1850 Census of Jasper County, IN
transcribed by Robert E. Williamson

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236A 236B 237A 237B 238A 238B 239A 239B 240A 240B 241A 241B 242A 242B 243A 243B 244A 244B 245A 245B 246A 246B 247A 247B 248A 248B 249A 249B 250A 250B 251A 251B 252A 252B 253A 253B 254A 254B 255A 255B 256A 256B 257A 257B 258A 258B 259A 259B 260A 260B 261A 261B 262A 262B 263A 263B 264A 264B 265A 265B 266A 266B 267A 267B 268A 268B 269A 269B 270A 270B 271A 271B 272A 272B 273A 273B 274A 274B 275A 275B 276A 276B 277A 277B 278A 278B

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