Record of Physician Licenses, 1885-1916
    In 1870, almost all physicians were unlicensed - and in most places anyone could hang out a shingle and practice medicine.
    Between 1870 - 1900 practice of medicine changed dramatically and by 1900 almost every state passed some type of medical licensing.
    In Indiana, under an Act of 1885, a physician must take out a license in each county in which they practiced their profession on a regular basis in ordinary cases.
    The record book contained the actual certificates issued to the physicians who registered in Newton County between 1885 and 1916.
    Thanks to Beth Bassett for transcribing and contributing this information. The ledger is located at the Resource Center in Kentland.

Name Date of License Date of Diploma Name of College Memoranda Newton County Clerk
Allen, Alevi D. August 5, 1888 1883 Rush Medical College of Chicago, Illinois Residence Roselawn, Indiana Wm. H. Kenoyer
Beckner, James F., Sr. August 28, 1885 February 4, 1849 Ohio Medical College of Cincinnati, Ohio John G. Davis
Brice, B. R. September 29, 1886 March, 1861 Hudson College, located at Cleveland, Ohio Has also taken out license in Benton County John G. Davis
Barnes, Dawson E. May 8, 1890 February 14, 1890 Indiana Eclectic Medical Wm. H. Kenoyer
Burtt, Albert S. February 16, 1892 February 19, 1878 University City of New York Located in Momence, Illinois Wm. H. Kenoyer
Baum, Ernest William September 13, 1895 May 22, 1895 Rush Medical College, Chicago, Illinois Post Office, Morocco Wm. H. Kenoyer
Combs, M. R. August 11, 1885 February 26, 1885 Medical College of Indiana, Indianapolis John G. Davis
Caldwell, Samuel N. September 7, 1885 June 1, 1850 Eclectic Medical Institue of Cincinnati, Ohio John G. Davis
Calvert, George S. August 28, 1885 February 26, 1885 N. W. Medical College of St. Joe, Missouri John G. Davis
Crisler, Joseph B. October 23, 1889 nothing listed Attended Lectures of Eclectic Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio, Licensed under 3 years Act.  Address Brook, Indiana; Files affidavit of Lewis G. Blankenbaker and L. A. Crisler Wm. H. Kenoyer
Cheatham, R. H. September 3, 1891 February 24, 1891 Louisville Medical College, Louisville, KY Located at Goodland, IN Wm. H. Kenoyer
Clymer, Keever September 29, 1886 January 22, 1878 Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati, Ohio Also a graduate of the Eclectic College of Medicine located in Cin. Ohio, Diploma Dated 1858. John G. Davis
Cronk, Fremont September 3, 1892 March 31, 1891 Rush Medical, Chicago, Illinois Address Goodland, Indiana Wm. H. Kenoyer
Collier Theodore E. May 3, 1893 March 30, 1893 Medical College of Indiana  Address Goodland, Indiana Wm. H. Kenoyer
Conway, James S. March 24, 1892 February 25, 1879 College of Physicians and Surgeons, Keokuk, Iowa P.O. Goodland, Indiana Ira H. Drake
Coppock, Anson September 7, 1885 February 26, 1877 Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery John G. Davis
Crozier, William J. October 23, 1916 March 2, 1881 Missouri Medical, St. Louis Clinton County Phys. License Included Charles M. Daniels
DelaClaire, F. December 20, 1890 March 4, 1889 Curtis Physio-Medical Traveling Physician Wm. H. Kenoyer
Farber, James H. February 15, 1889 1886 Miami Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohhio Residence in Brook, IN
Forman, William Tipton November 12, 1904 May 10, 1904 Chicago Homeopathic Medical College Kentland, IN Reuben Hess
Godrey, Luman M. May 20, 1892 February 11, 1875 Detroit Homeopathic Traveling Physician; P.O. Colon, St. Joseph Co., Michigan Wm. H. Kenoyer
Glick, Orval E. March 22-Sept 22, 1915 Physicians Temporary Permit Chas. M. Daniels
Humston, Milton L.  August 22, 1885 March, 1866 Kentucky School of Medicine, Louisville, Kentucky John G. Davis
Hatch, Jethro A. September 4, 1885 February 15, 1860 Rush Medical College of Chicago, Illinois Kentland, IN John G. Davis
Hartsell, Wm. W. May 22, 1888 dated 1883 Hahnemann Medical College, Chicago, IL Residence, Rensselaer, IN Wm. H. Kenoyer
Hazel, John B. December 28, 1888 June 20, 1883 Medical Department Central University, Louisville, KY Residence Goodland, Indiana Wm. H. Kenoyer
Irwin, Oliver H. February 13, 1890 February 24, 1890 Indiana Medical of Indianapolis Residence in Sheldon, Illinois Wm. H. Kenoyer
Kellogg, A. O. February 26, 1886 1844, 1849, 1866, 1872, 1879 Berkshire Med. College, Pitts. Mass; College Phys & Sur., Canada, Oneida, N.Y; Duchess Co., NY; Medical Legal Society Was Supt. Of Hosp. for Insane - N.Y. for many years John G. Davis
Lovett, John A. July 10, 1889 March, 1889 Central College of Physicians and Surgeons Resides in Goodland, Indiana Wm. H. Kenoyer
Lunde, Conrad A. July 20, 1896 August 12, 1892 German Medical College of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, 709 and 710 Garden City Blk. Ira H. Drake
McCain, Richard C. August 3, 1885 February 15, 1875 Louisville Medical College, Kentucky John G. Davis
McChaffee, Jerome C. September 18, 1886 No Diploma Homeopathic Licensed under the 10years Practice Act
McClain, Joseph N. August 28, 1885 No Diploma Licensed under the 10 year practice act; Affidavit of E. G. Smith and J. F. Beckner John G. Davis
Merry, John W. January 6, 1886 March 31, 1869 University of Michigan of Ann Arbor, Michigan John G. Davis
McCord, Charles E. September 9, 1895 March, 29, 1895 Medical College of Indiana Post Office, Goodland, Indiana Wm. H. Kenoyer
Pratt, B. W. September 25, 1885 February 24, 1882 Columbus Medical College, Columbus, Ohio John G. Davis
Pratt, Laura N. February 26. 1886 March 9, 1884 Columbus Medical College, Columbus, Ohio John G. Davis
Petry, Franklin September 6, 1904 none listed P&S License from White County Have White Co. license in back of book Ruben Hess
Rainford, George October 16, 1886 None listed Located at Lake Village - licensed under the 10 years Practice Act John G. Davis
Recher, Lawson H. September 22, 1885 June 26, 1879 The Medical Department of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor John G. Davis
Roberts, William R. February 11, 1895 June 21, 1894 Kentucky School of Medicine, Louisville, Kentucky Post Office, Brook, IN Wm. H. Kenoyer
Speck, Adolphus C. April 2, 1887 March 2, 1868 Ohio Medical College of Cincinnati, Ohio Resides in Sheldon, Illinois John G. Davis
Seiberth, Jacob August 26, 1904 April 22, 1904 Medical College of Indianapolis, Ind Physician Certificate of Examination, Roselawn, IN Reuben Hess
Smith, E. G. June 30, 1886 Under 10 Year Practice Act John G. Davis
Smith, George B. September 16, 1885 February 29, 1872 Indiana Medical College, Indianapolis, Indiana John G. Davis
Tilney, William D. November 15, 1889 February 22, 1889 Indiana Eclectic Medical College Traveling Physician, Residence Crawfordsville, IN Wm. H. Kenoyer
Triplett, Charles E. September 29, 1885 March 1, 1856 Transylvania University of Kentucky at Lexington John G. Davis
VanDuzer, A. J. November 26, 1886 May 29, 1884 Medical Department Central University of Louisville, Kentucky John G. Davis
Washburn, Israel B. December 23, 1885 February 25, 1861 Rush Medical College of Chicago, Illinois John G. Davis
Wheeler, John A. September 4, 1888 April 21, 1852 University of Michigan Residence in Iroquois, IL Wm. H. Kenoyer
Wescott, Joseph B. March 21, 1890 March 18, 1890 Chicago Homeopathic Medical College Resides in Goodland, Indiana Wm. H. Kenoyer
Wood, Henry W. January 7, 1895 March 4, 1891 Columbus Medical   Address Sheldon, Illinois Wm. H. Kenoyer
Wilson, Frank D. June 13, 1902 None listed Issued on former license from Whitley County, PO Address Ira H. Drake