Obituary Index, Newton County Enterprise, 1961
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Newton County Enterprise 1961
Name Date of Issue
Allen, Terry March 16
Angot, Firman V. March 16
Armold, Edgar F, July 13
Arnedt, William August 24
Avery, Dr. Samuel K. November 16
Avestal, Robert March 22
Beebe, John Craig November 30
Bennett, Daniel July 6
Best, Arthur L. June 1
Boatman, Leone January 19
Brown, Goldie E. September 7
Brown, John E. May 25
Brown, William F. June 22
Bryant, Samuel January 26
Burke, Maurice H. November 2
Burnsides, Mrs. Frank (Minnie) April 20
Butler, Annie November 2
Cassell, Alex April 20
Clark, William H. April 20
Cochrane, Jeanette E June 29
Deardurff, David November 30
Deardurff, William E. May 18
DeDoes, William July 6
Dennison, Alta B. (Raaf) November 23
DeWees, J. Frank March 2
Dexter, Chester April 13
Eason, Edward W. July 6
Eickman, Mrs. Albert (Lydia Bell (Story__ October 5
Ford, Mrs. William (Kathryn) October 5
Gonczy, Louis October 26
Hadley, C. B. October 12
Halarwick, Edward P. May 18
Hamelman, Harry C. December 26
Hamilton, Cleve August 31
Hendryx, Nancy March 16
Hiestand, Mrs. Joseph (Lela) April 27
Hilton, Gaylord June 15
Hitchings, Frederick C. February 16
Holmberg, Harold December 28
Illingworth, George E. January 26
Irelan, Ethel R. August 31
Irwin, Cora M. June 1
Johnson, Lemuel E. November 16
Johnson, Minnie October 5
Kindig, Ida December 26
Koon, Firman October 26
Lane, William July 13
Layman, Coriene June 1
Maillous, Levi D. May 11
Mashino, Raymond E. November 30
McCabe, Josephine E. November 2
McCarty, Mrs. Oscar (Matie (Buswell)) August 10
Merchant, Myron June 1
Michoch, Ladislav  June 22
Moshier, Clarence E. November 16
Murchison, John M. December 7
Nelson, Mrs. Joseph (Mary Gertrude) March 9
O'Connor, Vincent R. September 7
O'Neal, Emma C. June 22
O'Neil, Jesse V. December 7
Oppy, James August 3
Park, Ruth A. March 16
Patrick, William W. January 26
Plummer, Dora April 13
Potts, Mrs. Elmer (Sarah Mable) April 20
Protsman, John E. June 22
Prue, Ethel M. June 22
Purdy, Ida M. May 11
Robbins, Mrs. Virgil (Gertrude) May 4
Roberts, Infant January 5
Roy, Harvey O. December 7
Royce, Ray E. May 4
Savich, George "Rip" March 30
Shepard, Donald R. October 5
Shirk, Chafee W. October 26
Taylor, John J. August 10
Tilton, George D. January 19
Vanderwall, Charles R. March 16
Wadleigh, Roy L, August 10
Weston, Mary August 31
Wood, Dr. C.A. November 9