Orange County, Indiana
Naturalization Records

1840 - 1905

While Orange County didn't have the flow of immigrants that some of our sister counties had, we did have a few folks that came to our county and remained to call it home. Many of these gentlemen left our county to settle elsewhere, but among these records we find those that came to raise their families and enjoin their following generations to our homeland. These records reflect the instances where Declarations of Intention and actual Naturalization records are contained in the court documents of Orange County. 78 entries are found and extracted here. Listed is the name of the individual, a letter D or N, indicating a Declaration of Intention or the date of Naturalization, the Court Order book the extract is located and the page of that book. The extract contains the country of origin, age, allegiance, port of embarkment, and entry into the U.S. where the records reflect that data.

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