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Martin - Archibald

By order of the Board of Directors of the Famers Mutual Insurance Company

Source: Crawfordsville Review Feb 19, 1924 p 3

Archibald Martin has gone. No more shall we see his smiling face nor hear his pleasant voice. His wise counsel and timely helpful suggestions will be given no more. For more than 30 years he has been officially connected with the Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. He has seen it grow from an organization of less than a half million to one of nearly 15 million at risk. For 25 years he adjusted practically every loss the company had. His great heart went out to the unfortunate looser. His regret was that he could not help them more. Not only did he offer financial help, but their misfortune and their grief was his. He was a man of splendid judgment, unquestioned integrity and happy pleasing personality. He was always patient, hopeful, ever striving to be more helpful in every walk of life. He was universally loved and respected. He was always patient, hopeful ever striving to be more helpful in every walk of life. Many a prosperous man of today owes much to the timely encouragement give him by Archibald Martin. The Farmers Mutual Company owes much to him. He sacrificed much to put it in the proud position it occupies today. For 30 years his time and talent have been ours for the asking. Now he is gone. On Thursday evening that long restful sleep came to receive his weary body. For 18 long months he lay patiently with a thank you and a smile for every little kindness shown. 18 long, weary months, with sleepless nights and tiresome days, yet never a cross word, but always trying to be less trouble to those who cared for him. Because we love him we pass this resolution: Resolved that we hereby express our regret at the loss of our friend and counselor. Our sorrow is deep but we bow to the will of Him who doeth all things well. To the family we extend our sympathy and heartfelt sorrow. To the Company we commend his example William J. Miles, President Harry R. Cooper, Secretary By order of the Board of Directors of the Farmers Mutual Insurance Company - kbz

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