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Payne - James W

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Tuesday, 14 February 1893
Fowler, Ind., Feb. 14—Nellie Worthington Payne is in the Benton County jail, charged with the attempted murder of her husband, James W. Payne, who is now lying at the point of death with a bullet just above his heart. Suspicion had pointed toward the wife from the time of the shooting at an early hour Saturday morning, and that suspicion gaining strength from conflicting statements made by Mrs. Payne. She was arrested Sunday afternoon and kept under guard until Monday morning when, at a preliminary hearing, Mrs. Payne was bound over to the April grand jury, and in default of $5,000 bail, she was locked up in the little used woman’s cell of the county jail.

Note: Not sure he died - in fact, fairly sure he did not but putting here in case - plus not real sure if it has anything to do with our county ?  One from here?

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Monday, 13 February 1893

Fowler, Ind., Feb. 13—The residents of this place are greatly excited over the mysterious shooting of James W. Payne, a prominent citizen and member of the firm of Payne & Payne, druggists. He was shot at 3 o’clock Saturday morning while asleep in his home. The weapon used was a 22 caliber revolver, and was held so close as to burn his clothes.  The bullet entered just above the heart, but its exact course has not been ascertained, as his critical condition will not permit an examination. Mrs. Payne was arrested on suspicion as the one who did the shooting.

Source; Crawfordsville Daily Journal Saturday, 6 May 1893

Fowler, Ind., May 6—In the Payne trial Friday the state closed its case at 10 o’clock. James W. Payne, husband of the defendant, was the last witness examined. He related his domestic troubles away back and told an affecting story. Many tears were shed throughout the courtroom. Mrs. Payne broke down and wept. Payne exhibited his wound to the jury and related clearly and concisely all the particulars surrounding the shooting and his wife’s action. The defense did not cross examine him at all. The attorney for the defense made a statement to the jury, denied the charge and said he would prove that she did not do the shooting. All the witnessed for the defense were examined and the case closed at 4 p.m. The argument was begun in the afternoon and will be continued this morning, when the case will go to the jury.

Fowler, Ind., May 8—When the court convened in the Payne case Saturday, the defense announced they would not argue the case, thus shutting Prosecutor Brown Off from making his final speech to the jury.
The jury retired to their room at 11:30 in the forenoon. It returned a verdict finding the defendant guilty as charged and sending her to the women’s reformatory for four years and assessing a fine of one dollar. An appeal was filed by the defense.

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