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Davison - Jasper N.


Source: Crawfordsville Journal, May 19, 1899

- The family of the late Jasper N. Davison have received a handsomely engrossed memorial, beautifully bound in seal from the trustees of Purdue University. Mr. D. was a man who in various positions in life has shown himself to be of unusual capabilities and always ready and wiling to do what he could in the interest of good citizenship and the welfare of the community and state. One of the pioneer of Mont. Co., he lived all his life within one mi. of his birthplace. Those who were his life long friends and neighbors and those fro other localities who had become assoc. with him through critical positions respected him for his good judgment, his integrity of character and above all for kindness toward and consideration for those about him. He was a gentleman in the true sense of the word. He was long identified with the agricultural interests of the state and was one of the organizers and first pres. of the Montgomery Co. Agricultural Soc. He was a member of the St. Bd of Agr. for 12 years and its pres. for two. He was also a member of the Board of Trustees of Purdue Univ. His appointment was made by Governor Hovey and he was reappointed by Gov. Chase in 1892, serving altogether six years. Those of the present board who were asssoc. with him recognized in him a man whose opinions were always entitled to respectful consideration and showed himself deeply imbued with the spirit of educ. progress and development. In his death Purdue has lost an ardent and worthy friend and the state of In. a valued, loyal and progressive citizen. Resolved: that this testimonial of our appreciation of the character and services of our late associate and friend be spread upon the records of this board and the sec. be requested to send copies thereof to his bereaved widow and family. Respectfully submitted: James M. Barnett, Sylvester Johnson and John S. Martin. - kbz

Source: Crawfordsville Journal, Feb 17, 1899

- Hon. Jasper N. Davidson died last Sat. at 7 o'clock a.m. at his country home, Summit Farm, about 6 mi. So. of the city. He had been slight ill for nearly 3 months but his case was not regarded as dangerous until last Friday. He had been bedfast only two days, being at the table with his family on Wed. The immediate cause of death was peritonitis but he had been failing for sometime, the grip and nervous trouble ___ from injuries received on the Monon wreck in January 1892, having weakened his constitution. The fun. took place at the family residence on last Mon. at 11 o'clock. interm. at Oak Hill. J.N. Davidson was a native of Mont. Co. b. Feb 5, 1834 in one of the pioneer homes of So. Un. Twp and he has always lived within a mi. of his birthplace. He was a desc. in a direct line on the paternal side of some Scotch people who emigrated from their native land to Pa. prior to the revolution. 7 brothers of this name fought for independence in the struggle of the colonists for freedom from the mother country and all returned to their homes uninjured, to found families in various parts of the union which their valor had helped to establish. The great grandfather of JN Davidson was one of the number. He married Margaret Cochran Fleming, and their son, our subject's grandfather was b. in Pa and became a school teacher. He married Mary Lattimour, of a fine French family and they had 7 children, one of whom was Wm. Fleming, the father of Mr. Davidson. jasper n. Davidson was a gentleman of sound culture and of liberal views and had well-defined opinions on all subjects of general interest. He attended the district school in his boyhood, generally during the winter term, which usually lasted 3 months and he had supplemented the education thus obtained by extensive reading and keen observation of men and things. Reared a farmer, he settled on a rugged timber tract, the highest surveyed spot in Montgomery Co. Nevertheless, after the forest was conquered, it needed drainage and Mr. Davidson had over nine miles of tile on less than half a a section of land. This farm, once a swamp, is now one of the first, as to improvement and production in the County. April 16, 1863, the house that the family originally occupied was burned with its contents but another was built in its stead the same year. In 1875, that cottage was replaced by a commodious residence, which stands on the top of a knoll, whence the name of "Summit Farm." Surrounded by nearly an acre of forest trees, their shade affords a pleasant retreat in which to spend the hours of rest and recreation. Mr. Davidson's marr. to Miss Lavanda J. Huff occurred March 27, 1862. Mrs. D. was b. in Mercer Co, Ky May 27, 1814 and is a daughter of Abraham and Julia (Bransfield) Huff. This marr. was hallowed to them by the birth of two children: Julia b. April 2, 1863 and William A, b. Aug 27, 1867, who was engaged with his father in the breeding of pedigreed stock. The dau. attended the Central Normal school 3 years and subsequently marr. James M. Waugh, Dec. 11, 1889. Mr. D. was a man of affairs, gifted with good, judgment a rare stock of common sense and a far reaching public spirit. Politically Mr. D. was reared a Dem but he steadily believed in a protective tariff and opposed any inflation of the currency. He also believed that only two great parties can survive and that they are needed to maintain the balance necessary for the perpetuation of our republic. In religion he was nonsectarian, though from a Presbyterian family and believed in the right of individuals opinion and interpretation of the Scriptures, guided by care and reverence. Mr. D. was one of the organizers of the Montgomery Co. Agricultural Soc, its object being the improvement and development of agriculture and kindred industries. Always a director of the board, Mr. D. was its first president and served for 9 years in that capacity. In 1882 he was elected a member of the State Bd. of Agr. and was reelected 5 times. During the greater part of this period he was one of the exec. committee and served two years as pres. He was also trustee of Purdue Univ. appointed first by Gov Hovey for a term of 3 years he began a second term in Aug 1892, by appointment of Gov. Chase. He always interested himself in public improvements, and strongly advocating good roads, he __- the first petition for the Crawfordsville  Whitesville free gravel road, which was the first one constructed by the state under the free gravel road law of 1878.  -- kbz

Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana, Feb 17, 1899

Honorable Jasper N. Davidson one of the most widely-known citizens of this County, died at his home near Crawfordsville, Monday, of the grip. He was one of the organizers of the Montgomery Co. Agricultural Society.
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