Springs Valley Herald (February 6, 1919)


Red Licker and Bad Women Gathered in Dragnet

Through the efforts of the Government officers at the West Baden Hospital to clean out blind tigers that seemed to be operating in the valley a big raid was staged for Monday night. The County Sheriff, George Pope, with several deputies and the town marshals went after the lawbreakers with the following results:

At West Baden wine and alcohol were found at the Waddy Hotel. The alcohol it was claimed by Waddy was for giving alcohol rubs in the baths.
At the residence of Odus Barnett gin, whiskey and a bottle of champagne were found.
At Mike Johnson's residence a small quantity of whiskey was found
At Burrell Falkner's Shine Stand a little whiskey and several empty bottles and glasses were found.
All of the above were colored men.

Joe Roach, ex-marshal of West Baden had five quarts at his residence, being one more than allowed so all was confiscated and we have been informed a fight ensued when Roach objected to arrest.
On this side the residence of Andrew Ballard was searched, but nothing found. John Bledsoe's soft drink place was searched by no booze could be dug up.
At the Greek Candy Kitchen where the authorities were informed cocola highballs had been served, no whisky was found, but an empty bottle found. The results on this side looks very favorable to this city and its officials as no booze was located here at all.
The following women were arrested on the charge of prostitution or keeping disorderly houses: Mamie Flick, Cora Mickler, Leona Kellams, Anna Harris, Pearl Overlin, Blanche Parks and Golda Stanfield. Several other warrants are yet served.
While the raid indicated that West Baden had more bootleggers, we have more soiled doves on this side.
The government ambulances were busy till late at night taking the quarry to the West Baden Bastile.
All the cases will be tried before Squire Cassidy tomorrow.