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Davis - Thompson

Source: Saturday Evening Journal, December 22, 1883

Thompson Davis, who lived ten miles south of the city, in Scott township, died last Wednesday morning at 8:10 o'clock, the result of taking poison, administered by his own hand. The particulars of this sad death are about these; Mr. Davis, as is well known, has been suffering for a long time from aberration of mind. He was taken to the asylum about a year ago where he remained probably three months. When he returned in February he was thought to be much improved, though it was evident to his friends that he had not entirely recovered. Last Monday morning Mr Davis and his wife arranged to go to W.L. Smith's their son-in-law, to remain with the children during the day while they came to the city. When ready to start he remarked to his wife that he would remain until the fire had burned down before leaving. She left him with the impression that he too would soon go. But instead of leaving he remained at home. He busied himself during the day at different kinds of work, and had fed the stock for the evening, but upon the return of his wife and son they found him quite sick. They soon learned that he had been taking a dose of rat poison. Medical aid was at once summoned and everything was done that skill could suggest, but to no purpose. He lived in great suffering until Wednesday morning when he was relieved by death. In all the relations of life Mr. Davis was highly esteemed. He was a kind neighbor, a good citizen and an honest man. At the time of his death he was about 65 years of age and had lived the greater part of his life in this county.- kbz

Source: Crawfordsville Star, Dec 20, 1883 p 10

Thompson Davis, a well known farmer of Scott Township, brother to John L. Davis of this vicinity, took a dose of Rough on Rats with suicidal intent on last Monday morning while his wife was away from home. When she returned in the evening he was vomiting and was very sick. Mr. Davis told his wife what he had done and medical assistance was called, but medical skill was of no avail and after lingering until Wednesday morning Mr. Davis died in terrible agony.  He was a man of considerable property. He had been insane at times for several years and had twice been in the State Asylum for treatment always being sent home temporarily restored in health of mind.  Just before death he regained consciousness and said that he regretted having taken the poison and did not want to die.

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