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Martin-Nancy 2

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Saturday, 30 January 1892

Readers of The Journal will remember the novel suit brought by Mrs. Fannie Leet, late of Linden, against the estate of Mrs. Nancy Martin, deceased. Mrs. Leet wrote the love letters of Mrs. Martin and was to receive $100 if the marriage was consummated. The marriage was consummated, but it was quickly followed by a divorce and the divorce by the death of Mrs. Martin. Mrs. Leet sued the estate for $100 and the case has been beaten in the preliminary skirmishes once or twice but is now back in court again and some very puzzling legal complications have arisen in connection with it upon which Judge Harney is unable to find any written law. The case is likely to become a famous one yet and will probably command the attention of the Supreme Court before it reaches final adjustment.

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