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Marshall - Elmer Glenn

Elmer Glenn Marshall

Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana, May 24, 1919

Elmer Glenn Marshall, son of Cyrus and Susan Marshall, was b.   in Waveland March 19, 1899 died April 19, 1919 aged 20 years and   1 month. He is survived by his mother, four brothers, Ott of   Crawfordsville; Guy in the US Service; Clyde and Oscar at home;   three sisters, Mrs. Bert Hill, Maude and Laverne still athome.   The father, one sister, Mrs. Bertha Bogess and one brother, Jess   have gone before. He has been afflicted for a long time, never   entirely recovering from an attack of influenza. Everything that   medical skill and love and duty could do was done but to no   avail. He met death with calmness and resignation that would say   to the world, "I have done what I could." Again God in His   infinite mercy has shown us that we may not know what a day may   bring forth. Again we stand upon the verge of the strange silent   country into whose marvels and mysteries we enter by the door of   the grave. Often have these reflections been thus stirred in the   days past and gone, over and over again will they come in days   that are set to be. Kind words and deeds endeared him to a large   circle of friends, both old and young. Mother, brothers, sisters,   friends, weep not, trust in God who does all things well and   shape your lives so that when the end comes you will all be   reunited in the beautiful home where parting will be no more.   "How sweet to lay life's burden down and dwell with Him above,   how kind of him to make a house, a home of perfect love."   -- transcribed by kbz

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