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Davis - Manning

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 12 January 1900 p10

Manning S. Davis was born in Butler County, O., March 5, 1822, and died at his home in Montgomery County, Ind., Jan. 3, 1900. He came to this county at the age of ten years in company with a number of other first settlers, of whom only one survives him, Uncle Jim Wilkinson, who is well past his four score and ten years.

On the 28th of April, 1853, he was married to Angeline Smith, daughter of Paden Smith, another of the pioneers, who died but a few years ago, honored and respected by all who knew him. To this union were born eleven children, five of whom are still living; Sarah, Isaac, Rhoda, Henry, and Josie. The other six had gone on before to await the father’s coming.

He joined the Indian Creek Baptist Church and was baptized by Elder Canine at the regular May meeting of that church in 1895. The life of this grand old man was in perfect keeping with his profession. He was truly a good man.

A few hours before his departure he said: “I have made a profound confession to God and feel proud to think I have done so. God has promised to take care of me. I am going to meet my children.” Several times within the last two years he expressed a desire to die and go to his reward. His work was done. His cup was full. When time shall have gathered all of us to our Maker it should be a pleasure to know that our memory was cherished, as is that of Manning Davis. As a neighbor he was kind and tender and always ready to lend a helping hand whenever he could. To his friends he was loyal and true, sometimes sacrificing for their comfort to the injury of himself. He was willing to suffer for his friend. He was honorable in all things, honest and true. His word was as good as his bond or his oath. To say that his family and neighbors will miss him is to express but a part of the truth. He knew no vocation but that of farming and was in love with his calling. He was a hard worker and unless duty called him somewhere else, he was always found at his work or with his family.

His last years were full of trials and suffering, but with an unshaken faith in God he looked joyously forward to the time when he should end his work and be at rest.

The funeral services were conducted by Elders Airhart and Canine. The remains were laid to rest in the Indian Creek Cemetery. -s

Link to Photograph of Manning Davis, Angeline Smith Davis, Sarah Davis and Paden Smith (born 1856)
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