Our People Gallery

    Newton County has grown and thrived over the past 150 years. Many individuals contributed to the quality of life we have grown to love. The following photographs of Newton County residents were found in local history books, newspaper, and magazines. Some of them may have a biography located in the biography site. Eventually we will have a link from one to the other. In the meantime, enjoy this gallery of Newton County locals. Click here to visit our Birographies site.

A. J. Kent
Founder of Kentland

A. D. Babcock

Max Ahlgrim Family, Thayer

Alexander "Ned" Barker
More on Ned Barker

Mrs. George (Adda) Bridgeman

George Bridgeman

J. Chizum

Mrs. J. W. Chizum

Dr. Ted Collier, Brook Physician

William Darroch

Young Deardurff Family

Dr. Charles E. Triplett, Morocco

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Triplette

Sheriff Ed Madison
NC Sheriff 1970s-80s

John and Emerita Esson

George Holley, Mt. Ayr

Greenbury McCray, Kentland

Anna Hershman, Brook
(note the temperance ribbon)

John Ray Hershman, Brook

Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Hess

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hess, Brook

John Higgins, Kentland

Ivan Finch, NC Sheriff

Joseph Kennedy, Morocco

Rosamond Kent
(Mrs. A. J. Kent)

Lillian Floyd, Morocco Librarian
Mike Williamson, then Beaver Township Trustee

Lois Larson, Former County Treasurer

Lucille Davidson, Former
County Official

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Lyons
Aaron was the first non-native American born in Newton County

Fred Lyons and family.

John Bennett Lyons, Brook

Mrs. Mary Lyons, Brook

Warren T. McCray
Forner Indiana Governor
Owner, Orchard Lake Stock Farm, Kentland

Mrs. McMillian
Owner of McMillian Hotel

Mike Williamson
Former Newton County Official

Arthur Mitten

George Murphey, Morocco

Benjamin Newell, Roselawn

Mrs. Benjamin Newell, Roselawn

Pat Carlson, Former Newton County Official, Kentland

W. T. McCray's King of the Herfordshire - Perfection Fairfax
Orchard Lake Stock Farm
Grant Township

Alonzo Purkey and family, Morocco

Sam Rice, Professional Baseball Player, Morocco

Jacob D. Rich, Brook

Mrs. Jacob D. Rich, Brook

Richard Smart, Former Newton County Official

Ruth Warrick and Betty Kessler, Morocco, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Schanlaub, he was Superintendant of Schools upon consolidation of the one-room schools, held that position for over 30 years.

Senator Charles Kleinkort

Vivian Ferguson, Former Newton County Official

Mrs. Perry (Mary) Washburn

Perry Washburn, Kentland

James Whaley Family

Yacuk Family, Thayer