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Patton - John

Source: Crawfordsville Review 13 Sept 1890 p 3

Last Friday afternoon John and Ashland Groves and John Patton, aged 18 years were in the barn of Hugh Groves putting up a horse. A rain storm coming up the men remained in the barn and a bolt of lightning struck the building. John Patton and horse were killed. Ashland Groves was knocked across the barn and John Groves was stunned. The men are yet suffering from the effects of the shock. Mr. Patton's parents live in Coal Creek Township and are among the best people in the county. The sad accident was a severe blow to his people, who have the sympathy of the entire community.

Source: In Hiram Pratt’s diary

September 6, in 1890, he wrote that “a boy 18 years old living at Hugh Groves’ by the name of John Patten was killed yesterday evening by lightning. He was buried this p.m. in Waveland cemetery.

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Saturday, 6 Sept. 1890

Yesterday afternoon during the rain at South Waveland, lightning struck and killed John Patton, the eighteen year old grandson of Hugh Groves with whom he lived at the time of the accident. The boy and two uncles, John and Ashland Groves, were at the barn putting up a team and preparing for the coming rain when a bolt of lightning struck the steel roof of the barn and ran down to the eaves and struck the boy in the head and knocked Ashland Groves clear across the barn. It badly stunned John Groves and killed the horse they were putting up as John Groves and his mother had just returned home from town. Dr. Kleiser was called to see them and said the boy’s face was burned and that there wasn’t a single mark on the horse to show where it was struck. John and Ashland are still suffering from the shock, but are not considered anything serious.

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