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McKinley - Thomas S.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 7 August 1896

A telegram announcing the death of Thos. S. McKinley, formerly of this city, but giving no particulars, was received here Monday night. The Terre Haute Express of Tuesday has the following account of the shocking occurrence:

Washington, Ind., Aug.3—Little did the friends of Thomas S. McKinley, the clever roadmaster of the Evansville & Indianapolis Road, think as he boarded the south bound E. & I. train at 1:25 this afternoon that he would be brought back to this city two hours later a corpse. But such was the case, and his death has caused universal regret in Washington. Mr. McKinley was killed at Maysville, a station four miles south of here, a little after 3 o’clock. He was superintending the putting in of a waterway under the track, and was standing in the ditch giving orders to his men when one of the banks gave way and pinioned him to the other bank. The unfortunate man’s head was caught between the falling bank and a post that he been set to brace the other side. He screamed with pain and the men rushed to release him, although it was a very dangerous thing to do, as the bank was still caving. The injured man was carried from the hole and a doctor sent for, but before the physician arrived he died, having never regained consciousness. There was a big cut over his left eye and another on his cheek. The back of his head and his left side were crushed. Mr. McKinley lived in Terre Haute. He was about 58 years old and was one of the twenty five 33d degree Masons in Indiana. Coroner McCown is holding an inquest tonite.

The remains of Roadmaster Thomas S. McKinley, of the E. & I. Railroad, were brought to this city from Washington, Ind. The train was met at the Union Station by a committee from the local Knight Templars. The remains were accompanied to this city by an escort of seven Knight Templars of Washington. The body was immediately taken to the family home at 1503 North English Street.
Mrs. McKinley and daughter have been visiting relatives near Rockville and did not receive the distressing news in time to reach home last night. A message sent to Dr. Gillum, of Rockville, apprised them of the accident. They will arrive this morning at 11 o’clock.

Thomas S. McKinley was well known in Terre Haute. He moved to this city in 1874 from Crawfordsville, where for years he occupied a residence adjoining the home of Roadmaster Brothers, of the T. H. & L., who came so near being killed in the Walnut Fork Bridge disaster last week. Mr. McKinley was a gauger at the distillery during Cleveland’s first administration. He occupied the position for four years and was then appointed a roadmaster of the E. & I., which he held up to the time of his death. He leaves a wife and one daughter.

Mr. McKinley was a thirty third degree Mason, of which there are only four in this city, they being Judge T. B. Long, N. K. Elliott, George E. Farrington and J. W. Cruft. -s

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