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Zachary - Ben

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 8 Feb 1890 p 3

Ben Zackery (sic), a young man about 19 years of age, lost the toes of his left foot on Monday in attempting to jump aboard a moving freight train on the OI&W Railroad, near the freight depot of that road. Young Zackery had tried his agility as a jumper on trains on several occasions with good success and accounted himself as an expert, but as was shown today there was trick in the accomplishment of the feat which he had not yet acquired and he will travel the remainder of his journey through life a cripple inconsequence. The young man conveyed to the home of his father, Elisha Zackery near the scene of the accident and Dr. Ensminger telephoned for. The young man will not be able to jump on moving trains for several weeks at least.  - kbz
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