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Burke - Ulick

Source: Thursday, 14 January 1892 Crawfordsville Daily Journal

Chicago, Jan. 14—Dr. Ulick A. Burke, formerly of Lafayette, Ind., was found in a pitiable condition on the street in this city Tuesday evening, thinly clad and suffering greatly from the effects of dissipation and exposure. He died just after being taken to the Harrison Street station. He was a man of fine attainments, and at one time enjoyed a high degree of popularity and an excellent practice at Lafayette. On the death of his wife four years ago, he took to drink, and his downfall was rapid. He, it is said, was a brother to Thomas H. Burke, under secretary for Ireland, who, with his superior, Lord Cavendish, was killed by assassins in Phoenix Park, Dublin, the evening of May 6, 1883.
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