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Dazy - Burton

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Tuesday 28 Jan 1890

A farmer from the neighborhood about 3 ½ miles north of here was in town Saturday and told some remarkable things about a mysterious light which haunts that region.   About six years ago Burton Dazy died and ever since then until within the last few months this illumination has haunted the house of the dead man and the whole neighborhood about. On one occasion a party of persons were passing the house about 11 o’clock at night and they observed a light in it. They knew no one was inside unless it be an intruder for the occupants were of the party. Two of the persons slowly approached the haunted dwelling keeping their eyes closely fixed all the time on the light. They got close up to the window, looked in and the room appeared as if illuminated by electricity, but the source of the illumination could not be discovered. Finally the rest of the party came up and it was decided to search the house but at that the light suddenly disappeared all and all was darkness. The search went on, however, but nothing was found to explain the wonderful apparition. After the light would be seen around the wood house, the smoke house, and other places in the vicinity. Sometimes a lone rider would see it arise in the midst of a grove nearby, stand still a few moments, then silently, slowly but surely move off and disappear. One night it shown through the window at the home of Charles Dazy after the family had retired and made every object in the room visible. Mr. Dazy opened the door to discover the source and all was black night again. The house is now occupied by Frank Shepherd.  S. H. Gregg hearing the above story recalled another mysterious light which some years ago made its appearance on the farm of John Munns, four miles west. One night Arch  Martin and wife were coming home and when a mile away saw the house to all appearances in flames and burning down. Mr. Martin whipped up his horses until they went at a 2:40 gait keeping his eyes all the time on the house. It still appeared to be burning but just before reaching home he had to drive down into a gully out of sight of the house. When it came in sight again the flames had disappeared and a careful search failed to show any evidence of any fire. The same light giving the impression of a conflagration was often seen after that and many a time persons in that neighborhood have thought a house, barn, or forest was afire. It is very likely that both these strange apparitions can be explained by the fact that they appear in the region of the marshes. The marsh gas or “will o’ the wisp” acts very much like those described. - s

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal Friday, 31 Jan. 1890

The notice of the light seen in the home of Burton Dazy as published by you is not correct in several particulars. The light was said to have been seen before his death. Burton Dazy was buried March 29, 1882 by the Masonic fraternity of Pleasant Hill. His funeral services were conducted in the Methodist Church in New Richmond. As to the story of the light said to have been seen in and about his house, it was by many considered to be a rumor merely. I waited on Burton Dazy one entire night during his sickness, the most of the time alone, and though anxious the spectre should come it came not. I was at the time of Mr. Dazy’s sickness and death the pastor of the Pleasant Hill work, and with a few of the people watched more than once from a short distance for the light and it did not appear. It was and is believed by many to have been the result of imagination only.
                                        E. R. Johnson

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