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Lynn - James W.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, April 11, 1872

James W. Lynn, died on Monday, the 8th, inst., after a painful and protracted illness of more than a year.  Mr. Lynn was one of the most highly respected and honored or our citizens.  Having when a young man, entered the Clerk's office in this place, while held by Mr. john Wilson, (a familiar and respected name in this county,) he faithfully and efficiently performed the duties of that office, either deputy or Clerk, during period of about twenty-eight years.  As a citizen, he exhibited a commendable public spirit, giving his influence and means in aid of enterprises calculated to promote the material prosperity of our town and county.  By honest industry, close application and prudent management, he had accumulated a competency for his family, to which he was greatly devoted.  The those somewhat familiar with his inner life, he was known to have a heart to sympathize with, and a hand to aid, virtuous objects of misfortune and need, and through quiet and un-ostentatious in demeanor and manner of doing things, few men, perhaps, possessed in a higher degree the elements of a last and true friend than he.

In his family relations he manifested in a most striking manner that fore thought solicitude and care for the present and future comfort of his family, that are characteristic of a faithful and devoted husband and father.  And while he was not, and did not claim to be free from imperfection, as no man is, his reputation and character need no formal vindication to the community, where he has lived so long.  His daily walk, his public and private acts are the best commentaries upon his life.

During his protracted sickness he had much time for reflection and consideration; and in the careful review of the past and in the contemplation of spiritual and immoral interests, he found that in some important respects the views he had formerly entertained through not with entire confidence were not sustained by the word of God, the only infallible test and hence did not furnish him a sufficient or satisfactory foundation upon which to rest his confidence and hope.  To one most intimate and familiar with his former views and state of mind, he said, "you know that I used to go very much on the debtor and credit system, but I have found that this won't do.  It will work well between man and man, but between week, sinful man and the Holy god, it is not sufficient."  He therefore came to the deliberate and calm decision that nothing but the grace of God, abounding in and through the Lord Jesus Christ, furnished a sufficient ground for hope.  In this grace he trusted and died in hope of a better life.

Hereafter we shall miss him as we do some others who have passed out of sight, but not out of memory. – transcribed by Kim H.

Source: Crawfordsville Star April 9, 1872 p 3

We are painted to learn that our highly esteemed and worthy fellow citizen, James W. Lynn, died at his residence on Wabash Avenue yesterday about noon. A more extended notice will appear in our next.  For the information of friends, we will state that the funeral will take place tomorrow at 10 o’clock a.m. from the Family Residence. – kbz

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