Newton County Historical Landmarks

    In observance of the Sesquicentennial of Newton County in 2010, the society put together a pamphlet that listed several locations in the county that were observed as historical landmarks. In conjunction with publication of this pamphlet, the county officials had a new county map commissioned, with the location of these markers highlighted on the map. This map also includes cemeteries and other sites of significance. It can be used with our pamphlet for taking a driving tour of our county.  The maps are free and are available at the Resource Center in Kentland, as well as the public libraries in the county. A copy of the pamphlet can be purchased for $1.00 each, click here for ordering information.

                    The following is a list of the townships and sites marked with signage as well as included in the pamphlet with documentation of its historical significance:
                Lake Township: the Big Ditch; the Conrad Bridge; Sumava; and Conrad.
                McClellan Township: The Morgan-Tracy Cemetery; Beaver Lake; Bogus Island.
                Beaver Township: The Government Center; The Blann Cabin; Turkey Foot Grove; Bull Foot Grove; The Scott-Lucas Home; The Cowichan Matrimonial Totem Pole; Willow Slough Fish and Wildlife Area.
                Washington Township: The Old Log Church; Birthplace of First White Child; The County Home.
                Jefferson Township: Home of John and Adeline Ade: the Birthplace of George Ade; The Second Newton County Courthouse; the Third and Present Courthouse; The Home of Former Governor Warren T. McCray; Arlan T. “Tom” Gott (pamphlet only); Newton County Stone Quarry.
                Grant Township: Orchard Lake Stock Farm; McCray’s King of the Herfordshire: Perfection Fairfax; Eddie Condon (pamphlet only).
                Iroquois Township: Birthplace of Warren T. McCray; The First Courthouse in the County; 1839; 51st  Indiana Civil War Memorial Tablet; Hazelden – the Home of George Ade; George Ade’s Golf Course.
                Jackson Township: Pilot Grove; the Amish Cemetery.
                Colfax Township: Fair Oaks Dairy Adventure.
                Lincoln Township: The American Chestnut Tree; American Eagle Flight 4184 Crash Site; Indian Gardens; The Original Site of the First Thayer Post Office; Natural Gas Wells; Crude Oil Wells; Diana Hunt Club; Fogli Hotel.
                A history of the organization of the county; information regarding the platting of the towns; and other Newton County points of interest are also included in the pamphlet.