Dearborn County [(1807-1811) (Also known as the Gore Area)] included an area from Fort Recovery, Ohio Southwest to Madison, Indiana. Which included all or part of Wayne, Franklin, Union, Fayette, Dearborn, Ohio, Rush and Switzerland Counties.

The Census Taken Between 1806 and 1807. In 1806 the General Assembly of the Indiana Territory passed a resolution: to enable the Governor of this territory, for equal representation to the general assembly. The sheriffs of the counties of Dearborn, Clark, Knox and Randolph (Illinois). Take a list of all the free males 21 years and older, and return the list to the secretary of the state on or before the June 1st 1807. However this list does not show that this is the number of "free males 21 years and older". Also however the list from Randolph County does show "the number of free males".

The two following lists, are probably taken from the same source. One lists his source the other does not. They are done by two different authors. The original census reports can be very difficult to read, as they were all handwritten and they didn't always use pen to write with. Therefore there are more names appear on the second report than do on the first. If you are searching for a name, please be sure to check both lists.

The Census Taken Between 1806 and 1807
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Surnames   D-G  Page 2,  
Surnames   H-L  Page 3,  
Surnames   L-O  Page 4,  
Surnames   P-S  Page 5,  
Surnames   S-W  Page 6

1807 Randolph County Indiana Census Use second line and choose Pages 1-10.

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