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Davis - Merle


Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal October 23, 1918

Merle Davis was born June 17, 1900 here in Crawfordsville which has always been his home. His attendance in the schools has been regular and his progress steady. From his earliest boyhood, he took pride in earning money and a certain sum of this he spent for books, for reading was a great delight to him. The loss of his mother seven years ago (sic - I think this should be seven months ago - kbz) affected him deeply and respect for her memory made him always thoughtful for women of her age. Although he was always modest and unassuming in manner, his habits of reliability, courtesy and accuracy won him the respect and admiration of all who knew him. He had a bligation to societyand had carefully planned his future with that in mind. He had no desire for wealth or political prominence. Instead, he had chosen the career of a college professor of sociology and those who knew him bst realized that he might have achieved this ambition. In high school, he gained the admiration and respect of students and teachers alike. He neer forced his opinionis upon others, but he always thought things out for himself and never compromised them to gain approbation r poularity. He was feareless in his convictions and absolutely sincere. It was natural that he should have been a leader in high school life and his influence was always for the good of the shcool. He had an unusual capacity for work andn ever neglected his class work for the outside work required for debates, contests and drmatic performances. No one ever had to worry lest he should fail tokeep his appointments . He took victory or defeat as a rea man should and had no such feelings as envy or jealousy. His name is placed in bronze on the honor roll of the school and on pennants of victory but it is also graven so deeply upon the hearts of his many friends that it will be cherished as long as they live. No insitution has ever been more proud of a graduate than CHS of him. He represented the ideals for which she stands. He made his life accord to the creed of the CHS Athletic Association. "I shall endeavor to live that my after self - the man I ought to be - may be possible. I shall leave him a sound body, a brain unspoiled by dissipation, a trained mind to hink and .. a nervous system true as a dial in its response to the truth about me. I shall let him come as a man among men -- a man that shall leave this life unashamed. It was natural that he should have felt his obligation to the church and seven years ago he joined the Baptis hurchand has been loyal to it.

From a human standpoint it seems he should have lived here to realize his ambitions and to continue to help others. But we must believe that there is greak work to do in the next world just beyond and that he has been called to higher service. We know that he was able to meet the mother he so loved unashamed when he met her last Thursday night after his brief illness. He has shown every body who knew him that it is possible to be true to one's better self and his life is a benediction to his family and friends.

"I cannot say and I will not say that he is dead. He is just away
With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand, he has wandered into an unknown land
And left us dreaming how very fair it needs must be since he lingers ther
And you, oh you who the wildest yearn for the old time step and the glad return
Think of him faring on, as dear in the lov love of here
Think of him still as the same I say, he is not dead ... he is just away."


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