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Davidge - Charles H.

Source: Washington Herald 9 Feb 1910 p12 –

The will of Charles H. Davidge dated Sept 8, 1909 was filed for probate yesterday. He leaves $350 for the erection of a joint monument to himself and wife at Crawfordsville, Ind. The remaining estate is left to his half-sisters, Zerelda McRae of this city and Agnes M. Crowder of Richmond, Va. Zachary T. Mullin is executor.

Source: Washington Evening Star Sat 5 Feb 1910 p 1

Charles H. Davidge, 67 years old, who was well known in banking circles in this city committed suicide this morning while at his home, 1736 Q Street northwest by shooting himself in the right temple with a 32-caliber revolver and life was extinct before a physician could be summoned. The police of the third precinct were notified of the shooting and a policeman was stationed at the house until the arrival of the coroner. The act of Mr. Davidge was not a complete surprise to some of his friends.  Since the death of his wife, which occurred last June, Mr. Davidge had suffered from melancholia and his condition had alarmed his half sister, Miss McCrea who had looked after his home since the death of Mrs. Davidge. Miss McCrea was at home when the shot was fired.  It was a few minutes after 10 o’clock when the report of the shot attracted Miss McCrea and the domestics to the sleeping apartment of Mr. Davidge and a glance in the room was all that was necessary to tell them the awful story of what had happened.  “I had hoped and prayed that he would get well,” said Miss McCrea to a Star reporter, “and he was better, but his condition was really pitiable after the death of his wife.  He had been so devoted to her that the separation by death almost drove him crazy.”  Many friends of the deceased called at the house during the day to offer assistance. They had known of the illness of Mr. Davidge and had feared his mind would get into such a condition as to render him irresponsible. That he had lost control of his mind his friends do not doubt and they are satisfied the deed was the result of the irresistible impulse resulting from a disorder of his brain.  Mr. Davidge was a native of Indiana having been born in Crawfordsville 67 years ago and was a brother-in-law of the late John C. New, who was chairman of the Republican National Committee for a number of years.  He was brought to this city by Mr. New who was then influential in government circles and it was through his influence Mr. Davidge received an appointment as clerk in the Treasury department. Several promotions landed him the position of chief of the redemption division of that department and he filled it until the change of administration in 1885, when he resigned.  He returned to Crawfordsville and served as cashier of a bank, returning to accept a position as cashier of the Ohio National Bank. Later he filled a similar position in the Washington Savings Bank. About four years ago he retired from the banking business and lived with his wife at the Q street address until her death.  Coroner Nevitt gave a certificate of death in accordance with the facts.  Arrangements have been made to send the body to Crawfordsville to be interred beside that of his wife. - kz

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