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Young - Editha

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 13 August 1897

A COMPLICATED CASE. Death of Mrs, Editha Young Leaves a Series of Litigation of Sixteen Years' Duration in Peculiar Shape The death of Mrs. Editlia Young at Ladoga last Saturday recalls one of the most bitterly and most complicated land suit and will eases ever contested in the. Montgomery county circuit court. The land case began about sixteen years ago and went through four or five courts before it was finally settled. Alfred D. Young and wife, Editha Young, had one child by their marriage, namely, a son Lafayette Young. Lafayette married a Miss Brookshire, a sister of ex-Congressman Brookshire. By that union they were three children, Mrs. Sarah E. Miller, Grace Young and Dudley W. Young. Lafayette Young and family lived on a one hundred acre tract of land allowed them by Dudley Young. Along in 1881 Lafayette Young died and his widow after the lapse of years wedded James Tobin. This, together with the actions of the two daughters of Lafayette, which wore distasteful to Mr. David Young, caused him to bring suit to eject them off the land, they refusing to leave the land, claiming that the land had been given to Lafayette Young during his life time and they were legal heirs. The ejectment suit was first brought in a Justice of the Peace court and here it was dismissed in 1884. It was brought to the circuit court of this county and here the defendants won. A new trial was granted and on this occasion the plaintiff was victorious. The case was taken to the Supreme Court and the case was reversed. A rehearing was granted and the Supreme Court this time affirmed the decision of the lower court and David Young was given the possession of the land. Shortly upon the conclusion of this case David Young died, leaving all of his property valued at 822,000 absolutely to his wife Editha and in case she died and had not disposed of it the property was to be equally divided between his grandson Dudley W. Young, a son of Lafayette Young, and Robert T. Young a nephew. Mrs. Sarah E. Miller and Grace Young incensed at being disinherited by their grandfather at once brought suit to break the will. This case began in 1892 and was tried in the Montgomery county circuit court. The jury found for the defendants and the will was broken. Mrs. Editha Young, the plaintiff, took the case to the Supreme Court, which body reversed the decision. The case was then venued to Putnam county by the defendants, where again the will was broken. Mrs. Young, by her attorneys, filed a motion for anew trial and this was the state of affairs existing upon the demise of Mrs. Young. Mrs. Young left a will, but up to today no trace can be found of it. Mrs. Young's death further complicates matters and a protracted litigation is the pleasant prospect for all concerned. - thanks so much to Kim for this wild look at a family - transcribed by kbz
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Argus News Aug 14, 1897 p 1

Mrs. Editha Young, the widow of Dudley Young and the leading defendant in the famous Young Will case, died Saturday at he rhome in Ladoga and was buried Monday. Just what effect her death will have upon the litigation, which has been going on for years, remains to be seen. It may give rise to new complications of it may be the means of a compromise. Th elatter, indeed, is not imporobable for Mrs. Young, it is said has been the one most bitterly opposed to a cessation of hostilities. It is understood that she has willed all her interests in the estate to Bob Young, a grand nephew and a defendant in the case and to Dudle Young, Jun, a grandson. In the last trial of the case at Greencastle the finding was for the setting aside of the will. A motion for a new trial was made at once and is still pending. Should they decide to continue the fight Mrs. Young's heirs will be substituted as defendants. - transcribed by kbz
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 13 August 1897

Mrs. Editha Young, widow of Alfred Young, deceased, died Saturday at Ladoga. The funeral occurred Sunday. - transcribed by kbz
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 13 August 1897

Ladoga Items --Mrs. Ann Young, relict of Dudley Young, died Friday and was buried Sunday in Ladoga cemetery. Rev. Murray preached the funeral. - transcribed by kbz
Source: Crawfordsville Star Aug 12, 1897
Mrs. Editha Young, widow of Dudley Young of Clark Township died on last Saturday. She was the defendant in the celebrated Dudley Young will case, twice in the supreme court and now ready to go back on appeal, the will having been broken. The trial will go ahead just the same unless Mrs. Young has in a will, not yet found, divided up the property in a way that will suit the grandchildren who are plaintiffs.  

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