Trimble Cemetery
Lat 38 37' 05" N  Long 86 19' 55" W
Located in Northeast Township, SE quarter of Section 7 T2N R2E , 1-1/2 miles west of the Washington County LIne, at the east end of Weeks Road
Transcribed by the 5th and 6th grade classes at Stalker School in Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana about 1981, with additions and corrections by
Robert E. Lane and Charlie Tredway. According to DAR records, the first burial here was Cynthia Ann McKinney, May 18, 1814. The oldest marker found
is that of Elizabeth Glover, October 4, 1822.   Photographed October 22, 2016 and April 23, 2017. All photographs Copyright Charlie Tredway.

Copyright Robert Lane, Charlie Tredway and Orange County INGenWeb. This page may be freely copied for your personal use, but it may not be 
reproduced in any public media without permission

A History of Trimble Cemetery by Jessie Trinkle 1950

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This cemetery is mown on a regular basis, but trees and undergrowth on a portion of the north boundary have encroached about 20 feet,
making access and identification of some markers difficult. Some markers in the central area are overgrown as well. 62 unidentifiable
markers are shown at the end of the listing.

Name Birth Date Death Date Inscription or Remarks Photo
Archer, Ann Marie   07-Feb-1844 6y/5m/11d, d/o J.M. & Jane Photo
Atkinson, Sarah   17-Nov-1829 27y/6m/11d Photo
Badger, Lydia D.   08-Sep-1852 21y/4m/17d, w/o Felix D., nee Lemon Photo
Badger. Lydia L.   10-Nov-1853 1y/3m, d/o F.D. & L. Photo
Baker. Anna   09-Jul-1881 80y/13d, w/o John, nee Irvine Photo
Baker, Frederick W. 27-Nov-1840 25-May-1911   Photo
Baker, Mary E. 16-Jul-1848 10-Mar-1908 nee Crockett Photo
Baker, Jesse L. 14-Jun-1847 22-Oct-1922   Photo
Baker, Martha E. 08-Jan-1853 17-Dec-1942 nee Crockett Photo
Ball,Thomas S.   6-Jan-1907 73y/6m Photo
Ball, Almeda M.   17-Jan-1908 73y/7d, nee Osborn Photo
Ballard, Freddie   9-Feb-1901 3y/8m/5d Photo
Ballard, James E. 1866 1947   Photo
Ballard, Della May 1871 1956 nee Ingram Photo
Ballard, Joseph 1836 1912   Photo
Ballard, America  1838 1924 nee Standiford Photo
Barnes. Eph (Ephraim) 1854 1915   Photo
Barnes, Mell (Mary) 1846 1926 nee Standiford Photo
Barnes, Richard S.   3-Sep-1906 23y/6m/17d Photo
Bates, Catharine   31-Aug-1846 56y/7m/22d, consort of Joseph Photo
Bates, Joseph   27-Oct-1846 61y/4m/18d Photo
Baxter, Dennis 15-Mar-1796 29-Apr-1867   No Photo
Baxter, Margaret   20-Mar-1868 71y/3m/10d, w/o Dennis, nee Wilson Photo
Blackwell, Hannah 07-Apr-1825 18-Nov-1856 w/o James F., nee Ruleison/Rubison Photo
Boone, Mary Ann 1842 1922 w/o Wm. M., nee Roach Photo
Boone, William M. 1839 1930   Photo
Braxton, Mary J. Potter 30-Jan-1847 18-Mar-1880 w/o John M. No Photo
Bridgewater, Isaac 11-Mar-1790 13-Feb-1874   Photo
Bridgewater, Isaac S.   20-Mar-1917 75y/9d Photo
Bridgewater, Mildred E. 27-Aug-1839 6-Mar-1907 Never married Photo
Bridgewater, Mildred   3-Dec-1858 Added May 2017  Photo
Bridgewater, James   8-Jul-1919 38y  Added May 2017 From DAR records No Photo
Briskell, Jeptha   1-Jun-1906 57y/7m/14d No Photo
C., S.      Added May 2017 Photo
C., W.      Added May 2017 Photo
Carr, Eleanor   25-Mar-1863 37y/2m/8d, w/o John No Photo
Carr, Elisha  10-Jan-1795 14-Apr-1864
No Photo
Carr, Eliza Ann   14-Jan-1854 32y/4m/13d, some sources show 04-Jan-1851, w/o Elisha Photo
Case, Elvina   11-May-1816 Consort of Uriah Photo
Case, Harrison H. 13-Jan-1812 13-Jun-1852   Photo
Case, Rebecca   16-Nov-1863 83y/3m/10d, w/o William, nee Glover Photo
Case, Uriah   31-Dec-1844 27y/1m Photo
Case. Willliam   01-Nov-1827 72y, Revolutionary War Photo
Catlin, Margarette   1908 d/o D.R.& C. Photo
Catllin, Samuel E. 05-Mar-1872 20-Oct-1906   Photo
Catlin, Lydia C. 1873 1929 nee Baker Photo
Chamberlain, Caroline C. 24-Aug-1861 17-Nov-1881 d/o J.& P.A. Photo
Chamberlain, Charles 1859  1924 Added May 2017
Chamberlain, Elisha   31-Mar-1888 60y/11m/12d Photo
Chamberlain, Frank E.   13-Dec, 1891 14y/4m/10d, s/o William N. & Mary A. Photo
Chamberlain, John 16-Jun-1825 01-Aug-1899   Photo
Chamberlain, Rachel J.   30-Jun-1884 53y/7m/21d, w/o Elisha, nee Reed Photo
Chamberlain, Priscilla Ann 09-Aug-1824 19-Jul-1864 w/o John, nee Glover Photo
Chamberlain, Sarah "Sally" 20-Dec-1803 05-Aug-1833 w/o Elisha, nee Elliott Photo
Chamberlain, Samuel 1861 1918 Added May 2017 From DAR records No Photo
Chamberlin, Augusta 20-Aug-1861 1863 Added May 2017 From DAR records No Photo
Chastain, Delany E.   01-Dec-1888 11m, d/o F.M. & M.E. Photo
Chastain, Edmund T.   02-Jun-1855 52y/8m/1d Photo
Chastain, Joseph J.   21-Aug-1852 21y/10m/19d, s/o Peter & Martha No Photo
Chastain, Laura E.   4-Apr-1905 49y/11m/24d, w/o Thomas N., nee Briner Photo
Chastain, Mandy E. 12-Jan-1839 24-Sep-1863 d/o Peter& Martha Photo
Chastain, Margaret 29-Aug-1841 29-Nov-1854 d/o Peter& Martha No Photo
Chastain, Mary E. 29-Jan-1837 21-Apr-1869 w/o Edmund T. Photo
Chastain, Minnie Estel   30-Oct-1886 2y/8m/6d, d/o William & Ludemia Photo
Chastain, Thomas N.   29-May-1886 28y/7m/27d Photo
Chastain, William H.   26-Mar-1861 25y/11m/15d, s/o Peter & Martha Photo
Chastain, Jane 1832   Added May 2017 Photo
Pierson, Ann 1840 1915 Added May 2017
Child, Delora A.   Nov 1849? 4y/8m, d/o M.C. & ? Photo
Child, Eliza A. 04-Nov-1841 28-Feb-1844   Photo
Child, Eliza M.
17-Jan-1878,   w/o R.B.  42y/11m/8d Photo
Child, Infant     Dau of Dr. R.B. & Eliza M. Added May 2017 From DAR records No Photo
Child, Dr. Ezra   12-Sep-1831 48y Photo
Child, Mahala W.   17-Jan-1873 43y/9m/5d, w/o R.B. Photo
Child, Dr. Royal B.   17-Aug-1888 77y Photo
Child, Lewis   29-Jul-1855 Son of R. B. & M. W.  Added May 2017
Child, Ruth E. 24-Jun-1838 27-Oct-1842   No Photo
Child, William E. 18-Feb-1836 15-Aug-1846   No Photo
Child, Elva A. 1841 25-Feb-1841   No Photo
Clifton, Clara Adaline 03-Apr-1861 21-Dec-1910 w/o John C., nee Foster Photo
Clifton, John C. 10-May-1864 7-Nov-1940   Photo
Clifton, Lawrence G,   17-Jun-1898 1y 11m 2d Photo
Clifton, Lydia Ellen 1900 1940   Photo
Clifton, William A.   6-Jun-1836 74y No Photo
Collins, Carol 24-Sept-1951 ----
Collins, Danny H. 4-Sep-1944 27-Apr-2000   Photo
Conklin, Robert   02-Apr-182? 18y No Photo
Conklin, Amos   12-Mar-1827 20y  Added May 2017 From DAR records No Photo
Conklin, Zebeziah   10-Sep-1828 55y Photo
Conklin, Susannah   10-Mar-1851   No Photo
Cook, Francis M.   18-Mar-1865 14y/13d, s/o Wm. & R. No Photo
Cook, William 03-Oct-1816 12-Feb-1899   Photo
Cook, Rachel 1820 18-Aug-1913 nee Wires Photo
Cook, Rachel 1900 1940 Added May 2017 From DAR records No Photo
Cornwell, Aaron A. J. 09-Sep-1868 25-Mar-1944   Photo
Cornwell, Lydia D. 08-Jan-1879 16-May-1914 nee McClain Photo
Crabb, Mourning   20-Mar-1885 84y, nee Stringer No Photo
Crabb, Rev. J. W.   8-Nov-1865 Added May 2017
Crockett, Charlie F. 1884 1906 s/o Robert & Maxie Photo
Crockett, James 03-Apr-1817 6-Apr-1903   Photo
Crockett, James T. 1857 1937   Photo
Crockett, John W.   21-Jul-1888 23y/5m/21d, s/o James & Sarah Photo
Crockett, Robert N. 07-Apr-1850 2-Jul-1920   Photo
Crockett, Maxie R. 30-Dec-1858 2-Jan-1908 nee Talbott, 2nd wife Photo
Crockett, Sarah 21-Feb-1825 22-Jan-1906 w/o James, nee Elliott Photo
Cunningham, William   23-Jun-1839 75y Photo
Cunningham, William   28-Feb-1855 28y/8m/17d Photo
Davis, Elizabeth 1836 1918 2nd w/o Joshua, nee Pollard Photo
Davis, Emma   15-Jun-1869 26y, 1st w/o Joshua, nee Carr Photo
Davis, Jennie   27-Oct-1873 1y 3m 29d Added May 2017 from DAR records Photo
Davis, Minnie   8-Sep-1868 9m 8d No Photo
Davis, Joshua 1840 1885 23 Reg. Ind. Inf. Photo
Deaver, Theodore E. 25-Jan-1848 19-Apr-1864 s/o S.S.& M. Photo
Doak, Minerva Oldham 1858 1937 Added May 2017 Photo
Dodd, Georgie   20-Dec-1872 2y/10m/17d Photo
Dodd, Lydia   19-Apr-1874 30y/10m/23d, w/o Newton, nee Child Photo
Driscoll, Hannah   24-Mar-1864 55y/6m/9d No Photo
Driskell, Jeptha   1-Jun-1906 57y/7m/14d Photo
Duncan, Joseph M. 1-Apr-1853 1-Jan-1864 Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Duncan, Martha E. 18-Oct-1854 10-Jan-1864 Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Durnil, James   12-Jan-1893 73y/3m/10d Photo
Durnil, Elizabeth J. 14-Nov-1825 21-Jan-1883   Photo
Durnil, John Mason   1863 Added May 2017 Photo
Durnil, Mary   20-Jul-1862   Dau of James & Elizabeth Added May 2017 Photo
Durnil, Levi

Added May 2017 Photo
Edwards, Claud Marion 26-May-1883   19-Nov-1918  s/o Mary H. Ferguson Killed in R.R. accident Catlettsburg, KY Photo
Elgin, (Elgan) Mahala 05-Dec-1834 16-Jul-1855 d/o Thomas& Ursly Photo
Elgin, Margaret 15-Mar-1850 24-Sep-1869   No Photo
Elgin, Thomas 1805 1870   Photo
Elgin, Ursley 1817 1907 w/o Thomas, nee Mallonee Photo
Elliot, Alfred   22-May-1885 83y/5m/12d Photo
Elliot, James W. 16-Nov-1835 10-Aug-1891   Photo
Elliot, Ludwell 26-Apr-1807 06-Oct-1895 b. in Shelby Co., KY Photo
Elliot, Lulu   6-Nov-1903 39y/8m/22d, or Lula Photo
Elliot, Margaret   22-Aug-1852 52y/5m/11d, 2nd w/o Alfred, nee Smith Photo
Elliot, J. Newton 1887 1901   Photo
Elliot, Pollyann   21-Oct-1876 w/o John, nee Walker Photo
Elliot, Rachel 13-Mar-1781 28-Apr-1868   Photo
Elliot, Rachel   30-Aug-1871 66y/3m/24d, w/o Ludwell, nee Rennells Photo
Elliot, Reed   10-Jan-1859 12y/1m/15d, s/o Ludwell &  Rachel Photo
Elliot, Sarah J.   21-Sep-1840 d/o L.& R. No Photo
Ellis, Anna B. 1868 1870   Photo
Ellis, Ida M. 1870 1883   Photo
Ellis, John Wesley 23-Feb-1839 2-Jan-1901   Photo
Ellis, Martha J. 18-Sep-1845 23-Jun-1922 nee Potter, w/o John Wesley Photo
F, E.     Added May 2017
Ferguson, David A.   09-Nov-1859 16y/1m/8d, s/o William S. & Sarah Photo
Ferguson, Harry B.   17-Dec-1885 s/o J.A.& L.A. Photo
Ferguson, Florence 1873 1888 d/o Jesse& Mary Photo
Ferguson, Iora   12-Aug-1892 24y/10m/29d, w/o Z.T., nee Barnard Photo
Ferguson, Jesse M.   28-Oct-1881 46y/9m/3d Photo
Ferguson, John A. 05-Mar-1837 7-Jul-04   Photo
Ferguson, Rachel (Rachiel)   31-Dec-1865 29y/9m/6d, w/o Jesse, nee Reed Photo
Ferguson, Rosetta abt. 1875 23-Feb-1900 w/o John A., nee Padgett Photo
Ferguson, Samuel H. 1841 1920   No Photo
Ferguson, Sarah   30-Mar-1875 65y/7m/29d, w/o William S., nee Archer Photo
Ferguson, Sarah J. 1838 1925 w/o Samuel H., nee Fields No Photo
Ferguson, William S.   24-Dec-1851 44y/7m/4d Photo
Finley, David M.   20-Jul-1833 10y/7m/2d, s/o H. & E. Photo
Finley, Eliza Ann   02-Aug-1833 16y/6m/17d, d/o H. & E. Photo
Finley, Elizabeth   03-Aug-1833 43y/3m/3d, consort of Harvey Photo
Finley, Elizabeth 05-Mar-1830 14-Mar-1907 nee Elliott, w/o Samuel Photo
Finley, Harvey   26-May-1832 37y/3m/15d Photo
Finley, Sarah J. 1852 1929   Photo
Fisher, Andrew   25-Aug-1854 21y Photo
Fisher, Elizabeth   1869 75y  Added May 2017 Photo
Fisher, Infant   1883 Son of J. & A. Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Fisher, James   27-Apr-1894 72y/2m/27d Photo
Fisher, John   25-Feb-1851 23y, s/o J.& E. Photo
Fisher, John   1864 78y  Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Fisher, Josephine   29-Mar-1867 40y/2m/9d, w/o James, nee Finley Photo
Fisher, Manda L. 24-Oct-1851 14-Apr-1901   Photo
Fisher, Miriam 1848 1936   Photo
Fisher, Warford   1842 7y, s/o J.& E. No Photo
Funk, Lewis B. 05-Nov-1854 18-Apr-1887   Photo
Garrison, Joseph 1863 1931   Photo
Garrison, Joseph M.   16-Sep-1907 46y Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Garrison, Martha Ann Lawyer 1862 1937   Photo
Garrison, Rosetta   24-Dec-1889 2y/6m/6d, d/o Joseph & Mary Photo
Glover, Addison 1828 1867 Added May 2017 from DAR records Photo
Glover, Edwin M.   09-Dec-1863 s/o William& Mary Photo
Glover, Eliza J. 19-Mar-1856 14-Feb-1910 w/o Uriah Taylor, nee Stratton Photo
Glover, Elizabeth   04-Oct-1822 78y, w/o Uriah Jr., nee Robinson Photo
Glover, John W.   14-Mar-1853 1y/10m, s/o William & Mary Photo
Glover, Mary A. 06-Aug-1821 4-May-1906   Photo
Glover, Priscilla Gaddis 13-May-1779 1836 Wife of Uriah Jr. No stone by request. Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Glover, Sarah J. 1835 1914 w/o Addison Photo
Glover, Thomas G.   01-Jan-1892 86y/2m/23d Photo
Glover, Eliza   02-Jan-1892 80y/4m/28d, nee Elgin Photo
Glover, Eliza J. 19-Mar-1856 14-Feb-1910   Photo
Glover, Uriah   29-Mar-1888 40y/7m/9d Photo
Glover, Uriah Jr. 21-Oct-1773 1856 War of 1812 No stone by request. Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Glover, Uriah Sr.   11-Jun-1830 89y, Revolutionary War Photo
Glover, Uriah Taylor 20-Aug-1847 29-Mar-1888   No Photo
Glover, William H. 11-Sep-1814 19-Jul-1866   Photo
Gould, Lyman   30-May-1837 33y/6m/15d Photo
Gould, Priscilla 06-Apr-1807 10-Mar-1876 w/o Lyman Photo
Greenslade, Infant son   2-May-1875 Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
H., B      Added May 2017
H., G.      Added May 2017
Hamersley, Elizabeth 16-Apr-1791 18-Jul-1880 w/o James, nee Carr, 2nd marriage "Hamersly" on stone Photo
Hamersley, James   27-Mar-1870 86y/11m/8d  "Hamersly" on stone Photo
Hamersley, Unknown   10-Nov-1855 19y 6m 10d Added May 2017 from DAR records. No Photo
Hardman, Daniel L. 22-Oct-1853 6-Apr-1938   Photo
Hardman, Harriett B. 20-Jul-1857 22-Dec-1916 nee Fisher Photo
Hardman, James Jr. 2-Jan-1921 25-Oct-1939    No Photo
Harrison, Delila J.   Mar 1848 9m, d/o W.H. & S.H. Photo
Harrison, Susan E.   Oct 1849 8 weeks, d/o W.H. & S.H. Photo
Harrison, William H.   01-Dec-1853 30y, killed on the cars on Salem R.R. No Photo
Harvey, Benjamin   8-Jan-1845 1y 1m 5d Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Hayden, Noah G. 04-Jan-1811 28-Aug-1847   Photo
Hayes, Athieud H. 1857 1945   Photo
Hayes, Andrew   6-Dec-1861 41y 1m 6d  Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Hayes Engle D.     Son of S. & Anna Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Hayes, Iva   18-Mar-1877 1 week 1 day Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Hayes, John C. 1854 1935   Photo
Hayes, Laura A. 1859 1945   Photo
Hayes, Martha A. 1835 1913   Photo
Hayes, Paulina H. 1854 1940   Photo
Hayes, Samuel F. 1870 1924   Photo
Hayes, Omole   19-Nov-1890 9y/5m/?d Photo
Hayes, Wiley J.   16-Mar-1893 32y/4m/19d Photo
Hays, Andrew   06-Dec-1861 41y/1m/6d Photo
Hays, Anna 14-Feb-1795 26-Jan-1875 w/o Samuel Photo
Hays, Freddie E.   25-Oct-1890 6m, s/o J.C. & L.A. Photo
Hays, Engled   1863 s/o Samuel& Anna No Photo
Hays, Henry C.   Oct 1867 1y/3m/28d, s/o Joseph & Anna No Photo
Hays, Lewis F.   02-Jan-1862 21y/5m/16d, Co. A 38 Reg. Ind. Vol. Photo
Hays, Mary E.   28-Dec-1852 15y/5m/4d Photo
Hays, Moses   03-May-1854 3y/23d, s/o John & Sabrinah Photo
Hays, Rebecca 04-Nov-1819 12-Jun-1909   Photo
Hays, Samuel Sr. 20-Feb-1790 01-Mar-1875   Photo
Hays, Willie   14-Jan-1875 1w/1d, s/o Wiley & Martha Photo
Hubbard, Mary S.   24-Jul-1855 5y, d/o W.C. & ? No Photo
Huffman, Clara J. 1865 1906 2nd w/o Oliver P.M., nee Fisher Photo
Huffman, Euphemia 1863 1910 1st w/o Oliver P.M., nee Benntett Photo
Huffman, Morton   14-Sep-1941 79y 3m 12d  Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Huffman, Nora P. 1851 1927 3rd w/o Oliver P.M., nee Crockett Photo
Huffman, Nora P. 1875 1926 Corrected dates per death certificate, courtesy of Thomas Marshall Photo
Hunter, Amanda 1852 1910 Added May 2017  Photo
Hunter, Hannah 4-Mar-1850 10-Dec-1901 Added May 2017  Photo
Hunter, Jenie 1878 1933 Photo
Hunter, John T. 1844 1927   Photo
Hunter, John W.   10-May-1899 10y/7m/11d, s/o J.T. & H.A. Photo
Hunter, Martha 1852 1867   Photo
Hunter, Mary C. 13-Jul-1892 79y 3m 4d Added May 2017 Photo
Hunter, Ora E. 12-May-1891 1-Aug-1918   Photo
Hunter, Thomas   15-Aug-1856 37y/8m/8d Photo
Hunter, Wright C.   15-Dec-1898 5y 6m 9d Photo
Hutchinson, Bruce H. 1889 1912   No Photo
Hutchinson, Elvis M.   20-Apr-1940 Ind. Seaman U.S. Navy Photo
Hutchinson, Harry D. 1882 1971   Photo
Hutchinson, John A. 29-Jun-1827 19-Jan-1892 64y/6m/20d Photo
Hutchinson, Samuel 1852 1898   Photo
Hutchinson, Artimesia "Mesie" 1863 1933 w/o Samuel, nee Trinkle, on stone with Samuel & has own stone Photo
Jackson, Herald 4-Jul-02 10-Aug-1902   No Photo
Jackson, Hobert C. 16-Mar-1897 6-Apr-1921   Photo
Jackson, Infant     Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Jackson, James M. 01-Aug-1866   No death date, may not be buried here Photo
Jackson, Lorue 13-Mar-1861 09-Oct--1902 Larue Fisher Photo
Johnson, Albert 12-Oct-1858 22-Sep-1862 s/o P.C.& C.T. Photo
Johnson, Arthur   28-Sep-1851 72y/1m/19d Photo
Johnson, Arthur H. 03-Oct-1867 10-Oct-1885   Photo
Johnson, Blanch   17-Sep-1872 3y/17d, d/o P.C. & C.T. Photo
Johnson, Catherine 31-Dec-1832 5-Jul-1915 Wife of Perry Photo
Johnson, Nannie     Dau of P.C. & C.T. Photo
Johnson, Eliza E.   25-Aug-1864 11m/29d, d/o P.C. & C.T. Photo
Johnson, John L. 11-Oct-1854 19-Aug-1862 s/o P.C.& C.T. Photo
Johnson, Nancy   12-Sep-1852 66y, w/o Arthur No Photo
Johnson, Perry C. 04-Jun-1825 9-Apr-1901   Photo
Jones, Brenda 07-Feb-1945 23-Aug-2006 Added May 2017
Jones, David 15-Nov-1942 ---- Added May 2017
Jones, Nancy A.   02-Aug-1861 69y/5m, w/o Jonathan Photo
Krutsinger, Infant 16-Jan-1861 16-Jan-1861 s/o William H. & S.E. Photo
Krutsinger, James L. 31-Oct-1863 7-Nov-1864   No Photo
Krutsinger, Sarah E.   24-Jan-1861 16y/3m/7d, w/o William H. No Photo
Lee, Emery E. 1884 1946   Photo
Lee, Anna 1885 1961 Sarah Ann Trinkle Photo
Lemon, Diantha   3-Feb-1838 Dau of Wm. & P. Added May 2017 from DAR Records No Photo
Lemon, Eliza J.   10-Nov-1855 19y/6m/10d, w/o E.S. Photo
Lemon, Emerson J.   Apr 1856 5m/6d, s/o E.S. & E.J. Photo
Lemon, Phoebe   25-Aug-1892 90y/6m/11d Photo
Lemon, William S.   16-Oct-1878 78y/4m/5d   William S. Lemon Will Photo
Lewis, Hariet N.   27-Aug-1863 33y/8m/26d  Wife of Thomas S. Lewis Photo
Lewis, Infant   16-May_1872 19-May-1872 Son of J. W. & M. E.  Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Lewis, Infant Son   5-Jan-1921 s/o E.L.& N.M. Photo
Lewis, Leonard S. 25-Sep-1860 16-Dec-1905   Photo
Lewis, Mary E. 25-Apr-1840 26-Mar-1921 nee Warren Photo
Lynd, Infant 16-May-1872 19-May-1872 s/o J.W.& M.E. Photo
Lynd, Mary E. 25-pr-1840 26-Mar-1921 Added May 2017 Photo
Lynd, James W. 21-Dec-1836 17-Mar-1907   Photo
Marlin, Jane   07-Feb-1896 88y/5m/21d, w/o Thomas, nee Hubbard Photo
Marlin, Thomas   05-Dec-1878 69y No Photo
Martin, Simon P. 05-Apr-1835 12-Jun-1914   No Photo
Matthew, Amanda E.   28-Aug-1859 3y/1m/2d, d/o J.H. & P. Photo
Matthew, Melinda   16-Aug-1852 46y/9m/18d, w/o Thomas No Photo
Matthew, Thomas   15-Mar-1881 79y/10m/28d Photo
Maxwell, Hannah   20-Apr-1837 71y Photo
McCoy, Burr 13-Nov-1877 19-Jan-1888 s/o J.E.& L. Photo
McCoy, Charles B. 1885 1948   Photo
McCoy, Faye M. 1906 2004 Added May 2017
McCoy, Franklin C.   7-Dec-1879 Added May 2017 Photo
McCoy, Fred R. 05-Nov-1882 20-May-1908   Photo
McCoy, Infant   04-Sep-1877 s/o James& Lydia No Photo
McCoy, Lydia Fisher 23-Aug-1857 29-Nov-1887 w/o James E. Photo
McCoy, James E. 26-Dep-1856 31-May-1907   Photo
McKinney, Alexander, Sen.   18-Mar-1832 68y Revolutionary War  Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
McKinney, Cynthia Ann 30-Sep-1811 18-May-1814 Dau of David & Margaret. First burial in this cemetery. From DAR records No Photo
McKinney, David 1755 1822 Lieut. Continental Line, RevolutionaryWar Photo
McKinney, Margaret   24-Nov-1852 85y, w/o David, nee Margaret Photo
Miller, Smith T. 28-Jan-1845 28-Aug-1865   Photo
Montgomery, Ida Beatrice   (?) d/o William& M.E. No Photo
Montgomery, Louisa   24-Jun-1856 3y/7m/28d, d/o William & M.E. Photo
Montgomery, Margaret E. 09-Aug-1825 24-Jan-1870 w/o W.H., nee Finley Photo
Montgomery, Theofilus 29-Feb-1844 15-Feb-1865 s/o W.& M.E. Photo
Montgomery, William M. 14-Aug-1846 30-Jan-1873   Photo
Montgomery, Willie M. 16-Apr-1873 30-Apr-1873 s/o W.M.& M.E. Photo
Nall, Pinkie M.   16-Mar-1887 Infant d/o Waldo & Lizzie Photo
Nall, Mary   09-Oct-1886 63y/10d, w/o William V. Photo
Nall, Scott   20-Sep-1908 56y/3m/8d No Photo
Nall, Waldo 16-Apr-1860 04-Mar-1888   No Photo
Nall, William V. 03-Dec-1824 3-Oct-1908   Photo
Nall, Willie W.   11-Jan-1886 Infant s/o Waldo & Lizzie Photo
Newby, Orange Milton 18-Dec-1852 4-Feb-1853 Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Nugent, Bessie J. 1869 1944   Photo
Nugent, Charles T. 1859 1945   Photo
Offely, Rebecca   Mar 1871 15y 6m 14d No Photo
Oldham, Henry 26-Nov-1826 12-Jan-1892   Photo
Oldham, Lucinda 11/19/1827 25-Mar-1913   Photo
Oldham, Malinda   1-Jun-1851 1y 10m 8d Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Oldham, Minerva Doak 1858 1937   No Photo
P., J.     Added May 2017
Padgett, Ida 1865 1946   Photo
Padgett, John J. 1900  19__
Padgett, Samuel R. 1861 1913   Photo
Parish, Franklin 16-Feb-1884 29-Nov-1969   Photo
Parish, Lewis E. 08-Jan-1870 30-Oct-1938   Photo
Parish, Nimrod W. 10-May-1877 20-Feb-1963   Photo
Parish, Chloe B. 1893 1926 nee Perkins Photo
Parish, Thomas A. 1845 1924   Photo
Parish, Lovina E. 1848 1935 nee Boone Photo
Parish, William G. 11-Apr-1872 2-Jun-1935   Photo
Peacher, Diodema   10-Mar-184? 26y/1m/28d Photo
Perkins, Carl O. 1890 1911   Photo
Perkins, Marion 1863 1917   Photo
Perkins, Oma B. 1874 1946 nee Trinkle Photo
Peters, Eva   05-May-1870 6m/10d, d/o G.T. & A.M. Photo
Peters, William H. 13-Nov-18?4 05-Dec-1867 Capt. Co. B 66 Regt. Ind. Photo
Philpott, Tirsha J.   29-Nov-1882 5y 7m 3d  Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Chastain, Jane 1832  ---- Added May 2017
Pierson, Ann 1840 1915   Photo
Pierson, James T.   03-Sep-1886 30y/6m/20d Photo
Porter, Abagail   02-Jul-1852 34y/4m/10d, consort of David Photo
Porter, Infant   27-Mar-1845 9d, so R.L.& L.E. Photo
Porter, John F. 05-Apr-1849 13-Apr-1851 s/o R.L.& L. M. Photo
Porter, Reason L. 31-Mar-1824 23-Sep-1899   Photo
Porter, Lourinda E. 27-Mar-1825 7-Mar-1906 nee Richardson Photo
Porter, William   22-Sep-1854 52y/8d Photo
Potter, Elizabeth   17-Mar-1865 21y/6m/21d, d/o Harvey & Eliza Photo
Potter, Harvey 04-Mar-1806 07-Jul-1879   No Photo
Potter, Mary J. 1847 1880   No Photo
Potter, Shelby   16-Apr-1854 3y/25d, s/o Harvey & Eliza Photo
Potter, Theodore 05-Jul-1845 18-Nov-1871   No Photo
Pound, Elizabeth   09-Mar-1845 70y/1m/22d, consort of Joseph, nee Stark Photo
Pound, Joseph   02-Apr-1850 80y/3m/6d Photo
Pound, Minerva   25-Sep-1842 19y/7m/11d, consort of William, nee Wires Photo
Ralston, John W. 1848 1927   Photo
Ralston, Sarah J. 1849 1890 Added May 2017
Ralston, John B. 1888 1889 Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Ralston, Clara J. 1848 1890 Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Reed, Calvin   05-Oct-1855 1y/4m/13d, s/o J.C. & J. No Photo
Reed, Infant   10-Feb-1848 2d, s/o J.C. & J. Photo
Reed, Joshua   20-Sep-1853 61y/1m/5d No Photo
Reed, McKenzie J.   31-Jul-18?? 6m/12d, s/o J.L. & J.E. No Photo
Reed, William   13-Nov-1850 4y/8m/25d, s/o J.C. & J. Photo
Reed, William 03-Oct-1827 27-Oct-1851   Photo
Reed, William W.   17_Apr-1865 46y 2m 25d  Added May 2017 Photo
Richards, Ann 10-Mar-1858 16-Feb-1883 Some sources list as Ruth Ann Photo
Richards, Ola May   29-Jul-1901 21y/4m/10d Photo
Richardson, Barbara E. 12-Jan-1827 31-Dec-1912   Photo
Richardson, Catherine 16-Feb-1800 18-Nov-1861 nee Huffman Photo
Richardson, Daniel W. 11-May-1827 05-Dec-1882   Photo
Richardson, Eliza 27-Aug-1859 13-Jun-1891 w/o Lemuel No Photo
Richardson, Infant   1851 Dau of W. & Sally  Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Richardson, John   20-Apr-1870 74y 3m 20d  Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Richardson, Lucinda   05-Feb-1847 14y/10m/8?d, d/o T. & C. Photo
Richardson, Mary E. 26-Jan-1806 3-Jun-1892 Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Richardson, Sallie A. 24-May-1830 28-Nov-1904 w/o Daniel, nee Elliott Photo
Richardson, Thomas H,   9-Jun-1863 67y 1m   Photo
Richardson, Tirzah J. Philpot   29-Nov-1882 51y/7m/3d, d/o John & Mary No Photo
Richardson, U. S. Grant     1y 2m 1d Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Richardson, William T.   22-Aug-1851 4y/2m/1d, s/o D. & P. No Photo
Rigdon, Francis M.     Son of Wm. Rigdon Added May 2017
Riley, Ezekiel   28-Aug-1846 54y/3m/2d Photo
Riley, Granvill   12-Jul-1825 1m/3d Photo
Riley, James   12-Jun-1824 10m Photo
Riley, James   20-Apr-1828 67y  SAR Memorial Photo
Riley, Sarah   25-May-1833 68y Photo
Riley, Sarah   1832 Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Ritcheson, Catharine   18-Nov-1861 w/o Thomas No Photo
Ritcheson, Thomas   09-Jun-1863 67y/1m/12d No Photo
Ritcheson, Thomas D.   01-Sep-1855 25y/10m/25d, s/o T. & C. Photo
Roll, John   10-Mar-1881 55y/3m/4d, consort of Sarah Photo
Rolston, Infant   04-Dec-1882 1m/27d, s/o George W. & Mary No Photo
Rolston, Infant   12-Jul-1884 Son of G. & M.  Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Rolston, Malinda   28-May-1887 69y/7m/11d, w/o William No Photo
Rolson, William   23-Jul-1890 75y/1m/20d Photo
Routh, Charles E.   07-Oct-1881 s/o J.L.& L. Photo
Ruberson, Elisabeth   20-Jun-1857 d/o R.& J. No Photo
Ruberson, Jane   8-Feb-1865 56y 4m Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Ruberson, Richard   06-Jan-1866 73y/8m/22d Photo
Ruberson, William H.   18-Oct-18?? s/o J.S.& N. No Photo
Rubison, Thomas J.   08-Dec-1881 23y/9m/16d, s/o Richard & Mary J. Photo
Sallee, Christiana C.   11-Apr-1880 28y/10m/28d Photo
Sallee, Christiana   27-Mar-1875 60y/11m/6d, w/o Edward M. Photo
Sallee, Edward M.   28-Oct-1885 77y/10m/29d Photo
Sallee, Eusebius 1855 1919   Photo
Sallee, Gustavia   7-Jan-1868 20y 5m  Added may 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Sallee, Infant   1863 Added May 2017 Photo
Sallee, L??   10-Nov-1865 7y/20d, d/o T.N. & M.A. No Photo
Sallee, Polly Teresa 1858 1915   Photo
Sallee, Melinda J.   04-Aug-1896 63y/7m/15d Photo
Shanks, Eliza E.   16-Oct-1873 21y 23d Added May 2017 Photo
Shanks, Infant   10-Oct-1862 4d, d/o J.L. & E.J. No Photo
Shanks, George A.   21-Jan-1864 13y 10d Son of J. B. & E. B. Added May 2017 Photo
Shanks, John T.   25-Sep-1852 17m, s/o T. F. & M.J. Photo
Shanks, Mary Jane 14-Oct-1784 28-May-1862 w/o Robert Photo
Shanks, Matilda 28-Feb-1824 17-Feb-1891 Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Shanks, Oscar F.  9-Feb-1808 11-Mar-1870 Added May 2017 Photo
Shanks, Robert E.   20-Mar-1859 79y/5m/6d Photo
Shanks, Samuel   09-Nov-1859 73y/9m Photo
Shanks, Tabitha H.   09-Jun-1854 34y/8m, w/o O.H. Photo
Shelton, Harrison K. 31-Dec-1862 ??-Dec-1872 s/o T.M.& A. No Photo
Shelton, John A. C. 09-Oct-1822 12-Dec-1905   Photo
Shelton, Rebecca   (?) d/o T.& S.A. No Photo
Shelton, Sally A.  29-Jul-1838 -----
Shelton, Thomas M. 1828 ??-Apr-1888   Photo
Skeen, Thomas A. 1845 1929   Photo
Skeen, Melissa C. 1866 1955 nee Standiford Photo
Smith, Jarrot   20-May-1869 60y Photo
Speer, Catharine   09-Apr-1874 26y/20d, w/o Moses F. Photo
Standiford, Alonzo C. 1862 1937   Photo
Standiford, Mary Emma 1868 1954 nee True Photo
Standiford, Claudius   29-Nov-1862 21y/1m/20d, s/o Meriton & Mary Photo
Standiford, Jesse A. 1871 1939   Photo
Standiford, Infant   08-Aug-1843 child of Meriton & Mary Photo
Standiford, Infant   25-Feb-1855 s/o Meriton& Mary Photo
Standiford, Infant   25-Mar-1852 d/o Meriton& Mary Photo
Standiford, Meriton 08-Dec-1817 22-Mar-1902   Photo
Standiford, Mary 19-May-1819 14-Feb-1901 nee Crane Photo
Standiford, Miller 1838 1909   Photo
Standiford, Nancy J. 1836 1916   Photo
Standiford, Oscar O.   07-Feb-1894 48y/9m/1d, s/o A.G. & M.E. No Photo
Stephenson, Rachel E.   16-Nov-1882 34y 9m 18d Photo
Stewart, Lydia Ann   03-Jul-1854 51y, w/o G.W. Photo
Stratton, L. Ellen 1847 1922 w/o Seth (Buried Fowler CA, per DAR records) Photo
Stratton, Seth 1845 1910 Co G 117 Reg Ind Vol Added May 2017 Photo
Stratton, Martha?   23-Nov-1888 Wife of David 74y 7m 22d Added May 2017 Photo
Strattan, David   24-Jun-1901 86y 6m 2d  Added May 2017 Photo
Strattan, Louis D. 09-Jul-1882 04-May-1906, s/o Seth& Ellen Photo
Suthard, Hattie   10-Dec-1898 32y 10m 16d  Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
T., B. T.     Added May 2017
T., E. A.     Added May 2017
Teagarden, John C. F. 07-Nov-1861 4-Apr-1917   Photo
Tegarden, Abraham   25-Dec-1871 70y/5m/2d Photo
Tegarden, Andrew H.   01-Aug-1865 24y/8m/19d, s/o A. & E., died at Harpers Ferry, VA Co G. 144 Ind Vol Photo
Tegarden, Anna F. 20-May-1855 12-Sep-1871 Added May 2017 fom DAR records No Photo
Tegarden, Bazzele   21-Apr-1861 23y/6m/17d Photo
Tegarden, Columbus   31-Dec-1857 13y/2m/5d No Photo
Tegarden, Della 01-Mar-1874 23-Nov-1894   Photo
Tegarden, Doshia   24-Oct-1898 25y/2m/7d, d/o William N. & Louisa J. Photo
Tegarden, Elizabeth     45y/7m/15d, w/o Abraham Photo
Tegarden, George W. 1869 1929  
Tegarden, Isabella   ??-Feb-1870 d/o William& Eliza Photo
Tegarden, James A. 12-Aug-1871 16-Nov-1871 Added May 2017
Tegarden, Jane     3m 10d Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Tegarden, Laura E.   15-Oct-1881 d/o Spencer& Sarah 16y 4m 25d Photo
Tegarden, Melvina 1843 1915   No Photo
Tegarden, Nanny May   12-Mar-1855 10m 1d  Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Tegarden, Sarah Ann   12-Mar-1874 37y/5m/6d  (DAR records state Sarah Jane) Photo
Tegarden, Spencer   14-Apr-1879 45y/3m/25d Photo
Tegarden, Zilpha E. 24-May-1857 26-Nov-1881   Photo
Thrall, Dorthy 23-Mar-10 26-Apr-1910 d/o W.H.& P.P. Photo
Thrall, Infant  date  date Son of W.H. & P.P. Added May 2017
Thrall, Nancy W. 1879 1949   Photo
Thrall, William H. 1875 1947   Photo
Thrall, Priscilla P. 1876 1915 nee Tegarden Photo
Todd, M. F.     Added May 2017 Photo
Trabue, C. W. 01-Jun-1830 14-Mar-1912 Added May 2017 From DAR records No Photo
Trabue, James W. 10-Jan-1872 13-Jul-1879   No Photo
Trabue, Malinda 14-Jan-1834 14-Sep-1897 w/o C.W. Photo
Trabue, L. Max   06-Jul-1895 26y/10m/1d, s/o G.W. & M. Photo
Trimble, George 11-Dec-1804 24-Jul-1876   Photo
Trimble, George Sr.  23-Oct-1763 26-Aug-1839 75y 10m 2d Added May 2017
Trimble, Jane 25-Oct-1763 26-Aug-1834 w/o George Sr. No Photo
Trimble, Margaret   13-Jan-1881 82y/2m/7d Photo
Trimble, Mary 30-Jul-1793 25-Mar-1825   Photo
Trimble, Thomas 23-Oct-1794 14-Sep-1877   Photo
Trinkle, Caroline M. 17-Jul-1842 24-Apr-1886 w/o Jacob  Dates from DAR records Photo
Trinkle, Clyde A. 03-Dec-1879 11-Jan-1900   Photo
Trinkle, George Samuel 1861 1915   Photo
Trinkle, Infant     Dau of O.A. & M. Added May 2017
Trinkle, Jacob 17-Feb-1842 16-Apr-1914 Dates from DAR records Photo
Trinkle, Mahala E. 1880 1932 2nd w/o Oliver, nee Clements Photo
Trinkle, Oliver A. 1867 1952   Photo
Trinkle, Mattie E. 1869 1913 nee Lewis, 1st wife Photo
Trinkle, Sarah J. 1859 1940 w/o George Samuel, nee Walker Photo
Tritle, Alvena 1890 1900 Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Tritle, Aura D. 1860 1930
Tritle, Lewis R. 1892 1931
Tritle, William H. 1854 1922   Photo
True, Elizabeth   26-Feb-1835 20y/11m Photo
True, Sarah   09-Mar-1873 57y, w/o William J. Photo
True, William 28-Nov-1811 25-Nov-1889   Photo
Tuell, Lizzie   10-Sep-1881 13y/10m/5d, d/o Robert & Rebecca A. Photo
Tuell, Robert 1835 1869 Co. I 34 Reg. KY Inf. No Photo
Turner, Benjamin Harvey   08-Jan-1845 1y/1m/5d, s/o A.B. & B.Z. Photo
V., H.     Added May 2017
VanCleave, Armittie B.   06-Sep-1899 ?y/?m/21d Photo
VanCleave, Infant   31-Jul-1893 Dau of J.K. & A.B. Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Vickrey, Charlie F. 01-Nov-1872 29-Nov-1872 s/o John W.& Dovey M. No Photo
Vickrey, David V.   12-Apr-1849 19y/6m/8d, s/o J. & M. Photo
Vickrey, Dovey M. 16-Jan-1849 11-Nov-1879 w/o J.W. Photo
Vickery, Infant 24-Dec-1865 16-Jan-1866 Son of Nelson & Polly Ann Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Vickrey, James A.   02-Mar-1842 9y/20d Photo
Vickrey, Jesse   11-Dec-1848 43y 18d Photo
Vickrey, Nancy J.   15-Nov-1839 19y/17d, d/o J. & M. Photo
Vickrey, Zillah M. 23-Feb-1871 2-Apr-1906 d/o J.W.& D.M. Photo
Walker, Alexander   31-Jul-1860   Photo
Walker, Betsey   31-Aug-1846 w/o A. Photo
Walker, Dan B. 1874 1911   Photo
Walker, Priscilla 1869 1935   Photo
Walker, Elizabeth F.   23-Mar-1882 51y/11m/13d, w/o William R. Photo
Walker, James C. 04-Jun-1830 1-Apr-1917 Co. A 38 Reg. Ind. Vol. Photo
Walker, John   05-Oct-1876 84y/1m/28d No Photo
Walker, John E. 1869 1956   Photo
Walker, Maude V. 1877 1953 nee Vickery Photo
Walker, Mary   18-Nov-1873 80y/20d, w/o John M. Photo
Walker, Polly   18-Oct-1874 73y/3m/17d Photo
Walker, Rachel E. 06-May-1836 16-May-1908 2nd w/o James C. Photo
Walker, Sally A. 02-Apr-1837 10-Mar-1862 1st w/o James C., nee Kincade Photo
Walker, William H. 26-Mar-1830 19-Mar-1889   No Photo
Wallace, Alexander May 1783 25-Nov-1863   Photo
Wallace Darinda 2-Jul-1808 30-Jun-1887 Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Wallace, Frank     Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Wallace, John B. 27-Jun-1861 13-Apr-1919 Added May 2017 Photo
Wallace, Livenia E.   10-Nov-1865 7y 20d Added May 2017 from DAR Records No Photo
Wallace, Lydia 29-Oct-1865 29-Jan-1888 w/o John B. No Photo
Wallace, Margaret 14-Dec-1819 14-Jun-1873   Photo
Wallace, Mary A. 30-Dec-1815 20-May-1885 d/o A.& E. No Photo
Wallace, Elizabeth H. 14-Sep-1785 26-Jun-1843 w/o Alexander Photo
Welch, John   1851 Added May 2017 Photo
Wheeler, Susie B. 1842 1918   Photo
Wheeler, William W. 1839 1881 Co. D 22 Reg. Ind. Vol. Photo
Wilfong, George Arthur 1937 1941 3y/11m/25d Photo
Wilfong, Grover 11-Jul-1889 23-Mar-1962   Photo
Wilfong, Bessie M. 25-Oct-1895   nee Hayes Photo
Wilfong, Sarah Jane 10-Mar-1852 23-Nov-1945   Photo
Williams, U. S. Grant   02-Mar-1874 s/o J.W.& M.E. Photo
Wilson, Alexander   06-Mar-1879 79y/4m/2d Photo
Wilson, Charles 27-Jun-1881 29-Jun-1900 s/o J.& S.A. Photo
Wilson, Druzilla   14-Nov-1876 18y/3m/5d, d/o A. & J.A. No Photo
Wilson, George W.   9-Nov-1917 71y/7m/2d Photo
Wilson, Hannah   12-Aug-1896 46y/10m/24d, nee Cook Photo
Wilson, James Lafayette 31-Oct-1863 07-Nov-1864 s/o A.& J.A. Photo
Wilson, Julia Ann   6-May-1907 81y/7m/10d, w/o Alexander Photo
Wilson, Laura E. 02-Nov-1871 4-Nov-1922   Photo
Wilson, Ida B. 01-Feb-1875 3-Oct-1968   Photo
Wilson, Lily May   18-Jan-1879 8m/28d, d/o Thomas & Sallie A. Photo
Wilson, Sally A. 1852 1917   Photo
Wilson, Thomas J. 1850 1925   Photo
Wires, Columbus     Added May 2017 Photo
Wires, Cryounce   19-Aug-1898 78y/9m/28d Photo
Wires, Dora A. 1865 1930   Photo
Wires, Ella   20-Aug-1896 27y/9m/24d, d/o William & Hannah Photo
Wires, Ezekiel   1863 Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Wires, Frank 1861 1915 Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Wires, Hannah   ???? Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Wires, Henry Clark   14-Mar-1884 Added May 2017 Photo
Wires, John M.   1858 Added May 2017 Photo
Wires, Lawrence W. 04-Jan-1892 1899 s/o W. F. & Dora Photo
Wires, Mary   3-Aug-1902 84y/6m/12d, w/o C. Photo
Wires, Leroy 09-Jun-1865 19-Feb-1928 Added May 2017
Wires, Mary E. 17-Sep-1856 28-Aug-1903 w/o Leroy M. Photo
Wires, Sarah   1878 21y 4m 12d Added May 2017 from DAR records No Photo
Wires, Thomas   1851 Added May 2017 Photo
Wires, Unknown     
Wires, Unknown      
Wires, William    3-May-1883 Added May 2107   Photo
Wires, William Frank 1861 1915   Photo
Wires, William M.   21-Oct-1858 3y 7m 14d Added May 2107 from DAR records No Photo
Wolf, Andrew R. 19-Dec-1848 12-Aug-1901   No Photo
Woodward, Dawson 06-Jul-1832 28-Jul-1896 Added May 2017
Woodward, Nancy     Added May 2017
Woodward, Ione Cleo   28-Jul-1896 6m/3d, d/o W.M. & Matilda Photo
Worrell, David 08-Feb-1818 12-Dec-1882   Photo
Worrell, Eliza Jane 26-Nov-1867 20-Jan-1889 Added May 2017
Worrell, Infant   18-Apr-1880 d/o James& Nancy Photo
Worrell, Infant     Added May 2017
Worrell. Infant     Son of R. & M. Worrell Added May 2017
Worrell, James M. 1839 1915   Photo
Worrell, John   21-Oct-1855 3y/7m/14d, s/o D. & P. Photo
Worrell, John D. 10-Oct-1881 28-Feb-188? s/o James M. & Nancy No Photo
Worrell, Lydia B.     Dau of James M & Nancy Photo
Worrell, Nancy 1840 1927   Photo
Worrell, Mary J.   07-Dec-1886 36y/8m/28d, w/o Robert D. Photo
Worrell, Priscilla 05-Jan-1820 24-Jun-1871 w/o David Photo
Wright, Allen R.   03-Aug-1852 3y/18d, s/o Earden & Eliza No Photo
Wright, Eliza A. 23-Apr-1817 9-Jan-1911   Photo
Wright, Infant   11-Nov-1877 s/o John M.& Lydia E. Photo
Wright, Lula   11-Nov-1885 2y/10m/12d, d/o J.M. & L.E. No Photo
Wright, Lydia E.   03-Aug-1889 30y/3m-21d, w/o John No Photo
Wright, Lyman A.   06-Jun-1854 2y/7m/14d, s/o Warden & Eliza Photo
Wright, Mary   26-Aug-1870 24y/3m/6d, d/o Warden H. & Eliza A. Photo
Wright, Noel Jonathan 18-Nov-04 5-Mar-1906   No Photo
Wright, Truman Glover 20-Sep-1887 6-Feb-1905   No Photo
Wright, Warden H. 10-Apr-1813 16-Feb-1859   Photo
Wright, William Waldo   25-Nov-1865 24y/9m/5d, s/o Warden H. & Eliza Photo
Unknown, Eliza       Photo
Unknown, Infants       Photo
Unknown     Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo
Unknown       Photo