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LOWE, Bayless

Source Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 30 Aug 1895

Wallace, Aug 28 -- One of the most sorrowful accidents that ever has happened in this vicinity was one that occurred on  Thursday of last week resulting in the untimely death of Bayless Lowe, one of our prominent young men. The particulars of the accident cannot be ascertained in detail even by those who were near by at the time ,but are approximately as follows: Mr. Lowe was driving through Wallace to Sulphur Spring west of town to get a barrel of water. He was seated upon the barrel which was standing upright on the running gears of the wagon. At the top of the hill he thre on the rublock, and about the same time one or two small boys climbed upon the wagon and one of them loosed the lock and the wagon lurched forward, throwing Mr. Lowe violently forward upon the tongue and double trees.  The frightened horses rushed madly down the hill and about 200 yards beyond till the wagon tongue struck a large tree. Mr. Lowe was dragged about half this distance when it is supposed he wrenched himself loose and dropped, the wagon passing over him.  It was found that one leg was completely crushed and one thigh cruelly bruised. Medical aid was procured in a few minutes and he was at once taken home. He was conscious for several hours and frankly told his friends it was impossible for him to recover. His first expression after the accident when one of the bystanders reach him was, "I'm a dead man!"  It was ascertained that his head had received several heavy shocks and that his spine was injured. He talked calmly of the certainty of his death and gave minute instructions for his burial. He then gradually lapsed into unconsciousness in which state he remained till Sunday evening when he passed peacefully away. The remains were buried at Alamo Tuesday pursuant to his request. Mr. Lowe attended the Northern Indiana Normal School last year and would have completed his studies there the coming year in the law course. He was spending his vacation at home intending to return to college and enter at once into the legal profession when death cut short his career.
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