Lake Village Schools
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Lake Village School Sports

The 1955-56 Lake Village Basketball team ...
Front row - Ed Bushman, Ron Wilson, Dave Henderson, Keith Nuest, & Chet Kwiatkowski.
2nd row - Terry Henderson, Lynn Brown, Ron Madison & Rudy Watkins.
3rd row - Mr. Cassel, Tom Lucietta, Walt Zelivetz, Harold Shafer, Larry Voyles, Ken Harper, Dennis Boyd and Mr. Arbuckle
photo contributed by Dennis Boyd

LV Baskeetball 56-57

The 1956-57 LV 7th & 8th Grade Basketball team:
Front Row ...Dave Henderson, Bedford Hyde, Sherman Cain, Dick Lippa, Chet Kwiatkowski, Mallie Reader, Ed Bushman, Barry McCord, Cecil Callaway, ___ Telford, Dave Smart
2nd Row ... Keith Nuest, Mr. Glenn Arbuckle, Terry Henderson, Bob Spear, Dennis Boyd, Larry Voyles, Walt Zelivetz, Ron Madison, Rudy Watkins, Mr. Cassell, Ron Wilson
Photo contributed by Dennis Boyd

Class Photographs

LV 8th grade class
The Lake Village 8th Grade class (1956-57)
Front Row-Ina Sapp, Connie Brown, Ed Bushman, Dave Henderson, Chet Kwiatkowski, Charlie King, Ruby Slayton & Opal Winkley.
Row 2 - Keith Nuest, Shirley Brownfield, Jackie Hayes, Edna Merrill, Melody Collard, Rudy Watkins, Nancy Bushman & Ron Wilson.
Row 3 - Mr. Glenn Arbuckle, Terry Henderson, Bob Speer, Dennis Boyd, Larry Voyles, Walt Zelivetz, Ron Madison and Jack Taylor.
Photo contributed by Dennis Boyd

LV 59 1st grade

First Grade Lake Village Elementary, 1959

First Row: Principal Mr. Arbuckle, Pam Fox, Chuckie Cain, Josephine Steele, David Linderman, Penny Dawson, Greg Little, Betty Eaton, Bobby Steele
Second Row: Linda Floyd, Leo, Peggy Bigger, Alice Bradburn, Kirby Brownfield, Debbie Brown
Third Row: Walter Martin, Christine Bushman, David Strain, Peggy Flatt, Eugene Veld, Brenda Bigger, Joe Divorak, Dolly Allis, Peewee
Fourth Row: Nancy Hendricks, Eddie,  Jeanette McDonald, Goldie, Wiley Stone, Georgia Crowell, Debbie Patrick, David Page, Judy Brown
(Little Eddie was sick – 4th row, second over – and died that summer before second grade started.)

Photo contributed by Georgia M (Crowell) Vallejos. 


LV 60 2nd grade

Second Grade Lake Village Elementary, 1960

First Row: Mr. Arbuckle, Mrs. Shiraco, Eugene Steele, Peggy Flat, David Page, Pam Fox, Kirby Brownfield, Nancy Hendricks, Scott
Second Row: Debbie Patrick, Vance Myers, Teresa Woodcox, Georgia Crowell, David Strain, Dolly Allis
Third Row: David Linderman, Linda Floyd, Joe Divorak, Jeanette McDonald, Bobby Steele, Christine Bushman, Greg Little, Penny Dawson, Peewee
Fourth Row: Walter Martin, Judy Brown, Peggy Bigger, Wiley Stone, Alice Bradburn, Chuckie Cain, Betty Eaton, Brenda Bigger.

Photo contributed by Georgia M (Crowell) Vallejos.

1924-1925 Lake Village School Photo, contributed by Dennis Boyd
Lake Village 1924

Grades 6, 7 and 8, 1929-1930 Lake Village School Photo, contributed by Dennis Boyd
Lake village 1929-30

State Line School, Submitted by Dennis Boyd

State Line School

Memories of the school, submitted by: Georgia (Crowell) Vallejos. Please visit the Lake Village School photos for her first and second grade class photo of LV school. She discovered this photo online and sent along these memories:

Let me tell you about the school and the gymnasium. First grade was at the top of the stairs going from the front door up. To the right of that was second grade. Third/Fourth grade were held in the same room, at the end of the hall to the left. I guess 5th and 6th grades were upstairs, as was the principal’s office and his little candy store. The rope to the bell hung down through the ceiling and through the floor on the top floor, left, and top floor, right was the office and candy store. Mr. Arbuckle sold Turkish taffy in banana, vanilla, strawberry or chocolate, and you could buy a popsicle for a dime, or a half for a nickel. Also there was slo-pokes and little bags of potato chips. The cafeteria was in the basement, along with thebathrooms   

Some of the kids in my class were Dolly Allison, Wiley Stone, David Page, Alice Bradburn, Penny Dawson, Vance Myers, Christine Henderson, Josephine Steele, Chuckie Cain, Brenda Bigger, Eugene (?), David Page,  Judy Brown, two different Debbie’s and my best friend Betty Eaton.

The cafeteria ladies were farmer’s wives from around town, and they put up a real farmer’s lunch – all made from scratch. Buttered squash, fried chicken, green beans, rhubarb cobbler with rhubarb from their own gardens. Amazing. I work at a school in Utah, have been here for 20 years, and all they get in the cafeteria is burgers, pizza, tacos and hot dogs. Yuck!

I remember when they had the elections in the gymnasium that made JFK president. Also remember the day he was shot. We were in the new building then – I was in 5th grade. Mr. McDonald was principal. I swear he looked and acted just like Don Knotts. He went from room to room and told us the news, then had us all bow our heads for a moment of silence. Then he dismissed school and had the busses take us home.

On bad days, they took us to the gym for recess, where we just ran around like madmen. The gym was heated with these big air ducts built into the walls. Our favorite thing to do was to sit in them (which they allowed) and climb up into them (which was not allowed.) One air duct could hold 4 to 6 kids.

All the kids in my class played together at recess – boys and girls. We played baseball, dodge ball, red rover, statues, easter eggs, and sometimes my little group of friends played a game called babysitter that one of the girls taught us. We played it on the cement slab just below the bell. It went like this; one girl was the mom, one was the babysitter, one was the witch, and the rest were the children. It was a modified version of easter eggs. The mom would say to the witch “I’m going downtown to smoke my pipe, I won’t be back till Saturday night, if you let the old witch in, I will chop your (head, leg, arm) off!” Then the witch would come in and if she got through the babysitter, the kids would run. Whoever the witch caught would be “out” and the babysitter would lose whatever member the mom had said. The game was over when all the kids were caught, or the babysitter ran out of limbs.

 Anyway, one week we had been playing this game every day, but one particular day I stayed home sick. That day, when they rang the bell for recess, the bell fell from the tower and came crashing down on my friends! Luckily they scattered and it missed them, but I wonder if I would be alive today if I had gone to school that day.

 In the winter the boys made snow forts across from each other and had snowball wars. The girls provided ammunition and played nurse to the wounded.

 On a more interesting note – when the community started pushing for a new school, the school board and old timers in the town fought against it tooth and nail. Most of the older people had gone to the old school, as had their parents and grandparents. It was a bitter fight! The old school’s plaster was falling from the ceiling, and I guess a chunk of it just missed some kids. There were gaps in the hardwood floors upstairs. The big kids started a rumor that there was treasure hidden in the ceiling, and to convince the little kids that it was true, they would drop pennies through the cracks.

 It was a real culture shock when we moved to Cedar Lake in the middle of my 6th grade. The kids there were so mean, rude, and hateful compared to the nice farm kids that I was used to.

A bit of history on the Lake Village School, reproduced from the "History of Newton County, 1985"