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Martin - Lena Lewellen

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The death of Mrs. Martin of our place came as a thunderbolt to the people Tuesday morning.  She had been ailing for about a week with neuralgia, but no one was thinking of serious results, therefore, her death was a terrible surprise to her neighbors and friends and to those who only knew her at sight.  It is terrible to the husband and three little children, of which only one is old enough to realize what a great loss and sorrow its mother’s death brings to them all.   Although the writer of this had no personal aquaintance with Mrs. Martin, yet we know how well she was was (sic) respected, and how highly she was esteemed for her many noble qualities, and there was no one in all our town but pours out their deepest heartfelt sympathies in the silence of their homes and at their places of business, for the lonely bereaved husband and children.  How often they will listen for the loving words and tender voice of the now angel mother.  No other voice, no other works (sic) will ever be so soothing as their mother’s no matter how kindly spoken they may be.  To the father of those little ones, we extend in behalf of the people of this place, the sincerest sorrow for you.  God alone can give you comfort, and the promise of a happy meeting with your loved one.  We earthly mortals can offer only words of consolation.
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