1899 Biographical History of Tippecanoe, White, Jasper, Newton, Benton, Warren and Pulaski Counties, Indiana

Published by Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago

This is an alphabetial listing of Newton County residents represented in this two volume set.
This book is available on line ... connect to the link here.
Other county indexes can be found at this link, again contact the Newton County Coordinator if you wish a copy of bios. Tippecanoe, White, Jasper, Benton, Warren, Pulaski

Name Page County
Ade, George 613 Newton
Ade, John 612 Newton
Childress, Johnson E. 1045 Newton
Davis, John G. 613 Newton
Gilman, William W. 690 Newton
Halstead, Michah B. 738 Newton
Harmon, John 795 Newton
Hatch, Jethro A. 663 Newton
Healey, George H. 725 Newton
Kent, Alexander J. 801 Newton
LeMaster, Benjamin B. 1019 Newton
LeMaster, Benjamin B. 1019 Newton
McCain, Richard C., 745 Newton
McCray, Warren T. 767 Newton
McGray, Greensberry W. 705 Newton
Peck, Albert D. 755 Newton
Perry, William 759 Newton
Randall, John W. 482 Newton
Recher, Lawson H. 625 Newton
Saunderson, James T. 514 Newton
Shelland, John D. 474 Newton
Spitler, Marion L. 647 Newton
Strohm, Harry A. 763 Newton
Triplett, Charles E., Jr. 751 Newton
Triplett, Charles E., Sr. 748 Newton
Washburn, Samuel S. 158 Newton
Weldon, David 717 Newton
West, Alexander L. 732 Newton
Wickwire, Chester W. 715 Newton
Wilson, Warren 943 Newton
Wishard, William W. 640 Newton