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Parks - James Michael

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 24 November 1893

 Sunday morning, James Michael Parks, a renter on the farm of John L. Davis, southwest of the city, met with an accident which resulted in his death a few hours later.  Mr. Parks had occasion to visit the city yesterday and hitched a four-year-old mare of Mr. Davis to a two-wheeled go-cart and drove in.  He was driving along Wabash street when a small black cur, the property of Mrs. Hattie Dixon, rushed into the street and darting between the wheels of the cart, bit the mare on the heels.  The animal was a spirited one and naturally plunged forward.  The violence of his start broke the back strap and the man moving forward the shafts of the two-wheeled vehicle fell, throwing Mr. Parks forward.  He fell against the mare's heels and the startled animal gave him a vicious kick, which sent him rolling twenty feet away.  The neighbors quickly assembled and carried the unconscious man into the residence of Wm. Reprogle nearby.  He had been kicked just over the eye and his skull was fractured.  In two hours he suddenly regained consciousness and told who he was.  Dr. G.W. Benefiel, the brother-in-law of John L. Davis, was accordingly summoned and upon the urgent request of Mr. Parks took him out to the Davis farm in his buggy.  Mr. Parks walked to the buggy unassisted and clambered in.  When he reached home, he got out and went to that part of the Davis mansion in which he lived with his wife and three children.  He asked where he could lay down and upon his wife preparing a place he stretched himself out and was unconscious again in ten minutes.  Dr. Beatty, of New Market, was called in but was unable to do anything for his patient.  He grew rapidly worse until death ended his suffering at 11 o'clock at night.  The deceased was thirty-three years of age and a hard working, respectable man.  The funeral occurred Tuesday, with interment at his old home near Lebanon. – thanks to Kim H.

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