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Cowan - Lucy Ayars

Source: Crawfordsville Review 11 November 1924 p 1

Lucy Ayars Cowan, wife of Dr. EH Cowan, died Monday afternoon at Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, after an illness of several months. She had lived in Crawfordsville 47 years and had visited at the old Whitlock home before she came here as a bride in November 1878. She was born near Louisville, Ky on the Burdston's (smudged) Pike. Her parents, Robert and Elizabeth Ayars, were loyal citizens during the trying years of the civil war. Her two brothers served during the war in the Union Army. Her father was one of the two men in his ___ who voted for Abraham Lincoln in 1860 and, altho surrounded by rebel sympathizers was always outspoken in his defense of the Union.  Her childhood was filled with the anxities and uncertanties of these trying years and her ___ interest in politics and world affairs began then. She has always been interested in genealogy and in the local history of Crawfordsville. She was the great niece of Major Ambrose Whitlock, who laid out and named the town of Crawfordsville. She has been active in church and club circles here for many years until her ill health began some five years ago. She was the youngest of 8 children of whom only one, a sister, Bessie Whitlock Ayars, survives. She is survived by her husband, EH Cowan and her daughter, Elizabeth, her only son, John Ayars Cowan, having died in 1891, when he was 11 years of age.  The funeral arrangements have not yet been made.

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