Obituary Index, Newton County Enterprise, 1965
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Newton County Enterprise 1965
Name Date of Issue
Allen, John E. October 6
Andrew, Emma Mae December 15
Beagley, Winifred April 22
Beecher, Mrs. Charles August 25
Best, Della May January 14
Bidwell, Hattie M. April 22
Bill, Rosina (nee Sandmeyer) December 8
Bingham, Harrison April 8
Blake, Charles W. December 29
Body, Dorothy September 15
Booker, William H. February 18
Boyle, Clara J. May 20
Brewer, Frank May 13
Brown, William May 20
Bruckman, John November 10
Burton, Anna Ellen January 21
Burton, Harold August 18
Bush, Emma (nee Vinson) September 8
Bushman, Edna Mae November 24
Buswell, Abram March 25
Cahill, Infant Kenneth Edward July 7
Castongia, Infant Wendy Sue May 6
Christy, Andrew October 27
Clark, J. Howard May 6
Conley, Nellie February 25
Conn, Sam "Tude" March 18
Corbin, Alvin F. December 22
Crapo, Lela J. (nee Spitler) October 6
Curts, Stanley August 18
Deardurff, Emma March 11
Denham, Thomas C. March 18
DeVault, Delbert A. December 8
Dye, W. E. March 11
Eckstein, Anna December 29
Flinn, Josephine March 11
Freeland, Joseph L. December 22
Garringer, Madge January 7
Gilbert, L. Gertrude (nee Bieseker) September 8
Graeber, Roy A. February 4
Graeber, William August 11
Grant, Dr. William L. December 1
Greathouse, Thomas May 13
Groverman, Eliza Jane February 4
Gully, Mr. Dana I. March 18
Hagan, Manuel June 24
Harrington, Mary (nee Ortner) July 7
Hartsock, Curtner C. April 29
Hasser, Clara (nee Anstett) December 8
Haylor, Mr. Amel November 17
Hoover, Mrs. Floyd April 29
Hutchinson, Richard B. August 25
Johnson, May V. March 25
Kay, Milton W.  December 15
Kellogg, Edgar H. September 1
Kendall, Harriet E. May 20
Kingsley, Mabelle V. January 21
Kline, John W. February 11
Leatherman, Sarah January 28
Leavitt, Opal December 1
Leffert, Martha M. August 25
Lillig, John P. February 11
Liskey, Mollie December 22
Loblaw, G. Harold June 30
Loux, Theresa V. January 14
Makeever, Wade C. June 3
Matkins, Fredrick December 8
McConnell, Lela E. May 13
McKee, Clarence Roy February 11
Mead, Allen April 8
Means, Elizabeth Brown February 4
Messersmith, John March 25
Miller, Leo F. April 29
Mohr, Albert April 1
Molter, Clara November 3
Molter, Margaret (nee O'Neil) August 25
Mundy, James A. March 4
Murphy, Lawson W. April 1
Murphy, Willard L. March 25
Newland, John F. May 13
Nicholson, Tyson L. July 21
Packer, M. Blanche August 11
Parr, Charles E. August 4
Pierson, Harvey September 25
Plowman, Ross A. July 21
Powell, Owen D. September 1
Purdy, Kleath K. March 25
Reuter, Katherine December 15
Rich, Jacob D. September 1
Riker, Mary Jane December 15
Robinson, Ina May March 11
Russell, Livian April 22
Salla, George J. May 6
Schmitz, Burt R. October 20
Schuh, Cecile A. May 20
Sheldon, Edith M. August 25
Sherman, Florence March 18
Smart, William G. January 21
Smith, Everett, B. May 20
Staton, Mr. Lavern December 22
Strand, Nellie (nee McCarty) September 8
Strole, Oscar December 29
Tomasello, Fred June 30
Vaughn, Joseph H. July 7
Virgin, Max E. June 30
Voglund, Louella August 25
Wells, Emma M. Brunton (nee Pratzman) December 29
Whaley, Nellie May 20
White, George L. February 4
Wichman, Willilam F. June 9
Wilson, John E. March 11
Wilson, Nancy W. (nee Gerhold) August 4
Wright, Maynard December 8
Zimmer, Anthony F. December 15
Zoborosky, Alma V. December 15