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Mauck - Lavina

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 5 Jan 1906 p 2
Mrs. Lavina Chris (sic) Mauck was born at Liberty, Ind April 2, 1833 and died at Crawfordsville Dec 30, 1905 aged 62 years. She came to Montgomery County during the Civil War and was married in 1868. There were three children: James Caldwell, Virginia and Howard. From her early girlhood, she took interest in religious work and for many years was an active and honored member of the First Methodist Church of this city. She was industrious and faithful and had a sympathetic and loyal nature. She built up a reputation was a noble Christian woman and was highly respected by all who knew her. While she had to undergo much affliction especially in the last years of her life yet she always maintained her faith in God and her cheerful spirits.  Her last illness came about the middle of last December when she was stricken with paralysis and was unconscious most of the time until her death.  Everything that kind friends and loving hearts could do was done for her up to the last. The funeral services were held Sunday Dec 31 at 2 p.m. at the home, 212 West Wabash Avenue.  Mrs. Coutant and Mrs. Cullom sang two beautiful duets and Dr. Paul C. Curnick, pastor of the First ME Church preached a funeral sermon full of good words for her Christian character. The address touched the hearts of all because of its words of Christian sympathy and comfort.  Mrs. Mauck has gone home to her reward in heaven and has left behind her a record that any Christian might be proud of.  Dr. Curnick closed the funeral address with the words of the beautiful poem by Frederick Lawson Knowles:

This body is my house – it is not I
Herein I sojourn until in some far sky
I leave a fairer dwelling, built to last
Till all the carpentry of time is past.
When from my high place viewing this lone star
What shall I care where these poor timbers are?
What though the crumbling walls turn dust and loam,
I shall have left them for a larger home
What, though the rafters break, the stanchions rots,
What earth has dwindled to a glimmering spot?
When though, clay cottage, fallest, immerse
My long-cramped spirit in the universe
Through uncomputed silence of space
I shall yearn upward to the leaning Face,
The ancient heavens will roll aside for me
As Moses monarch’d the dividing sea
This body is my house, it is not I
Triumphant in this faith I live and died.

--Thanks to Dellie for this one !!!

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