Springs Valley Herald, August 3, 1911

(Known Now As the Homestead Hotel)

At West Baden to be Doubled In Height
With an Addition on the South.

Mr. Ballard Buys More Ground
and Work Will Begin Soon.

The beautiful Ballard Hotel at West Baden is to have two more stories built on top and will also have an addition on the south.
This hotel is already one of the best buildings in the Valley and when the contemplated improvements are completed it will be the largest and finest building in Southern Indiana, excepting the West Baden and French Lick Springs Hotels.
Mr. Ed Ballard, the proprietor, has purchased the lot just south of where the old road from West Baden to French Lick now is, and has deeded it to the town of West Baden and the town has made him a deed to the ground where the road is now. This gives him room for a large addition on the south.
This improvement will ad much to the appearance of that town. If they had the street that runs in front of this building bricked things would begin to look right citified over there.