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Lough - Perry J.

Source: Waveland Independent, June 11, 1920

Rev. Perry J. Lough died very suddenly in a store in Danville, Ill. on Saturday. He was on his way to Pence, to preach on the following day. He was well known here, having been born on a farm, NW of town. He was the son of Jacob & Emily Lough and a half brother of the late George W. Lough. He is survived by his wife, who was Miss Lola Terry, one daughter, Mrs. Floyd Welch of linden; one son, Fern Lough of Remington; one sister, Mrs. William Kerr and one half-brother, Barton English, of Crawfordsville. He has been a minister of the Christian Church for many years and has served many congregations most acceptably. At the time of his death he was preaching for the Brownsvalley Church. He was a man of unblemished moral character, and leaves many friends who will regret his sudden death. - kbz

Source : Attica Ledger, Attica, Indiana 6-11-1920
Rev. Perry J. Lough of Crawfordsville, Ind, a pioneer minister of the Christian Church and well known to many Attica citzens, died suddenly Saturday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock within 10 minutes after he had entered the Stallings Drug Store in Danville, Ill. Heart rouble was given by the coroner's jury as the cause of death. Rev. Lough has been pastor of the Christian Church at Pence, for the past 5 or six years and during his pastorate there, has held services every other Sunday. It has always been his custom to go to Danville from his home in Crawfordsville on the Big Four Train which arrives there at 3:07 o'clock and later in the evening take a NY Central train to Pence. He was apparently in his usual health when he arrived in Danville Saturday and stepping briskly off the train, smilingly greeting a number of acquaintances whom he met at the station and then walked to the Stallings store, a few doors south of the station, to leave his suitcase, which had been his custom for the past several years. As he entered the store Rev. Lough spoke to Charles Hauk, a clerk whom he had known for the past 25 years, and then walked to a small table near the front of the store, and stooped to place his suit case under the table. When he attempted to raise up from the stooping position he was in, both Mr. Hauck and Mr. Stallings notice that something was wrong with him, and started to assist him but before they reached him he had collapsed and fallen to the floor. They place him in a chair and Dr. F.N. Cloyd was summoned but before the physician reached the store the aged minister had passed away. He did not speak as he fell to the floor and was apparently in an unconscious condition from that time until his death. Coroner Ralph M. Cole of Danville was notified of the death and ordered the body removed to the Berhaller Undertaking establishment, where it was later viewed bya corner's jury which held the inquest Saturday evening. A verdict of death due to some natural causes, believed from the testimony of witnesses to have been heart trouble was rendered. Late Saturay the body was taken overland to Waynetown, by an undertaker of that town and the funeral services wer eheld there Monday afternoon. Perry J. Lough, was a native of Waveland, Indiana where he was born, about 70 years ago. He was a member of a large family of boys, all of whom served in the Civil War and who later became prominent in the profession they chose. The Reverend Lough was ordained a minister when a young man but later gave up preaching to engage in the dry goods business in Waynetown. About six years ago he retired from business and removed to Crawfordsville and again entered the ministry. He was pastor of the Christian Church in a small town near Crawfordsville and also of the Christian Church at Pence, and frequenly occupied the pulpit in different churches. Rev. Lough was a man of scholarly attainments, and was widely known in Indiana and Eastern Illinois. Rev. Lough is survived by his wife and several children. One son, Fern is a banker at Monticello, Indiana and a daughter, Iva is the wife of the principal of the city school at Lincoln, Indiana. The widow and children were notified of his death and all departed at once for Waynetown.
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