Local Characters from the 50s
In the 1950 - 1951 Morocco Courier editions, editor/publisher/owner Vernor Ellis used the photos of local dignitaries with hand drawn cartoons to depict the individual and their role in the community. Most were identified, others not. Some were cartoons, some were write-ups. If you have correct information, please contact the Newton County Coordinator to update. You can find comments about them on our facebook page Historical Newton IN Thank you to Beth Bassett for contributing this information.
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Baird, Ray
Blaney, Clay
Calaway, John
Carter, Gordon
Casssell, Alex
Daddow, Jim 1
Daddow, Jim 2
Deardurff, Galen
Deardurff, Jack
Ford, Lowell
Hancock, Tom
Hanger, David
Hanson, Harlan
Hess, John  
Hess, John 2
Johnson, William
Kessler, Howard
LeGrand, Harry
Lomax, William
McPhail, J. N.
Moore, E. C.
Ringer, John
Robinson, Edwin
Russell, Orville  
Russell, Orville and Mrs.
Smart, Harley
Spradling, William
Storey, Milt
Warne, Delos