Jackson Township Ledger - 1862
Rules and Regulations in Regard to Free Schools

Submitted by
Harold Marlette

The following was taken from an old Jackson Twp. ledger which was dated 1862. James N. Marlett was my Great Grandfather and at this time he was the trustee of Jackson Twp. The following is a copy of a message sent out to all concerned.

Whereas difficulty has arisen and disorder prevailed in the public free school of Jackson Township Orange County Indiana

For the want of uniform government Therefore I, James N. Marlett, Trustee of said township enact the following rules and regulations for the government said school in the future.

The scholars of any school in said township shall not use any undecent language nor sweare fight quarling or wrestling during school
There shall be no laughing whispering or talking among the scholars while school is in session but due attention must be paid to the commands.
The teacher shall use all reasonable means of perswasion not calculated to ingure the scholars.

Attest James N. Marlett, Trustee