Newton County News, Dec. 1881-1882- March 1, 1883
Obituary Index

Please contact the Newton County Coordinator for a hard copy of obituaries. Date Indicates Publication Date
At this time there were only mere mentions of deaths, and notices posted by the IOOF and others.  Most of them are in the locals.
The Newton County News existed for only this pereiod of time.
Thank you to Beth Bassett for creating this index.

Board, A. G. December 1, 1881
Patton, Maria J. January 5, 1882
Bartlett, Thomas January 26, 1882
Bemenderfer Boy, fa Isaac Feb 16, 1882
Briody, Patrick (correct sp) February 23, 1882
White, Mrs. Joseph March 9, 1882
White, Mrs. Joseph Several articles follow in mos.
Littlejohn, William Apr 13
Brown, Clara May 4
Parker, Willard May 11
Ade, Charles June 8
White, Mrs. mo-in-law Jerry J. June 8
Greenman, Arthur, 22 mos. July 6
Kenoyer, Julia E. July 6
Kelley, Wm. (murder) July 13
Infant dau. Andrew Ellis July 13
Kelley, Wm., (body exhumed) July 20
Williams, Mrs. Addison Aug 3
Sumner, Edward C. August 10
Martin, Grace Ethel infant August 24
Wolf, Sarah August 24
Hall, Sen. Benjamin Harvey August 24
Cooper, Irma, 2yr girl August 24
Jones, Laura O. Sept 7
Carton Infant Sept 21
DeVoe, L. F. Sept 21
Smith, Mrs. D. P. Nov 9
Spalding, John, wife and child murder/suicide Nov 16
Bush, Isaac Dec 14
Barker, T. B., notice and obit December 21
Hageman, Lucinda Graham Jan 11
Strickler, Hendry D. Feb 1
Goff, Susan Post Feb 1
Bishopp, E. B. Feb 22
Rider, John P. Feb 22
Benner, Jane Mar 1
March 1, 1883 Last edition of the Newton County News