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McLoed, William O.

Source: Indianapolis News Wed 8 May 1907 p 11

Crawfordsville, Ind, May 8 - Because William O. McLoed has not been heard from for more than seven years, and is, therefore, dead, according to the law, an estate of $10,00 in money that was set aside for him by the provisions of the will of his father, Oliver McLoed one of the wealthiest land owners of Montgomery County at the time of his death, is to be divided equally between the other seven heirs. The long-absent boy was of a roving disposition and in the early 90s he went West on a prospecting tour. He left soon after his graduation from DePauw University and just at a time when his father was ready to give him a good start in the law, which profession he had expressed a desire to follow.  When he left for the West it was with the intention of returning soon, in case the outlook did not seem sufficiently favorable for him.  In 1896 he returned home for a brief visit with his parents but left shortly for the West again.

The parents never heard from him directly again, although in 1890 they received information from a friend that their son was understood to be on his way to the Klondike in Alaska, in search of gold. This was the last message ever received by the parents regarding him, and they both died a few years ago never knowing where their son was or whether he was even living.  They lived constantly in the hope that he would return to them.

That the parents never forgot the absent son and that their love never died was shown in the father's will, which contained the provision that the son be given his full share of the large estate. His share amounted to $10,000 which was set aside in money, $6,000 in cash here and $4,000 cash in Versailles, Ky. The other heirs have all received their share. Now they will received a share of the brother's portion and an administrator has been appointed to divide the property just as though it were known positively that William O. McLoed were dead. M.E. Foley, an attorney of this city is the administrator and he has qualified by furnishing bond in the sum of $20,000. - kbz

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