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Davis - Charles E.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 28 June 1901
Charles E. Davis died Monday morning at 4 o’clock in the hospital at Washington City of a fever. The body was brought to this city Tuesday for interment and the funeral occurred from the residence of John L. Davis. Mr. Davis was ex-sheriff of Montgomery County and at the time of his death had been employed in one of the departments at Washington. - s

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, Friday, 5 July 1901

The body of Charles E. Davis arrived Wednesday from Washington City and was taken to the home of John L. Davis, an uncle of the deceased. The funeral occurred at 10 o’clock that morning conducted by Archdeacon Cook, of the Episcopal Church, the Elks having charge of the funeral. Interment was in Masonic Cemetery. -s

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 12 July 1901
M. D. White and John L. Davis have returned from Washington where they went to look into the affairs of the late Charles E. Davis.  Mr. Davis left an estate worth about $6,000, most of it being in cash from life insurance. It is disposed of by a will. This will provides that his funeral expenses shall not exceed $250 and that a monument not to cost over $150 to be erected at his grave. The sum of $300 is left as a perpetual fund, the interest from which shall be used to keep in order the graves of himself and parents and to decorate them with flowers in May each year. To Kittie Britton he leaves $100 cash and the same sum to Wm H. Fisher. To Joseph and Frank Allen $50 each is left, and a like sum to Lizzie and Alice Wilhoit, they to buy jewelry with it to wear in memory of the decedent. The children of his cousins, George Davis and Nellie Beatty, are left $50 each, and D. F. Britton is bequeathed his revolver. To his brothers, Joe Davis and Isaac M. Davis, he left his trunks, grips and wearing apparel. To his uncle, John L. Davis, he left his books and all his Masonic emblems and jewelry. All the balance of the estate is left to his brother Joe and his uncle, John L. Davis, share and share alike. John L. Davis is named as the executor of the will. -s

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