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Paddoner - Elizabeth

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Thursday, 12 June 1873

Three men, Jasper and George Van Dyne and Webster Lewark, arrested by Sheriff Boyd, of Fountain County, charged with the rape and murder of the German servant girl of Mr. Leob, at Attica, some two years ago and who were on the motion of the mother of Lewark, taken before Judge Pettit at Wabash on a writ of habeas corpus, have been remanded to the custody of the Sheriff. It is asserted that the evidence against them is conclusive. There is a fourth person implicated in the crime—Allen Van Dyne—who was one of the men concerned in the rape of the girl.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Thursday, 14 August 1873

The trial of Jasper Vandyne for the murder of Elizabeth Padonner at Attica two years ago commenced here before Judge Davidson Tuesday afternoon. The prosecutor dismissed the suits pending against the Lewark boys, alleged accomplices. The case was concluded late yesterday evening, the charge of the court being given to the jury after dark. The jury after a retirement and consultation of about two hours returned a verdict of not guilty. We believe the general impression of those who heard the evidence is that Vandyne was not the guilty party in that outrage, however, hardened he may be. The hardest set of witnesses that it has ever been our lot to see testified in this case from Wabash County.—Covington News Republic

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Thursday, 12 June 1873

Four prisoners from Fountain County, three on charge of murder and one for house burning, were brought to this city last Friday evening and lodged in jail, the prison at Covington being considered insecure. The three who were charged with murder are Jasper Van Dyne, Webster Lewark, and George Van Dyne.

It will be remembered that about two years ago a German girl named Padonner, who lived in the family of Wm Loeb, at Attica, was found brutally murdered and thrown into the canal. The evidence against these boys was sufficient to justify the officers in making their arrest for this murder.

The other, Enoch Croy, was arrested on a charge of burning a house a few miles east of Attica.

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