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Martin - Lena Trotter

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday 29 June 1900

The death of Mrs. Martin of our place came as a thunderbolt to the people Tuesday morning.  She had been ailing for about a week with neuralgia, but no one was thinking of serious results, therefore, her death was a terrible surprise to her neighbors and friends and to those who only knew her at sight.  It is terrible to the husband and three little children, of which only one is old enough to realize what a great loss and sorrow its mother’s death brings to them all.   Although the writer of this had no personal aquaintance with Mrs. Martin, yet we know how well she was was (sic) respected, and how highly she was esteemed for her many noble qualities, and there was no one in all our town but pours out their deepest heartfelt sympathies in the silence of their homes and at their places of business, for the lonely bereaved husband and children.  How often they will listen for the loving words and tender voice of the now angel mother.  No other voice, no other works (sic) will ever be so soothing as their mother’s no matter how kindly spoken they may be.  To the father of those little ones, we extend in behalf of the people of this place, the sincerest sorrow for you.  God alone can give you comfort,and the promise of a happy meeting with your loved one.  We earthly mortals can offer only words of consolation.
Transcribed by: Vernon L. Threlkeld, a half-great great nephew of the husband of the deceased.  
Note:  From the death certificate of the deceased, her given and maiden names were LENA LEWELLA TROTTER.  The date of death was 26 June, 1900.  She had been married to ARBA J. MARTIN in Vigo Co. IN on 8 Dec. 1891.  She was born in Boone Co., Indiana, daughter of Tilghman Trotter and Rebecca M. “Maggie” Berry.  According to the census she had 4 children, 3 living and she was born in Sept. 1882.  They were Clyde, b. May 1892; Paul, b. Nov. 1894; and Harold, b. Sept 1897.  Her place of burial is given as Montgomery County, without naming as specific cemetery.  No burial location is known at this writing.
The medical input for cause of death was extraction of teeth and the resultant shock and the use of chloroform for 3 hours.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 6 July 1900

A wave of sorrow passed over the Yountsville neighborhood one week ago Tuesday morning, occasioned by the announcement of the death of Mrs. A. R. Martin, of Alamo. Mr. Martin and family moved to Alamo from Yountsville three months ago. Lena Trotter was born at Jamestown, Indiana, in 1872, and died on June 26, 1900, at the age of 28 years. She was united in marriage to A. R. Martin in 1890. The union was blessed with four children, one girl and three boys. The little girl, who was the eldest, died in infancy. The three little boys and the father survive the mother. The three boys, Clyde, Paul, and Harold are aged eight, five, and three respectively.

Mrs. Martin for some time before her death had been suffering from neuralgia in her teeth and just a week before her death she went to Crawfordsville to have her teeth extracted. Chloroform was administered while the teeth were being extracted and she never fully recovered from the effects. The decision of the attending physician is that she died from the poisonous effects of the drug.

The funeral services were held Thursday morning at 10 a.m. at the Yountsville M. E. Church of which she was a member. Funeral sermon was by Rev. F. K. Daugherty. Interment was at Mace.

Mrs. Martin was more than a church member, she was a Christian. To know her was to love her. Her gentle disposition has left impression upon the hearts of all of her acquaintances. The mourners were not alone of the immediate family, but the church was filled with bleeding hearts. It is with intense feeling that we say goodbye to such a choice character. Mr. and Mrs. Trotter, parents of the deceased, whose home is at Toledo, O., were present at the funeral. Her brother, Clarence, of Detroit, Clyde, of Indianapolis, and sister, Mary, of Indian Territory, were also present. The family has the sincere sympathy of the neighborhood. The family requests that the correspondent thank the many friends for the kindness they have shown in this sad bereavement. – thanks so much to “S” for all her great obit work on this site

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