Orleans Progress, April 21, 1892


The Spell is Broken and the Old Wells Flow Once More.
Three Splendid Life Giving Streams of Water
Furnishing the Healing Qualities for the Thousands
Who Are Sure to Visit Our City During the Present
Season and Benefit by Its Use Our New Well, Just Completed,
A Daisy And A Gusher; Possessing All The Magnetic Power
Of The Old Wells


At precisely 3:13 p.m. Thursday, March 24, 1892, the drill began driving the hole at the intersection of Coffee and Sugar Streets, which is today, as fine a flowing well of sulphur water as has ever been discovered. It is largely impregnated with salts and is in many respects like our first well, possessing the magnetic powers found in that magnificent flow of water.
The new well was cased last Saturday and immediately began flowing, and at present it is rushing from a two inch pipe, four feet above the ground, in quantities sufficient to supply the world. This well is only 200 feet deep, and is forever free to everybody who will come and make use of its healing powers. It is pronounced by many as being far superior in quality to either of the old wells. but as to that we will not say, but only assert that it is good, and if you do not use it, it is your own fault.


The two old wells, which are so widely known for their healing powers, and from which many persons were cured of various diseases, are again flowing at their usual height, after refusing to lend their aid to suffering humanity for several months.
For a long time it was thought by some that they were forever lost, and by others that with a small outlay of money they could be brought back in all their former strength and beauty. The attempt was at last made, and with what success you now know.
They have been a boon to our people that would be hard to replace. From the time of their discovery we date the beginning of our existence; for from their advertisement has issued the steady growth of our once sleepy little town to a hustling and bustling business center, whose fame as a watering resort, healthful location and one of the best trading points in this county, is known much farther from home that ever before.
We predict that with the coming of spring, our city will be alive with visitors from all over the country, coming to be healed from their diseases and enjoy the peace and quiet of our clever populace. Hundreds of people from all points of the compass drank from the fountains last year who have written for information regarding our wells, stating their intention of again returning and bringing their friends.
The composition of the waters, as shown by analysis and by their action on the human system, in disease rank in importance with the world renowned mineral waters of Europe, and because of their magnetic powers, are considered better, which has been attested by numbers who are living proofs of the wonderful curative powers of the waters in all diseases of the liver, kidneys, bladder, skin, stomach, bowels, dyspepsia. rheumatism, jaundice and numberless other complaints.
A nice little park surrounds two of our wells, adding much to appearance and comfort of the visitor and guest. The new bath house which was fitted out last season will be again opened for your benefit, where you can get almost any kind of a bath you may want.
Now, a word about our town and we will close. Our town is one of the most pleasantly located and healthy, being clean and free from disease breeding low lands so frequent in other communities. We are a rapidly increasing body, numbering near 1,200 souls, having splendid seats of learning and places of worship for the accommodation of those desiring to take advantage of them and for persons who may locate permanently among us.
Now, all you who are contemplating a trip to the different watering places should first come to Orleans and test its wonderful waters.