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May - Isabel

Old Town Cemetery Matter Settled
Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Tuesday, 20 March 1894

That old town cemetery matter has been settled at last. The prayer of the petitioners that a part of it be vacated has been granted and a resolution ordering the payment of $1 to the county for it was passed unanimously. It seemed to be the general opinion, however, that the commissioners would not open a highway from the city limits to Lafayette pike and if they do not, the city, of course, will not order the street improved through the cemetery. Neither will it move the bodies and tombstones unless compelled to by legal action or until the street and highway are opened. There are thirty nine bodies interred in that part of the cemetery vacated and through which the street will run if it is ever opened. The names as ascertained by Henry Campbell and Ed Reynolds are as follows:
Mary M. Corder       Rebecca Hughes
Sarah D. John      Nancy Eastman
Isaac C. Martin      Margaret M. Smock
Isabel B. May     Nancy Smith
Marg’t A. Misener     Archibald Martin
Eva Misener                J. C. M
Macajah Reeder        Amanda Aydelott
John T. Cronin
Susan Jones                Thomas Walsh
John Jones                  Catherine Brown
Maria K. Jones           Patrick Brown
Martha Jones              Charles Wickliffe
Lucy Ann Jones          N. B. Livingstone
Emaline Jones
Delia Jones
Elizabeth J. Mastin
Milton J. Aydelott
John O’Conner                          
Anna E and James E. Eastman   
Four unknown

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