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Marshall - Elmer - 1888

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review 25 Feb 1888 p 6

I noticed in a recent issue of your paper and also in another Crawfordsville paper an account of the would be murder (as stated in the article of one Elmer Marshal, by Al Harris of Darlington, which contained only one side of the difficulty). The facts are that Elmer Marshal, the father of the child of Miss Cora Harris, not contented with the ruin he had wrought, went out on the street and publicly and in the presence of her brothers, boasted repeatedly of the work he had done and said that “he got out of it very slick by marrying the girl.” These taunts thrown in the face of young Harris are what provoked him to strike the blow. If it is cowardly to stand up for the honor of home, then Al Harris struck a cowardly blow. But if to defend the honor of a sister and a home is just, the the blow was justly dealt. MBH

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