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Maxwell - Howard

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 6 June 1902
Howard Maxwell, the son of Deputy Auditor Frank Maxwell, who disappeared from his home a little less than a year ago, and who since has never been heard from, has at last been located. At least clues have been obtained which it is hoped will lead to his restoration to his parents, who have been untiring in their efforts to locate their errant son. The following from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch gives the details:  “For over a year the father has been tireless in his search for his missing son, but without result until Saturday last, when Mr. Maxwell secured what is believed will prove to be a real clue as to the whereabouts of the young runaway.  Mr. Maxwell caused to be distributed throughout the United States and Canada thousands of circulars giving a description and photo of the boy and one of these found its way to the Post-Dispatch several months ago. The Post-Dispatch published the photograph and description of the boy and it is through the Post-Dispatch that the missing lad will possibly be restored to his parents very soon. Young Maxwell is said to have been with the Sipes’ dog and pony show, which, on May 29 last, concluded a two weeks’ engagement in St. Louis at Handlon’s Park, Grand and Laclede Avenues.  The father was notified of this fact by a man who said he had recognized the boy by the Post-Dispatch picture and description and it is believed there will be a happy reunion in the little Indiana home in the near future.  The description of young Maxwell as sent broadcast throughout the country and published in the Post-Dispatch follows: “Howard S. Maxwell, white, 14 years old May 22, 1901, small of stature, rather heavy set, gray eyes, light brown hair, parts in middle and hangs over forehead, complexion dark, quick spoken and intelligent. Ran away from home, Crawfordsville, Ind., Aug. 21, 1901. Last heard of was with a gang of tramps at Mobile, Ala., about Nov. 1. Can sing and dance, loves shows, boats and fishing. May have taken boat for the sea or river, or may be tramping in the south. A liberal reward will be paid for his apprehension or information leading thereto. Preserved this local paper. Can furnish photo if desired. Address the father, Frank O. Maxwell, Montgomery County, Crawfordsville, Ind.”  Last Friday Mr. Maxwell met a colored fellow who said that he had left St. Louis the day before. He had known the boy there who had secured a job with the show in question and when Mr. Maxwell showed several pictures the man quickly picked out Howard as the one who went with the show. The boy had directed him to go to Indianapolis where he could get a position with the Gentry shows, and in telling him he said if he went through Crawfordsville to go to the court house and ask for Maxwell and he could get his dinner. The colored fellow said that in the show Howard was called “Lips” and as Howard has very thick lips, he is without doubt the missing son. As soon as Mr. Maxwell can locate the Sipe show he will send a man after the boy. -s

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