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Maiden - Wright

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal, Wednesday May 10, 1916
Danville, Ill -- Wright MAIDEN a former brakeman in the service of the Chicago & Eastern Illinois, died at St. Elizabeth Hospital yesterday afternoon just 15 minutes after he had been received at that institution. His death was due to an obstruction of the intestines. Mr. Maiden was taken suddenly ill yesterday morning in his apartments. The decedent was about 57 years of age, and came to Danville 15 years ago to enter the service of the C & EI as a car repariman. He lost an arm while in the service of the C & EI as a brakeman. He is survived by his sons, Ercel, Harold and Herbert Maiden. The wife of the decedent passed away about 4 years ago. The body will be taken to Shannondale, Indiana for burial. Mr. Maiden lived at Shannondale before coming to Danville. - kbz

Source: Crawfordsville Review, Thursday, May 11, 1916
Wright MAIDEN formerly of Shannondale died at the St. Elizabeth Hospital in Danville, Ill Monday afternoon only a few minutes after he was received at the institution. Maiden was taken ill very suddenly with intestinal trouble and was rushed to the hospital and he arrived too late to receive any aid. The deceased was 57 and had lived in Danville about 15 years, during which time he was in the service of the C&EI Railroad. He is survived by his three sons: Ercel, Harold and Herbert. The body will be brought back to Shannondale for burial today. - typed by kbz

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal May 17, 1916
The body of Wright Maiden of Danville, Illinois was brought to Shannondale for burial on Friday. He was a former member of the Shannondale Band and is the second to die in 34 years. -- typed by kbz
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