9 a.m. until service time Friday at the church.
Contributed by, Robert E. Lane
Rominger, Jesse Albert, Bedford Times-Mail (Monday July 21, 1999) Obituary
Jesse Albert Rominger, 92, West Baden Springs, died at 8 p.m. Saturday at French Lick Medco Center. Born in Orange County, he was the son of Charles and Blanche (Toliver) Rominger. He married Hazel Courtright on July 3, 1929, and she survives. He was a retired farmer, truck driver and taxi driver in French Lick, West Baden Springs and Orange County. Surviving in addition to his wife of West Baden Springs are one daughter, Rosalie Hobby of Shoals; two sons: Robert Rominger of Paoli and Morris Rominger of West Baden Springs; 12 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents and one daughter, Virginia Belcher. Services will be at 11 a.m. Tuesday at Brosmer-Drabing Funeral Home, French Lick, with Pastor Douglas Finney officiating. Burial will follow in Ames Chapel Cemetery. Friends may call from 4 to 9 p.m. today and 9 a.m. until service time Tuesday at the funeral home.
Contributed by, Robert E. Lane
Straley, Gleason E., Bedford Times-Mail (Friday, August 25, 2000) Obituary
Sept. 26, 1920-Aug. 22, 2000
Gleason E. Straley, 79, French Lick, died at 12 a.m. Tuesday at Medco Center in French Lick. Born in Ingraham, Ill., he was the son of Gilbert and Elsie (Toliver) Straley. He married Delores Waigand on April 24, 1971, and she survives. He was a retired farmer and minister and attended Sulphur Creek Bible Church. Surviving with his wife are one son, Richard Straley of Beaver Creek, Ohio; three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents and two sisters: Bertha Mae Maglone and Helen Maglone. Graveside service will be at 2 p.m. Friday at Smith Cemetery in Clay City, Ill. Friends may call from 5 to 8 p.m. today at McAdams Mortuary, Paoli. A memorial service will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at Sulphur Creek Bible Church with Brother Claude Lagenour officiating.
Contributed by, Robert E. Lane
Tolbert, Grace Marie Toliver, Bedford Times-Mail (Thursday November 15, 2001) Obituary
Nov. 11, 1918-Nov. 10, 2001
Grace Marie (Toliver) Tolbert, 82, of Orleans died Saturday evening at the Paoli Health & Living Community in Paoli. Born Nov. 11, 1918, in Orangeville, she was the daughter of Earl Leroy and Clara Fern (Cleveland) Toliver. She married Kenneth Tolbert April 19, 1936, and he died July 26, 1993. She was employed in the dietary department of Orange County Hospital. She was a graduate of Orleans High School with the class of 1936, and was a member of Bethel Community Church. Survivors include one sister, Frances Hall; a niece, Diana Toliver Doss of Orleans; and a nephew, Charles Toliver of Indianapolis, who were raised by her. She was preceded in death by her parents and two brothers: Harold and Alan Toliver. Services were conducted at 10 a.m. today at Ochs-Tetrick Funeral Home in Orleans. Burial was in Bethel Cemetery near Orleans.
Contributed by, Robert E. Lane
Toliver, Elsie J., Bedford Times-Mail (April 1998) Obituary
Sept. 9, 1902-April 28, 1998
Elsie J. Toliver, 95, formerly of Campbellsburg, died Tuesday at Orange County Hospital in Paoli. Born in Orange County, she was the daughter of Joshua and Eudora Ellen (Robbins) Mahan. She married Howard Toliver and he died Dec. 29, 1958. She was retired from Ford Motor Co. in Dearborn, Mich., and was a member of Campbellsburg Baptist Church. Surviving are several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents; three brothers: Clarence Mahan and two in infancy, and two sisters: Pearl Bachelor and Dessie Joy. Services will be at 1 p.m. Thursday at Ochs-Tetrick Funeral Home, Orleans, with Bro. Carl Brown officiating. Burial will be in Old Union United Methodist Church Cemetery, Orleans.
Contributed by, Robert E. Lane
Toliver, Lloyd C., Bedford Times-Mail (Monday, November 11, 1996) Obituary
March 15, 1908-Nov. 11, 1996
Lloyd C. Toliver, 88, rural Paoli, died at 9:40 a.m. Monday at his residence. Born in Orangeville, he was the son of Joseph Marshall and Venie (Newlin) Toliver. He married Ann M. Carnes Aug. 25, 1928 and she survives. He was a farmer. Surviving with the wife are three sons: Larry Toliver of Mitchell, Jack Toliver of Indianapolis and James Toliver of Orleans; four daughters: Dorothy White of English, Loretta Pridemore of Mitchell, Doris Limeberry and Nancy Jones, both of Orleans; one sister, Ora King of Orleans; 18 grandchildren; 32 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. He was preceded in death by his parents; one brother and one sister. Services will be at 2:30 p.m. Thursday at Ochs-Tetrick Funeral Home, Orleans, with the Rev. Dwight Dunbar officiating. Burial will be in the Old Union Cemetery, Orleans. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2-8 p.m. Wednesday and 9 a.m. until the service Thursday.
Contributed by, Robert E. Lane
Toliver, Mildred L., Bedford Times-Mail (Monday January 12, 1998) Obituary
Dec. 24, 1923-Jan. 11, 1998
Mildred L. Toliver, 74, French Lick, died at 1:20 a.m. Sunday at Orange County Hospital, Paoli. Born in Mitchell, she was the daughter of John and Isabelle (Terry) Reynolds. She married John Toliver on Sept. 25, 1941, and he died on April 11, 1990. She was a homemaker and member of Red Quarry Christian Church of French Lick. Surviving are three daughters: Sondra Toliver of Louisville, Ky., Doneta Odom of Columbus, Ga., and Sheila Jones of French Lick; four sons: John Toliver, Walter Toliver and Michael Toliver, all of French Lick, and Danny Toliver of Campbellsburg; one brother, Robert Eugene Reynolds of Mitchell; one sister, Shirley Moore of Odon; 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents, husband and several brothers and sisters. A graveside service will be held at 1 p.m. Tuesday at Mitchell Cemetery, Mitchell, with Brother Wayne Pendley officiating. Haverly Mortuary, Mitchell, is in charge of arrangements. There will be no visitation at the mortuary.
Contributed by, Robert E. Lane
Toliver, Ruby J., Bedford Times-Mail (Monday February 22, 1999) Obituary
July 21, 1901-Feb. 20, 1999
Ruby J. Toliver, 97, R.2, Shoals, died Saturday at Orange County Hospital, Paoli. Born in Martin County, she was the daughter of Richard M. and Mary (Waggoner) Jones. She married Clem D. Toliver and he died in 1972. She was a teacher in Orange and Martin counties and a member of the Christian Church. Surviving are several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents and one son, Gilbert Toliver in 1977. Services will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday at Brosmer-Drabing Funeral Home, French Lick, with Barbra Lumas officiating. Burial will follow in Ames Chapel Cemetery. Friends may call from 9 a.m. until service time Tuesday at the funeral home.
Contributed by,
From the "Kokomo Tribune," Monday, Dec. 20, 1937, p. 3:
"Death Claims Kokomo Civil War Veteran: Military Rites Arranged by Legion for Thomas V. Clements, Tuesday
"Thomas V. Clements, 91, a Civil War veteran, died at his home, 1123 South Ohio Avenue, Sunday afternoon at 5 o'clock. He had been seriously ill for the past eight months and death was attributed to a complication of ailments and the infirmities incident to his advanced age.
"Mr. Clements was born in Paoli, Ind., Sept. 5, 1846. He came to Howard county following the Civil War in which he served as a private from early in 1864 until discharged in 1865 at the end of the war. He was a member of the 154th Ind. Volunteers. After he came to Howard County he engaged in farming and later, moving to Kokomo, he followed the trade of carpenter.
"He married Mary Ellen Martin on March 26, 1873, and she died Jan. 9, 1898. He married Anna Kirkpatrick in September 1899 and she died several months later. In September of 1929, he married Mrs. Lida Cates, who survives. Also surviving are six children, Mrs. John Billiard of Flora, William and Otto of Michigan City, Walter of Benton Harbor, Emmet of Coldsburg, Iowa, and Arthur of Kokomo and 17 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.
"Mr. Clements was a member of the G. A. R. and affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of Paoli.
"The funeral services will be held at the Smith & Jacobs mortuary tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock and will be a military service with the American Legion in charge. the Rev. Hurd Allen Drake will officate. Burial will be in the Young America cemetery. The family requests that flowers be omitted."
Contributed by, Mike Lindzy Sr.
Floyd G. Mahan
Floyd G. Mahan, 85, 6157 S. 500 E, Warsaw, died at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday , July 23, 1993 in Columbia City Nursing Home.
He was born Jan 8, 1908, in West Baden, the son of Stephen and Lula Pridemore Mahan. On April 3, 1965 he married Virginia Haworth; she survives.
Approximately 30 years ago he moved to the Pierceton/ Warsaw area from Paoli. He retired from Endicott Church Furniture Co. In Warsaw as a woodworker.
Surviving are two daughters, Sandra Mahan, Wabash, and Wanda Cruse, Paoli; three stepdaughter, Rita and Barbara Dillard, both of Paoli, and Rebecca Wright, Warsaw, one stepson, Jim Haworth, Paoli; one sister, Mary Abel, West Baden; Two brothers, Syd Mahan , Manchester Tenn., and Harry Mahan, Dubois; and several grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren,. He was preceded by three brothers and one sister.
Services were held at 11 a.m. Saturday. July 31 at Dillman - Ellis Funeral Home, Paoli, with Steve Stroud officiating. Burial was in Paoli Community Cemetery.
Local arrangements were made by Demoney - Grimes Countryside Park Funeral Home, Columbia City.

Contributed by, Robert E. Lane
The Bloomington Sunday Herald Times (May 2, 1999) obituary
Clinton A. Rominger, 82, of Bedford, died Saturday at Bedford Regional Medical Center. Born April 9, 1917, in West Baden Springs, he was the son of Charles and Blanche (Toliver) Rominger. A retired educator and school administrator, he had worked in the Mitchell and Bedford North-Lawrence school systems. A 1935 graduate of West Baden High School, he earned a bachelor's degree in education from Purdue University and a master's degree from Indiana University. He was a member of First United Methodist Church, where he was active in Methodist Men's Group and was a Sunday school teacher. He was a member of Bedford Exchange Club and Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity and served on the VOCAL Literacy Council. Survivors include two daughters, Anna Rominger Lisak of Crown Point and Gayle Rominger Henighan of Dayton, Ohio; one brother, Jesse Rominger of French Lick; two grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his wife, Agnes (Henderson) Rominger, in 1998; two sisters, Ethel Rominger and Mary Rominger; and two brothers, Harry Rominger and Floyd Rominger. Memorial services will be 7 p.m. Tuesday at First United Methodist Church in Bedford. Burial will be 2 p.m. Tuesday at Ames Chapel Cemetery. Friends may call 3-7 p.m. Monday at Ferguson-Lee Funeral Home in Bedford.
Contributed by, Sheilia Flick
Kokomo Tribune 30 May 1950
Arthur M. Flick, 69, farmer, died at 9:15 o'clock Tuesday morning at his home, Sharpsville route 1, [Indiana] after a long illness of complications.
He was born January 17, 1881, at French Lick, son of Thomas and Martha [Hawhee] Flick. He was married October 14, 1905, to Nora Carnes. They came to Howard county 32 years ago.
Surviving besides the widow, are three children, Mrs. Violet Brubaker of Florence, S Car. and Orus and Russell of Kokomo; one sister, Mrs. Zola Pinnick of New London; three brothers, John of Crawfordsville and Luther and Elwood of Kokomo, and one granddaughter, Caroline Ann Brubaker of South Carolina.
He was a member of the United Brethren church at French Lick. Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon, the place to be announced later. Burial will follow at New London. The body will be removed from the Ellers funeral home to the residence where friends may call after noon Thursday.

Contributed by, Sheilia Flick
KOKOMO TRIBUNE December 21, 1961
JOHN S. FLICK John S. Flick, 83, Camden R.R. 1 died Thursday night in the Goodwill Nursing Home, Camden.
He was born March 14, 1878, in Orange Co, Ind, the son of Thomas M and Martha [Hawhee] Flick. He was married to Mary Jane Simmons, who died in 1957.
Mr. Flick was a member of the Cloverdale Methodist Church. He had farmed his entire lifetime.
Survivors include two sons, Thomas W. Flick of Camden R R 1 and Oliver F of Oakford: five daughter, Mrs. Raleigh Cox of Waldron [ Walton] R R 1, Mrs. Harold Crowder of Burrows [Indiana]; Mrs. Lee Storey of Delphi [Indiana]; Mrs. Omar Sheets of Russiaville R R 2 and Mrs. William Flynn of Russiaville R R 1: one brother, Luther of Crawfordsville,; one sister, Mrs George Pinnick of Russiaville R R 2 [Indiana]; 29 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren.
Friends may call at the Gentry Funeral Home, Camden, at any time. The body will lie in state in the church for one hour before the services which will be at 2:30 p.m. Saturday at the New London Friends Church, with the Rev. John Laprad officiating. Burial will be in the New London Cemetery. Contributed by, Howard E. Grider
Mrs. Eva Lindsey
Rites Wednesday
Mrs. Eva Lindsey, 86, widow of James Lindsey died Sunday at Williams nursing home at Salem. Preceding her husbands death in 1964, the couple resided on a farm east of Paoli. Funeral services will be Wednesday at 2:00 p. m. from Ellis funeral home conducted by Rev. Harry Taylor, Burial will be in Moores Ridge Cemetery.
The former Eva Grider, she was born March 3, 1880, a daughter of Israel and Emily Scofield Grider.
Surviving are five sons, Everett of Arizona, Bernard of Jeffersonville, Ray, Lawrence and Charles Lindsey, and four daughters, Mrs. Mable Cusick of Stockton, Calif., Mrs. Dessie Tisch of Grass Lake, Mich., Mrs. Helen Mills of Gary, and Mrs. Audra Mills, Portage. Also surviving are a brother, Noble Grider of Indianapolis; a sister, Mrs. Lillian Allen of French Lick, 33 grandchildren and 43 great grandchildren.

Contributed by, Sheilia Flick
KOKOMO TRIBUNE Monday February 12 1934
William Flick, 70,dies at his home, 979 South Plate Street, Saturday night at 11:15 o'clock following a few weeks' illness of complication of ailments.
Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the South Side Chistian church, with the Rev. Thomas J Bennett officiating. Burial will follow in Albright's cemetery.
Mr. Flick was formerly a machinist at the Haynes Automobile factory and has been employed elsewhere in the city. At the time of his death he was night watchman at the Hills Standard Manufacturing plant. He was a member of the Red Men's lodge and the South Side Christian church.
Surviving relatives include the widow, Lodena Flick: two daughters, Mrs. Lena May, at home and Mrs. Joe Anderson of Kokomo: one brother, Mahlon of Bloomington, and two sisters, Mrs. Anna Lashbrook and Mrs. Jane Kirby, both of Princeton, Indiana.

Contributed by, Sheilia Flick
KOKOMO TRIBUNE --Minnie Katherine Flick
Minnie Katherine Flick, 102, Forest Park Healthcare Center, died at the nursing home [ she died at St. Joseph Hospital] at 6:53 p.m. Friday, February 24, 1984.
She was born 13 September 1881, the daughter of Hiram and Arena [Fox] Byrne. She was married to John Sprinkle and later to Michael [Elwood] Flick. Both are deceased.
Surviving are two sons - Roger Flick, Port Charlotte, Florida; and Hiram Flick, Sharpsville; four daughters - Hallie Long, French Lick, Belle Blessing, Blue River, Wisconsin; Ruth Patchett, Royal Center; and Mary Lou Dickey, Kokomo; forty-three grandchildren: seventy one great grandchildren; 12 great great granchildren. Three brothers, four sisters and two grandchildren are deceased.
Services will be at 3 p.m. Monday at Ellers Mortuary with burial to follow in Middlefork Cemetery, Middlefork. Friends may call at the morturary from 2 - 4 and 6 - 9 p.m. Sunday.
Contributed by, Sheilia Flick
Shelbyville, Indiana
Thomas W "Uncle Tom" Flick, 82, Shelbyville died at 10:03 a.m. Saturday, February 15, 1992 in Major Hospital.
He was born November 3, 1909 in French Lick, a son of John Sylvester and Mary Jane [ Simmons] Flick.
Flick worked as a school crossing guard for Shelbyville Central Schools for eighteen years and retired in 1989. Surviving are a brother Oliver Flick; and three sisters, Susie Jane Story, Gladys Raye Flynn and Dora Ellen Pearl Sheet. Places of residences were not provided.
Services are at 1:30 Tuesday in Carmony-Ewing Harrison Street Feneral Home. James Burch will officiate. Burial will be in New London [ Indiana] Cemetery. Friends may call after 11 a.m. Tuesday at the funeral home.
Memorial contributions may be made to Shelbyville Boys or Girls clubs